"I heard from my dad that the political commissar was not pleased with this and he would keep them under observation." Could these people forsake their future for the sake of stealing a few more looks at Qiu Chenxi? Were they foolish?

Qiao Nan patted Shi Qing's shoulder and comforted her. "Let's walk while we talk. It's understandable that you have such mentality, but as an ordinary person, I must let you know that is because you come from a respected family and you are the future generation of the revolutionary veterans. You once told me that Brother Zhai was able to be the regiment commander at his young age because of your father. Brother Zhai is indeed talented, but I am sure he is not the only talent in the army. In comparison, there are other people who have just as many achievements as Brother Zhai and are older and more experienced than him. But do you think they will be able to land a higher position than Brother Zhai?"


"Don't rush to deny. Think about it. Am I making sense? Think about it again. In the army, how many of them are just average soldiers and how many are tasked to lead and command? They may be in the army for many years, but not everyone will have the chance to be promoted. For this group of people, they will progress from new recruits to experienced artillery crew at most. Since some things are predestined, they do not harbor any thoughts of promotion and can only grab hold of whatever that is within their grasp. I can only say that they are clever to a certain aspect. Given Qiu Chenxi's family background, it's now or never. If they miss this chance, they will not have another opportunity to be able to stare at her for more than an hour."

Shi Qing was dumbfounded. Whatever Shi Peng had taught her was positive and upright.

Shi Peng never mentioned about these dark and grey areas of the ways of the world. Shi Qing did not have any experience and she did not think far and deep as well.

Shi Qing did not know how to react to the large amount of information and the nature of the information that she learned from Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan touched Shi Qing lightly on the head. "Don't behave as if it is a serious matter. It is very common. If you disregard the fact that the twenty-five of them are soldiers, you may find it easier to understand."

"But they are soldiers. Once they put on their uniforms, they have to act like soldiers!"

"What if you simply treat them as men and not as soldiers?"

"No!" Unless these people left the army, she would never be able to understand.

"Young kid, you indeed have a one-track mind." Qiao Nan was witless. She had spelled it out so plainly for Shi Qing, yet she still could not accept it. Officer Shi had been too protective of Shi Qing, or perhaps, to Shi Qing, the soldiers had an upright and righteous image, and she was not able to accept the grey areas. "Since you can't accept it, I won't insist on it. But now, you should be able to understand the reason behind this situation, right?"


"It's good that you understand. I have completed my task. Let's hurry back to take a bath. There were too many students today. The classroom was particularly hot, and the level of carbon dioxide was way too high. I am all sweaty." Qiao Nan pulled her collar uncomfortably and dragged Shi Qing all the way back to their dormitory.

Shi Qing, who was still in shock, was pulled along by Qiao Nan back to the dormitory to bathe and sleep. On the second day, she was still in a daze and had yet to come back to her senses.

She could not accept the fact that the righteous soldiers she was in awe with would sacrifice their future and learning opportunity for beauty and looks. How was that possible?

"Do you want to have the porridge? If not, I will have it." Shi Qing had a bowl of porridge in her hand, but she was in a daze and did not have any of the porridge at all. Qiao Nan felt that it would be a waste of food, and since she still felt hungry, she was thinking of having another bowl of porridge.

Shi Qing blocked Qiao Nan with her hands and brought the bowl to her mouth. She did not have any side dishes but gulped down the porridge in one go. "Of course I will have it! Why shouldn't I!"

"Qiao Nan, if I address you as my master, will you teach me the ways of the world in the future?" For the first time, Shi Qing discovered that even though she would always score full marks and rank first in the exams, it was nothing at all. She seemed to know too little about the world. She had a lot to learn.

They might be simple truths, but it was a fact that she was clueless.

Back then, she did not understand why her grandparents doted on Qiu Chenxi and were so strict with her. She did not know how she was different from Qiu Chenxi.

"Aren't you going to get your dad to teach you?" She should not ask her to teach her all these.

"My dad has no intention of teaching me," Shi Qing said sullenly. "I suppose it's because I am his daughter, so he wants to protect me. But do you know that after I graduate from college, I intend to join the army?"

"You still want to look up to Brother Zhai?"

"I won't hide it from you. Initially, it was under the influence of Brother Zhai, but then I realized that I really like to be in the army. I am doing it for myself." If she did not learn more about and understand the ways of the world, she might be treated like an idiot when she graduated from college and entered the army.

Qiao Nan knocked her finger on the table. "In fact, you sounded too serious. If you really want to learn, it's not difficult. Have you heard that the school is a small society? You will find life lessons everywhere. You are smart and your grades are good. You don't bother to mix with others and feel that it is a waste of time. Moreover, you are the daughter of Officer Shi. You have a better starting point than the average person. You don't have to worry about things that others have to worry about. Actually, I've always wanted to remind you. Don't you think you were too aloof and detached in class?"

"Others can say this to me, but you can't." Qiao Nan was similar to her.

"Why can't I? I have a good relationship with the five people in my dormitory. At least, I have my own small group. Perhaps I don't get along well with others apart from my roommates, but I have never missed whatever I should know about. I have been observing and learning. How about you? How much do you know about the situation in class?"

"Even if I don't understand, how are they related?" Shi Qing asked with a depressed look on her face.

"Of course they are related. If you want to learn the ways of the world, you must first understand the mindset of others. Take the twenty-five soldiers in the army for example. They went to Qiu Chenxi's lessons for the sake of her beauty. There are so many people in our class. Each and every one of them has a different agenda and thoughts. Their actions and words will reflect what they think. All of these can be studied and learned. These are the ways of the world. Only by mastering this will you know what to do and what is right and appropriate. If you really want to join the army in the future, you should not stay aloof and detached unless you want to be cannon fodder. If you want to look up to Brother Zhai, you must know about everything that I said just now. Not only must you know what's on your comrades' mind, but you must also be able to figure out the enemy's mentality."



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