"Qing Qing, if you don't want the dictionary, I'll give it to Nan Nan then."

Shi Qing simply snorted. "Elder Lin, you're appeasing me as if I'm a three-year-old child. Most probably, you bought that dictionary for Qiao Nan. Give it to her then. I don't yearn for it. If I want, I'll ask my dad to get it for me. Easy."

"Yes, Shi Peng's daughter is so great. Alright, the two young ladies, it's already so late. Quickly go back and rest." The more Lin Yuankang interacted with Qiao Nan, this disciple, the more pleased he was with her.

He did not have many opportunities to teach Qiao Nan. Nevertheless, Qiao Nan had never disappointed him.

He was most surprised that his little disciple had already gotten an Oxford Dictionary to memorize on her own when he had just bought her an Oxford Dictionary. He intended to get her to memorize it as well.

With this attitude, no matter what, Nan Nan would never be a disgrace to Lin Yuankang in the future.

"That's right. Qiao Nan, let's go back. I'm so tired that I'm dying." Shi Qing pulled Qiao Nan to make their way back to the dormitory.

When Qiao Nan came back after bathing, only Shi Qing was in the dormitory while the female counselor was not. Sitting on her own bed and wiping her hair dry, Qiao Nan sat down without a word. "Qiao Nan, you have not replied to me. Why do you know the situation of the secondhand stores so well?"

"Why do you want to know?" Qiao Nan stopped wiping her hair for a while before continuing again.

"Hmm… I don't feel good. I just wish to know." Otherwise, she would keep having an odd feeling about it. She could only confirm that she had been overthinking after clarifying with Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan put down her towel and looked at Shi Qing. "It's what you have been thinking."

"How do you know what I'm thinking of?" Shi Qing refused to admit.

"Fine, then why are you asking me?" If Shi Qing did not have this bit of intelligence, how did she always clinch the top place in the exams in the past?

"Then, you have really encountered such a situation? It didn't seem so. I heard that your dad is very good to you." Shi Qing sullenly expressed that she could not understand.

"You heard about my dad, but have you heard about my mom?" She did not blame Shi Qing for not knowing. Shi Qing had only been here for a little more than a month. At that time, everyone was busy preparing for the examinations. Who would be interested in gossiping then? "Alright. If you treat me as a friend, don't add salt to my injury. What happened in the past is the past. Anyway, I truly cherish the learning opportunity that I have now. It's hard to come by."

Shi Qing leaned backward, looking dejected. She lay on Qiao Nan's bed directly. "No wonder you told me that every family has its hardships. At that time, I only thought that you were referring to the situation in my family."

"Get up. My hair is almost dry. I'm going to sleep soon. Besides, you have not bathed and you dare to lie on my bed. Don't tell me that since this is not your bed, so you don't care?" Qiao Nan smiled as she gave Shi Qing a kick. "Don't pull such a long face. I don't even feel sad. What are you unhappy about? My life now is so good. Your sadness came too late."

"…" Shi Qing rolled her eyes. She could not bring herself to feel sad now. "I will go and bathe then. Do you think I like to lie on your bed?"

"This is not the first time you're lying on it and you still said you don't like to? If you're willing, is this bed going to become yours?" Qiao Nan pulled Shi Qing up at one go. "Quickly go and bathe. It's almost time for lights-off. When the female counselor is back, it'll be too late if you want to bathe." In their dormitory, the female counselor was the one who switched off the lights most of the time.

"That's true. I need to hurry." Shi Qing jumped up from the bed. She took her clothes and ran toward the shower room and did a combat bath at her fastest speed. She then hurried back to the bed before the female counselor came back. "Qiao Nan, where do you think the female counselor went? She's not back yet at this time."

Qiao Nan yawned and covered her face with a towel. "I'm not sure. Most probably, she has something to tell the political commissar."

"Oh, then goodnight."


When the female counselor was back, both Qiao Nian and Shi Qing had fallen asleep.

At the sight of this, the female counselor switched off the lights immediately. She then turned on the torchlight and flipped to the page of the Oxford Dictionary that Qiao Nan placed her bookmark at. Finally, she switched off the torchlight and returned to her bed to sleep.

The next day, news about Teacher Xiao Qiao memorizing the dictionary was widespread in the army.

When Comrade Song, who sought advice from Qiao Nan, heard this, he felt even more emotional. "So, Teacher Xiao Qiao also learned it this way. Memorizing the dictionary, memorizing the dictionary!"

Anyone knew that a dictionary was not an ordinary book. It was an extremely thick and boring book. Memorizing the dictionary was something that only a typical person would do.

This serious learning attitude of Qiao Nan was worth the emulation and praise of everyone.

"Nan Nan, this child, she's really… She's too conscientious." Miao Jing was proud of Qiao Nan but her heart ached for her as well. "Look at that Qiu Chenxi. Zhai Yaohui, why is your sense of judgment in character so poor? Qiu Chenxi can't even be compared to a strand of Nan Nan's hair. If she is not from the Qiu family, ability-wise, Nan Nan will definitely surpass her in the future. It's a pity that such a good child like Nan Nan has bad luck in reincarnation."

Miao Jing's words were referring to the poor family situation of the Qiao family, and most importantly, Ding Jiayi, this 'excellent' mother.

"It's not a pity," Zhai Yaohui said indifferently. If Miao Jing was observant, she would, in fact, discover the sullenness in Zhai Yaohui's tone.

Qiao Nan's ability after reincarnation was a little poor but her ability to pick a man was not bad. Her future choice perfectly complemented the inadequacy in the past.

Most importantly, Qiao Nan was certainly very diligent. Given her relationship with Elder Lin alone, Qiao Nan's future would not be too bad even without the Zhai family.

Of course, only then was she qualified to be his daughter-in-law.

"Not a pity? Are you still thinking of Qiu Chenxi? Let me tell you. Given Zhai Sheng's attitude, that's impossible. Don't make Zhai Sheng so unhappy such that he's not willing to see you as his father." Miao Jing assumed that Zhai Yaohui said that because he looked down on Qiao Nan's family background and did not feel for her.

Seemingly in deep thoughts, Zhai Yaohui looked up at Miao Jing until Miao Jing felt uneasy all over. "I've already said. I'll not interfere in Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi's matter anymore. You don't need to test my attitude with such words. Miao Miao, we're husband and wife. We should be frank and sincere to each other. You can speak your mind if you have something to say. I will let you know."

They had quarreled for so long. Miao Miao's anger should have subsided, right?

After all, the marriage between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi was already canceled. He also had an agreement with Qiu Qin. This should no longer be an issue.

"It's very late. I'm going to sleep. You go to Zhai Sheng's place to sleep." Miao Jing hid her face and was unwilling to look at Zhai Yaohui. As long as Qiu Chenxi was alive, the prick in her heart would remain. Most critically, she could not forget the 'hug' between Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan that she saw with her own eyes during her previous trip to the army camp.



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