One would rather use the time to sleep than listen to Qiu Chenxi's lesson. "Qiao Nan, are you teasing me?" Why did she feel that Qiao Nan's words did not seem trustworthy?

"You'll know the answer tonight." Qiao Nan was not in a hurry to answer. She looked calm and confident of herself.

"It's good that I don't have to attend Qiu Chenxi's class, but I refuse to believe in fate. I am sure that the number of students will be less than twenty tonight!" Shi Qing was bent on going against Qiao Nan.

The female counselor who sat beside them and was sorting through her documents was listening in on their conversation.

In no time, Zhai Yaohui and the higher-ups knew of what they had been talking about.

Lin Yuankang, who had his reading glasses on, was amused. "Shi Peng, your daughter may be smart but she is too naive. As for my little disciple, she is too mature for her age. There's nothing that she doesn't know. Who was the one who led her astray? Why would they teach her all these? Such a hooligan!"

While Lin Yuankang was saying this, his gaze was directed at Zhai Yaohui.

Zhai Sheng had a mission to complete, so he had to leave the army camp for a few days. Since the party concerned was not around, his father, Zhai Yaohui, had to deal with Lin Yuankang's disdain.

Both Lin Yuankang and Zhai Yaohui were sure that it was Zhai Sheng who taught Qiao Nan the ways of the world.

Zhai Sheng had taught her well, but given that Qiao Nan was still young, it seemed to be too early to teach her all these.

Zhai Yaohui drank his tea to cover up his embarrassment. "I think it's good that Qiao Nan understands all these. It is necessary." He did not mind that Qiao Nan understood the ways of the world. In fact, he was worried that she did not know enough.

Zhai Sheng was very scheming to have taught her all these. Zhai Sheng was really bent on marrying Qiao Nan.

Fortunately, Qiao Nan had the aptitude and could barely pass his requirements to make it into the Zhai family.

"It's good to know, but it is fine not to know as well." Shi Peng tried to paper over it. He was pleased with Qiao Nan, but he was pleased with his daughter, Shi Qing, as well.

"Hey, this is equivalent to not saying anything." Lin Yuankang squinted at Shi Peng. "Your report has been submitted, but the organization leader has not agreed to it yet, so don't neglect your duties. The old man of your family is, indeed, unreasonable. He is determined to use you to his advantage. However, he should look at the situation that he is in right now."

One should cut one's coat according to one's cloth. Why must he torture his own son? Old Shi was such a ruthless father. "Alright, we must put Qiu Chenxi's behavior on record. This must not happen again. Shi Peng, if you do not submit your resignation letter, it will not be long before someone uses this against you. You must be mentally prepared."

Shi Peng had to bear the responsibility for mistakes that were committed by others.

"Don't worry, Elder Lin. I know very well in my heart." There was a flicker of sadness on Shi Peng's sickly complexion. He had already anticipated the selfish and cold-hearted nature of the field that they were in.

Zhai Yaohui sipped his tea and sneered. "It is not so easy to go against the people in our army. Whoever dares to act rashly, I will make sure they pay for it!"

Lin Yuankang shook his head. "I am old. I am too lazy to participate in this. But make sure that my little disciple will not be hurt. If anything happens to her, I will settle it with all of you, especially your son!" Lin Yuankang pointed his finger at Zhai Yaohui.

They should be ashamed that the little girl was dragged into the power struggle of the adults.

Qiao Nan knew nothing about the conversation between the three of them. She was focused on finishing the rest of her lessons so that she could leave the army and returned to Ping Cheng.

Shi Qing deliberately sat in the last row, in the seat that was closest to the door. Before the class ended, she sneaked a peek at the classroom next to them to count the number of students. "One, two, three… Twenty-five?" It was really a total of twenty-five students. When did Qiao Nan become a prophet? She was spot-on.

Impossible! Why was it twenty-five students today? The number of students should have decreased by two or three at least.

By the time everyone left, Shi Qing pulled at Qiao Nan's hand, refusing to let go. "Come and tell me how you managed to make a correct guess. How did you know that the number of students Qiu Chenxi had would stay at twenty-five? These people must be out of their mind to insist on going to Qiu Chenxi's lessons. It doesn't make sense!"

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Of course!"

"Address me as your master!"

"Scram!" Shi Qing grabbed Qiao Nan's hand in a deadlock grip. "Do you take me for those average soldiers? You must be having a good time being Teacher Xiao Qiao. Have you forgotten my fighting prowess? Hurry, do you want to speak comfortably or have a taste of my fists?"

"Release, release your grip. You must respect the teacher." Qiao Nan pretended to shout twice in agony, but she looked calm and did not even knit her eyebrows. Shi Qing did not use any strength. She was just playing along.

"Will you tell me or not?"

"Yes, of course I will."

"That's better." Shi Qing released her grip and sat down with a sullen expression on her face. "Why would those people go to Qiu Chenxi's class? Did she spend money to make sure that they attended her class?" Other people might not do this, but Qiu Chenxi would definitely do that to maintain her dignity.

Qiu Chenxi had the money. It was easy for her to buy people over.

"It is indeed true that she buys people over, but not with money. It's with her beauty."

"Beauty?" Shi Qing was perplexed. "Stop going in circles. Go straight to the point."

"I have already spelled it out plainly. People used to say that after years in the army, even the female pigs will look beautiful. These people have been in the army for many years and Qiu Chenxi is not ugly at all. No matter where she goes, she is the daughter of a respectable family. Besides, she is ravishing. Women will want to take another look at her, let alone men. Moreover, we are talking about people in the army."

"Just, just for this?" Shi Qing was dealt a harsh blow. "Impossible! Are you lying to me? The soldiers are in their military uniforms. They have to be righteous and upright. How can they be so perverted? I don't believe there are such people in the army. I don't believe it!"

It was impossible that these people attended Qiu Chenxi's class solely for her beauty and looks. Impossible!

"There are all kinds of fish in the sea. I respect the soldiers very much, but as long as they are straight, as men, it is understandable that they love to look at beautiful women, and since there's a chance to do so, they will make full use of it. It's not as perverted as you think. Moreover, Shi Qing, I think you must correct your mindset. Who said that there are no bad guys among the soldiers? What about spies and undercovers? Among government officers or party groups, have you seen corrupt officers who have been detained and interrogated? Can you say that there are no bad guys among those who joined the party?"

Even though Qiao Nan had explained clearly to her, Shi Qing was still in shock. "You, you… Let me sort out my thoughts."



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