Shi Qing thought for a while. "Is this the so-called 'Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated'?"

"To be honest, I don't have much to teach you about this. If you are really interested and have decided on your ambition, the only thing I can say is that you can read up on books related to psychology when you are free. It will definitely be good for you." Qiao Nan was not a professional either. It was purely her intuition and it was beyond words.

If Shi Qing wanted to know more, it would be best to read up on related topics.

"Sure." It was not difficult at all as Shi Qing loved reading. "But according to what you said, I have to be a psychologist as well?"

"Even if you aren't an expert, you still must put in some time and effort to learn the knowledge in this area. Take your dad and the people in your field for example. Psychological ploys are often used when dealing with each other. You have to know all these to survive." One would easily be bullied if they were not alert enough.

"Alright, I understand. I will borrow some books to read." Indeed, her father would consider a lot of things. He worried too much while she was without any worry. "Qiao Nan, it's not right."

"Not right? What's wrong?"

"We are of the same age. Why do you know the ways of the world? The gap between us is too huge." She had never felt that she was worse off than anyone else. But in comparison to Qiao Nan, they seemed to be worlds apart. Their gap was definitely more than 'half a point' apart.

Qiao Nan turned to a side, avoiding Shi Qing's gaze. "I may have a better understanding of the ways of the world than you, but there are more than forty classmates in our class. There will certainly be a lot of them who are better than you. You are still young and you come from a respectable family. There is nothing that you have to worry about."

What Qiao Nan said was the truth.

"Am I that ignorant?" Shi Qing was not particularly happy to accept this fact. She had never been among the bottom few in the class.

"Alright, don't fuss over it. This is entirely due to your living environment. But it is strange though. Qiu Chenxi is your relative and has a lot of tricks up her sleeves. I always feel that the people in your field are very complicated and crafty, full of schemes and plots. People like you, who are simple and pure, are already extinct."

Aside from Qiu Chenxi, Wang Yang was the most typical example. He was only a junior high school student, yet he knew to do harm to somebody through the hands of another. He almost had Zhu Baoguo's life.

Moreover, Wang Yang worked with Chen Jun to get Qiao Nan to fall in love with the latter so that Chen Jun could sow discord between Zhu Baoguo and her.

Qiao Nan was weary at all these countless plots and schemes.

"You are the one who is extinct." Shi Qing felt gloomy.

"I am praising you!" It was rare that Shi Qing would be so pure and simple in such a field. She was one of a kind.

Shi Qing sneered. "I don't need these compliments, thank you."

"Shi Qing, what is it with your family? I remember that you are your father's only daughter. They never taught you the ways of the world? Aren't they worried that you will be on the losing end?" After all, the Shi family had all the resources to nurture Shi Qing and teach her well. If they did not do so, the Shi family had nobody else to rely on in the future.

"How will I know!" Shi Qing pulled a long face. "My dad must have wished that I will lead a simple and happy life, so he did not teach me any of these. As for my grandpa, it is hard to say." She was sure that her grandpa might have other motives.

Qiao Nan clutched her head in exasperation. "Shi Qing, I'm not telling you this to scare you. Given your family situation, you must think for yourself. Otherwise, you will be on the losing end. Your first lesson is to go back and try to figure out what your family is thinking about. You're the only younger generation of the Shi family. What is their motive for making such arrangements? What plans do they have for the future? You must be careful not to be forced into a dead corner by your family."

What Qiao Nan said was, in fact, a reflection of what Shi Qing went through in the previous life.

In the previous life, Qiu Chenxi did not join the army based on her relationship with Shi Peng or commit stupid mistakes because of Qiao Nan.

Even though Zhai Sheng did not like her and was reluctant to marry her and put it off for years, they still ended up married to each other under the influence of Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing.

Shi Peng, who had bad health, had to shuffle between the army camp and the hospital.

Even though Shi Peng had thought of leaving the army, without Qiu Chenxi's incident, he could not find a chance to leave the army. Till the day he was exhausted and died from his sickness, he still could not leave the army.

Without Shi Peng's protection and due to Mother Shi's incapability, Old Master Shi acted arbitrarily. He found a husband for Shi Qing on his own accord and arranged for the man to marry into the Shi family.

Shi Qing was deceived into going home. When her family made her change into a gown, she then realized that she was to be engaged to a stranger.

Shi Qing refused to bow to fate and paid a great price for it. She finally managed to run away from the wedding and joined the army to become a female soldier. She then dedicated her whole life to being an outstanding soldier, carving her mark in the army and rising through the ranks to become a 'female general'.

However, when Shi Qing won success and recognitions and was able to return home with honor, she suffered from grave disease worse than her father. Both of them did not live past fifty years old.

Shi Qing had no idea that she once had such a life.

However, she could not help but shiver at Qiao Nan's words. She felt that if she did not wake up to the harsh realities of life, she might face a terrible future.

Shi Qing shivered uncontrollably and her face turned pale. "Qiao Nan, you are right. My grandparents are biased toward Qiu Chenxi, and I have no idea what they are up to. I am merely a granddaughter. I know that my grandpa has always wanted a grandson. My mom doesn't care, while my dad strongly disagrees. He even responded to the national policy of raising healthier and better-educated children and had my mom go for the contraceptive procedure. It's true that I have to be wary of my grandpa."

Two days ago, her grandpa was willing to make her father leave the army for the sake of Qiu Chenxi.

There might be a day when her grandpa would ask her to sacrifice herself for Qiu Chenxi.

Shi Qing might not know, but Qiao Nan knew the truth since Zhai Sheng had told her.

Qiao Nan's heart ached for Shi Qing, who looked so vulnerable. "Shi Qing, here is a reminder for you. All the hustle and bustle in the world is only for money."

"Including the loved ones?"

"Including the loved ones!"



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