However, besides having a passion for army life, most soldiers also joined the army because of their family situations. Hence, there were actually many who were not well-to-do.

Buying books—these two words that seemed simple was, in fact, terribly tough for people with poor family situations.

The soldier always had the desire to improve himself but was faced with financial constraints. He had thought that he would probably need about two to three years' time to be able to buy all the books mentioned by Qiao Nan.

Nevertheless, if he went to secondhand stores, especially if the price was not expensive, the soldier expressed that if he tightened his belt, he would be able to buy all these books immediately!

What would be more economical and practical than this?

"It's true. Go to these places more and you'll find unexpected gains. You can even look for secondhand tape recorders while you're at it. Secondhand items can be used after some repairing." The secondhand stores had always been the heaven of keen learners with poor family situations!

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, thank you, thank you. Really, thank you so much." A man does not shed his tears easily unless they are truly sad, but tears welled up in the corners of the soldier's eyes. He stammered a little as he spoke. Nevertheless, his eyes were full of gratefulness and sincerity when he looked at Qiao Nan. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, I'm very grateful that you're willing to come to our army and teach us. You taught us so many things and even gave me such useful suggestions. Rest assured, Teacher Xiao Qiao. I'll definitely continue to work hard in the future. I will not disappoint you!"

He could study now. In this way, he could continue with his studies.

It was not just the English language, Chinese language, or mathematics. He would be able to continue his studies with any subject of his liking!

"Okay… You, you're too polite." Qiao Nan was stunned and confused by the soldier's affectionate attitude. What had she done that made this soldier nearly cry?

At the sight of the back of the soldier who was leaving, before Qiao Nan could make sense of the situation, Lin Yuankang appeared to explain. She then understood what happened. "His surname is Song. Comrade Song has many siblings in his family. He loves to study since he's a child but he's the second one in the family. The elder one needed to front the family and marry a wife to pass down the family line. He needed a lot of money. As for his younger sisters, they're still very young. Comrade Song had no choice but to join the army as a soldier. He sent his monthly salary back home to let his elder brother marry a wife and his younger sisters to study."

Comrade Song wanted to study but his family situation did not allow him to do so.

In addition, he had to earn money to raise and support his family members.

An opportunity to study was very hard to come by. Although it was self-study, Comrade Song cherished this lost-and-found opportunity very much.

"I see." Qiao Nan understood now. After all, she had personally encountered such an awkward situation two years ago.

Lin Yuankang gave a few knocks on Qiao Nan's head. "How did you know so much about the secondhand stores?" If his little disciple did not mention this, he had not even thought of such a good way of self-studying for the numerous people in the world who wanted to learn but did not have the chance to do so.

This was certainly the most cost-effective way of learning. It was good!

Shi Qing nodded. "Yes, Qiao Nan, you know this too well. It's as if you have picked up books from secondhand stores before."

That did not seem to be the case.

She had been classmates with Qiao Nan for more than a month. Nevertheless, judging from the family situation of Qiao Nan, although it was not extraordinary good, it was not that bad either. Was Qiao Nan not Elder Lin's disciple? Elder Lin would never let his disciple discontinue her studies, would he?

There was a flash in Qiao Nan's eyes as she avoided the question. "Master, do you think there are a lot of people with similar situations as Comrade Song in the army?"

"Not very sure. There should be some," Lin Yuankang replied. His thoughts had really been derailed by Qiao Nan.

"Master, what do you think about setting up a library in the army camp?" She was here for some time but there did not seem to be a library in the army camp.

"Library? A lot of money is needed to do this. Moreover, what kind of books do we put in the library? Nan Nan, have you thought about it?" Lin Yuankang knitted his brows. He felt that the idea was good but might not be feasible. If the books in the library were of inappropriate content, problems would arise very easily.

"Actually, if we put some school textbooks, there shouldn't be any issues. Children are the future of our motherland. There certainly won't be a problem with the contents in the school textbooks. Otherwise, we will be poisoning the buds of our motherland. Also, books related to science and research in military affairs are not bad either. Nevertheless, it's quite easy to obtain funding for the prior. As for the latter, the estimated expenses will be larger. It's just a casual suggestion on my part. You don't need to take it to heart. As long as the method of buying books from the secondhand stores spreads to everyone, those who wish to learn can buy the books there on their own." Qiao Nan cracked a joke as she felt that she was being too serious.

She would be leaving after spending a few days and teaching a few classes of English during the summer vacation.

The organization and structure of the army was not something she could interfere in.

Lin Yuankang thought deeply for a while. He felt that what Qiao Nan said might be feasible.

The political commissar invited him here. Apparently, the country and the army already had the intentions. The quality of the soldiers in the army must be improved.

In the current times, there was less possibility of being illiterate but the cultural standards of the people were still lacking.

"Alright, you've worked hard today. Quickly go back and rest. Right, you're always staying in the dormitory. I don't see you coming out for other activities. Why?" Since Zhai Sheng left the army to take on a mission, his little disciple was simply 'working' behind closed doors.

"She's memorizing the Oxford Dictionary." Shi Qing said as she gritted her teeth. "Elder Lin, you don't know. Qiao Nan is too perverted. How is it possible that someone will have the spare time to memorize the dictionary!!!"

Lin Yuankang raised his eyebrows. "Where did you get the Oxford Dictionary from?"

"It's from my dad," Shi Qing continued.

Lin Yuankang smiled. "Qing Qing, don't be angry. You conned your dad an Oxford Dictionary. Soon, in six months' time, the Oxford Dictionary that I've bought will arrive. I'll give it to you then. You can also memorize it and drive Nan Nan mad."

"No." Shi Qing crossed her arms. "I don't want to become a maniac like Qiao Nan. Memorizing the dictionary? Is this something a human does? It's crazy!" If she had wanted to memorize a dictionary, she could have done so long ago. That dictionary of her father had been in the house for about three or four years.

It was only because she wanted to learn now that her father searched out that dictionary. She did not even remember the existence of such a dictionary in the house.

"If you want to master the English language, memorizing this dictionary is the best way." Qiao Nan was not pleased. Why was she called a pervert because of this? In what way was she abnormal? Shi Qing was exaggerating about something that she was ignorant of. One must know that there were many people who memorized the Oxford Dictionary to master English language.

"Haha, don't argue, don't argue. Nan Nan's method is certainly quite practical."



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