When he heard Miao Jing's words, Zhai Yaohui did not move initially and remained seated.

Miao Jing gave Zhai Yaohui a look. Without a word, she stood up. If Zhai Yaohui was not leaving, she would leave then. She could sleep at her son's place.

Zhai Yaohui's legs, which looked extraordinarily straight in the army pants that he was wearing, moved. He stood up and walked over to Miao Jing. Just as Miao Jing smiled complacently as she waited for Zhai Yaohui to leave, unexpectedly, Zhai Yaohui carried her up in one swift move as soon as he reached her side.

What was different from a few months back was that, this time, Zhai Yaohui not only carried Miao Jing to the bed but also did not leave the room himself.

This was his wife and the bedroom was his. This bed was also his. Why couldn't he sleep there? Why did he have to leave?

"What are you doing?!" Miao Jing was pushing Zhai Yaohui away with her hands. "Don't forget that you're in army attire. Don't forget that you're a soldier. Are you behaving like a hooligan and taking the lead to bully the ordinary citizens? Get off! Get off!"

"Reporting, Comrade Miao Jing, I'm the people's liberation army personnel in other people's eyes, but at home, I'm my father's son. I'm also Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua's father, as well as your husband. In what way did I play rogue? We have collected our marriage certificate. This is legitimate." Zhai Yaohui simply 'locked' Miao Jing up with his long limbs to prevent her from moving about.

"Damn! So now you know that you're my husband and that I'm your wife? Why didn't you realize this when you stared at other people's wife every day? When you made your son suffer because of other people's daughter, why didn't you say whose husband you are, and whose father you are? Zhai Yaohui, get off! Don't make me angry!" Miao Jing was unable to move at all. She was red with anger.

These words of Zhai Yaohui sounded so good and touching. However, Miao Jing's heart had been hurt for so many years. Would Zhai Yaohui be able to appease her with just a few words?

Snore. Snore.

In response to Miao Jing was Zhai Yaohui's snoring sound, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep. His limbs were still locked tightly around Miao Jing and the latter could not escape.

Having been married for many years, in Miao Jing's impression, this was one of the very few times that she lay in Zhai Yaohui's arms.

One year ago, if she could receive such a hug, she would definitely be overjoyed.

However, Miao Jing felt sadder instead of happy at the moment.

If Zhai Yaohui was not guilty, would he act so abnormally?

Zhai Yaohui wanted to make her shut up, so he used this trick to coax her. Was such a hug meaningful?

It was clearly summer and very warm for two adults to hug each other. However, Miao Jing, who felt bitterly disappointed, did not perspire at all. In the end, she fell asleep with tears in her eyes.

Sensing that Miao Jing had fallen asleep and calmed down, Zhai Yaohui, who was pretending to be asleep, opened his eyes and sighed. He then reached out his hands to wipe away the tears in the corners of Miao Jing's eyes. "Sigh, it's been so many years. We've been husband and wife for so long. Why are you still behaving in the way you did when you were young? Your temper comes with no warning."

Zhai Yaohui was aware of the matter regarding Qi Minlan. However, he was used to it as time passed. All of a sudden, Zhai Yaohui did not know how to speak about this to Miao Jing.

He initially believed that having been a couple for many years, Miao Jing would understand him as long as he had done enough and was apparent in his actions.

Never did he expect that the more that he did, the more Miao Jing seemed to be heading for the dead end and refused to come out. Zhai Yaohui was at a loss of what to do as well.

One night had passed. In the morning, as usual, Qiao Nan was carrying an Oxford Dictionary with her as she memorized it. Shi Qing, who took over the female counselor's job to get porridge, came back looking secretive. "Qiao Nan, do you know who came to the army camp today?"

"Who?" Qiao Nan did not even lift her head. She asked without care.

"Hey, you won't die if you memorize one word less, but if you don't listen properly to my following words, you'll be down in luck. In that case, a huge problem will arise." Shi Qing grabbed the dictionary in Qiao Nan's hands and put it on the table. That anxious look on her face made Qiao Nan feel ridiculous.

"What exactly happened? Who came?" Which important figure had arrived that could make Shi Qing looked as if the sky was crumbling?

"That auntie of mine is here!" Shi Qing was having a headache. "I'm not sure how much you know about my auntie. I'll tell you honestly. In the past, if Old Master Zhai did not think that Madam Zhai was good, the one who married Chief Zhai and became Brother Zhai's mother would be my auntie. Do you know why Qiu Chenxi could take advantage and nearly became Brother Zhai's fiancée? It's because she's the daughter of my auntie! Therefore, Zhai Yaohui treated her differently. Chief Zhai behaved in this way because he gave my auntie face. Tell me, if auntie is here today and she pleads for Qiu Chenxi, maybe Qiu Chenxi doesn't need to leave the army anymore. As to whether any more scary matters will occur, who knows."

Shi Qing knitted her brows. "Anyway, I heard that Chief Zhai doesn't know his limits in front of my auntie. If Chief Zhai agrees to everything that my auntie requests for, don't come crying to me because I can't help you too."

Her auntie was not only doted upon after she was married. She was doted on when she was a young lady before marriage as well. The family doted on her, and even outsiders doted on her. She was so blessed.

"On the contrary, I think we don't need to be so worried." Qiao Nan poured a cup of tea for Shi Qing. There was a flash of ease in her eyes. "I've heard a little about the Zhai family. Do you know how Brother Zhai and Qiu Chenxi's engagement was canceled?"

"How?" She only knew the outcome but not the process.

"Chief Zhai was the one who personally looked for Qiu Chenxi's father to discuss it. The two heads of the families reached a consensus and agreement. Qiu Chenxi then did not have anything to do with Brother Zhai anymore."

"Is it true?" Chief Zhai was the one who did that?

"It's true." Brother Zhai would only tell her the truth.

Shi Qing heaved a huge sigh of relief. "If that's really the case, then I can feel assured now. Chief Zhai has already initiated to draw the line with the Qiu family. It's not possible for him to go back on his words. In that case, my auntie will be making a wasted trip then?"

"That, I'm not sure. I'm not sure why your auntie came to the army and what she is requesting Chief Zhai for." Qiao Nan held her chin and placed the dictionary on her knee. "However, as the chief of our country, shouldn't we have more confidence in him? He won't be in the clutches of a woman, right?"

If Chief Zhai did whatever Qi Minlan asked him to, or listened to whatever she said, then, she could only say that Chief Zhai got his position all because of luck. Or most probably, he depended on the protection and blessing from his ancestors?

"I hope that'll be the case." Although she could no longer be with Brother Zhai, she did not wish to see Qiao Nan end up in the same pitiful state as her where things would not work out between Brother Zhai and her.

In comparison to Qiu Chenxi, she respected Qiao Nan. Thus, she would rather Brother Zhai be a pair with Qiao Nan than Qiu Chenxi.



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