"Don't look down on me. I have a lot of underpants. If you want, I can buy you plenty of them. I insist on betting with you." As the saying went, 'Unlucky in love, lucky at cards'. She had lost to Qiao Nan in the exams. At the very least, she should be able to have a change of luck by winning in the bet?

Qiao Nan was not Brother Zhai. There was no need for her to be as outstanding as Brother Zhai and to be better than her in everything they did.

They must make a bet!

Qiao Nan rested her chin on the back of the chair. "Are you sure?"


"How many days will it be?"

Shi Qing stretched out her palm. "Five days."

"Okay, five days. But let me say in advance. I won't accept used underpants. The new underpants are worth considering though."


When it was time for class in the evening, Shi Qing arched her eyebrows at Qiao Nan, hinting to her that their bet had started.

Qiao Nan nodded. She had not forgotten about it.

Perhaps it was a tacit understanding between Qiu Chenxi and Qiao Nan. Both of them stood outside the hall to wait for their students.

They had no other choice but to acknowledge each other.

Qiu Chenxi dressed like a gentlewoman, unlike her indecent style of dressing from a few days ago. Qiao Nan widened her eyes in surprise. "Who reminded her?" She had thought that Qiu Chenxi would dress in the same way for all her lessons in order to defeat her.

"Don't underestimate her. She has her wits about her. She was only slightly confused at that moment." What Shi Qing said was praise spiked with blame. Qiu Chenxi was about to be expelled from the army. If she still refused to reflect on herself and realize her mistakes, she would never admit that she was her relative in the future. "She was confused yesterday. Hence, she dressed up in that manner."

She had already been in the army for two to three days. She had known all about the mistakes that Qiu Chenxi had committed.

Because of how she dressed up previously, Qiu Chenxi did not have a good review in the army and her reputation almost ended up in shatters.

Qiao Nan leaned toward Shi Qing. "Thank you for your reminder." If she let her guard down and underestimated Qiu Chenxi because of the recent incident, she might end up in serious trouble.

Shi Qing lifted her chin proudly and refused to admit it. "That was not a reminder. You think too much. We are relatives. I have always felt that I am very smart. Therefore, she can't be that foolish. Regardless, I have suffered under the hands of someone who is not as smart as me. I am reflecting on myself, trying to figure out why I was bullied by someone who has a lower IQ than me. Understand?"

"Understood." Qiao Nan snickered.

Qiu Chenxi, who stood by herself at the door, saw that Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were having a happy chat. They looked as if they were relatives. Qiu Chenxi turned jealous at the sight.

When everything was over, she would tell her maternal grandparents about Shi Qing's behavior today.

She bit the hand that fed her. She had forgotten who her family was!

Qiu Chenxi glared at Qiao Nan, while Qiao Nan gave her a polite smile. Qiu Chenxi felt that Qiao Nan was provoking her on purpose. She gritted her teeth and gave her a fierce look.

Two soldiers who came their way had intended to attend Qiu Chenxi's class, but they turned to Qiao Nan's classroom at the last minute upon seeing the fierce expression on Qiu Chenxi's face. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, good evening!"

"Good evening." Qiao Nan gave Qiu Chenxi another smile at the unexpected surprise. She had to thank her for that. "It's about time. Let's go in."

"Alright, I am tired of standing here. It's as if I'm being punished." Sure enough, the number of students in Qiu Chenxi's class was two-thirds of the number of students yesterday. Shi Qing was satisfied at the results and went back to the hall, leaving Qiu Chenxi to stand at the entrance.

"G-good evening, everyone." Qiu Chenxi took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. She looked at the few students in the class and her face turned black. She began to stutter as if it was the first day of the lesson.

Back then, Qiu Chenxi stuttered as she was nervous. This time, she was mad.

Qiu Chenxi looked around the classroom and noticed that even Qian Yanyan did not come to her class. Her face darkened. She almost tore up the lesson plan that she had taken a long time to prepare.

At this time, a figure closed in.

Qiu Chenxi's eyes lit up. She would be glad to have one more student in her class.

Two days ago, Qiao Nan did not have many students with her. Today, all her students went over to Qiao Nan's class.

Since Qiao Nan could persist despite having few students, she could do it as well!

Shi Qing, who sneaked in and sat down, noticed that Qiu Chenxi had fixed her bright eyes on her. She seemed very happy to see her. Shi Qing grinned and waved at Qiu Chenxi as if saying that as her relative, she was on her side, and that she was there to make up the numbers for her.

Now that she was here to support Qiu Chenxi, she could no longer complain to her grandparents.

Qiu Chenxi pulled a long face. She was bursting with anger. She would rather not have Shi Qing in her class. Was she here to laugh at her?

She could tell that Shi Qing was gloating at her.

Compared with Qiao Nan's fluency, a good grasp of the rhythm, and good management of the class, Qiu Chenxi, who no longer had Qiao Nan's lesson plans, had to conduct the lesson based on her own abilities. During the lessons, there were many times when she came to a stop and did not know how to continue with it.

Two days ago, Shi Qing had just told Qiao Nan off for hampering students' progress. Today, she was shocked at how Qiu Chenxi conducted her lesson. She could not help but laugh.

But she still remembered her bet with Qiao Nan. Even though Qiu Chenxi's lesson was boring and not worth listening to, she still went to her class for three consecutive days, to the extent that she was sick and tired of it.

"I won't go anymore. Qiao Nan, tell me how many pairs of new underpants you want. I will buy them and send it to your house. It is sheer torture to listen to Qiu Chenxi's lesson." It was seven o'clock in the evening. Shi Qing refused to leave the dormitory or attend Qiu Chenxi's class.

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "I didn't tell you to go to Qiu Chenxi's class. You were the one who insisted on torturing yourself and attending her class. How was it? Three days have passed since. How many students did Qiu Chenxi have?"

"Twenty-five," Shi Qing said. "In the beginning, there seemed to be thirty-eight of them. On the next day it was thirty, and yesterday, it was twenty-five." According to this trend, in two more days, which was the time limit that she had set with Qiao Nan, Qiu Chenxi would have less than twenty students.

"It seemed like you have been counting the numbers." It proved that Shi Qing was really bored at Qiu Chenxi's class. "Let's see. The number of students in Qiu Chenxi's class will stay at twenty-five."

"Why?" Shi Qing did not believe her. "You must know that Qiu Chenxi is very bad at teaching."



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