Qi Minlan could not take it lying down. Did Brother Zhai intend to draw the line with her?

"Abandoned? Qi Minlan, this is a serious statement." There was a disconsolate look on Zhai Yaohui's face. The simple and pure young lady back then was gone with the passage of time, and in replace was a worldly and coarse woman who was only concerned with fame and money. "If I remember correctly, at the very least, before I married Miao Miao, you always introduced me to others as your brother, am I right?"

Back then, Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan did not have a long relationship. Their families knew that they were dating, but to outsiders, especially whenever Zhai Yaohui fetched Qi Minlan, she would introduce Zhai Yaohui as her brother to her classmates at school and to her friends.

"I have already explained it. At that time, I was still studying, and I was too embarrassed to go public." Qi Minlan blushed. She refused to admit it.

"It was when you just graduated. Are you sure it was because you were shy? In the past, I never questioned you, but it doesn't mean that I felt nothing at all. You always feel that it is Miao Miao who snatched everything from you, but the truth is because of Miao Miao, I am able to see the truth." Zhai Yaohui looked at Qi Minlan coldly. "I have no wish to say those unpleasant words, but if you want to listen, I don't mind saying them. It's been so many years. It is enough."

He never felt that he should be apologetic toward Qi Minlan for marrying Miao Miao.

All these years, he had been taking care of the Qiu family, and he had allowed Qiu Chenxi to be with his son. He did not do this simply to compensate Qi Minlan.

With regards to this matter, even though Qi Minlan never acknowledged their relationship in front of outsiders, but deep down inside, he knew that this was a fact. The only reason that he had to compensate for Qi Minlan was that he was the one who initiated the breakup.

That was all.

Shi Peng was part of the reason why he took care of the Qiu family and treated Qi Minlan well.

"Brother Zhai, do you doubt my feelings for you? How can you say such irresponsible words in order to shirk responsibility and not to help Chenxi? If I was not serious about you, why would I go crazy and insist that my family disrupted the marriage when I knew that you were going to marry Miao Jing?" There was a flicker of guilt in Qi Minlan's eyes. She shouted at the top of her voice, "Brother Zhai, even if you really don't want to help, you shouldn't say this to upset me or slander me. It's okay if you won't help. She is my daughter and has lots of suitors. Brother Zhai, I am so disappointed with you today. I didn't expect that you would be so irresponsible. Back then, I was young and ignorant. I have made the wrong judgment. I shouldn't have given my heart to you! Since you have said so today, I will no longer have any relationship with you in the future. If I bump into you or the people from the Zhai family, I will take a detour. Brother Zhai, I am bitterly disappointed in you!"

Qi Minlan turned and stood up, walking in small steps toward the door.

Zhai Yaohui pursed his lips. Qi Minlan would not take big strides but she was definitely not like those daughters from the respected families who would take small, lady-like steps.

The more Qi Minlan behaved in this manner, the more determined Zhai Yaohui was. "It's good this way. Back then, I was the one who initiated the breakup. This time, you are the one who decided to break off all relations. In this way, we no longer owe each other anything."

Since both of them had decided to sever ties, regarding Qiu Chenxi leaving the army, Zhai Yaohui would never intercede for her.

At the same time, unless Qiu Chenxi was able to gain Zhai Sheng's affection, Zhai Yaohui would no longer do anything to create an opportunity for her and disregard his son's feelings.

Qi Minlan who failed at the ruse of self-injury to win Zhai Yaohui's confidence turned blue with anger. "Brother Zhai, are you still the same Brother Zhai from the past? Why would you say such heartless words? Is it Miao…"

"It has nothing to do with Miao Miao. Don't blame everything on others. Qi Minlan, it is not the responsibility of one party that we didn't end up together, but you never seem to have reflected on yourself." Zhai Yaohui interrupted Qi Minlan. "I hope you bear in mind what you have said. I will cooperate as well."

"Mom, you are here." Just when Qi Minlan and Zhai Yaohui were on the brink of breaking into a quarrel, Qiu Chenxi appeared. "Mom, you have to help me and have a good talk with Uncle Zhai. I was wronged. I was provoked by others and I was framed. I didn't mean it. I don't want to leave the army. I don't want to leave that person."

Qiu Chenxi cried until she was out of breath. She looked like a pear blossom bathed in the rain. Such a weeping beauty was indeed very pitiful and would gain the sympathy of others.

Qi Minlan, who almost fell out with Zhai Yaohui, heard her daughter's words and calmed herself down. She did not expect that not only had she failed to achieve her purpose, but she also ended up arguing with Zhai Yaohui.

In the past, Zhai Yaohui would not treat her in such a manner. He would accede to every plea of hers.

It must be due to Miao Jing, that vixen. She must have spoken to Brother Zhai and bewitched him such that he forgot about their feelings for each other since a young age.

"Chenxi, don't cry. Wipe your tears. I gave birth to you. Others may not cherish you, but I will. Tell me slowly who framed you. I will not spare that person." Qi Minlan raised her voice deliberately such that Zhai Yaohui would hear her.

Qiu Chenxi appeared at the right time. Otherwise, it would be shameless of her to ask anything of Zhai Yaohui since she had already said those words.

"Mom, in fact, I am not sure. The political commissar did not say anything to me. He only told me to leave the army in half a month's time and not to come back again. I don't know what mistakes have I committed that I have to be given such severe punishments. Mom, I am innocent." Qiao Nan's lesson plan had long been burned by her.

One must catch adultery in the act and catch a thief with the loot.

Since the evidence was gone, there was no way she would admit that she had stolen from Qiao Nan.

Furthermore, she did not steal the lesson plan. It was Qian Yanyan who stole it. Why did she have to be her scapegoat? No way!

"What about your uncle? His niece was bullied, yet he did not do anything? Bring me to your uncle!" If Brother Zhai would not help her, she would look for her brother!

"Uncle is in the army as well." Qiu Chenxi wiped her tears and led Qi Minlan to where Shi Peng was.

Zhai Yaohui sipped his tea and sneered.

It had only been a few days since Shi Peng came out of the hospital. Even the people in the army knew that unless it had to be handled by Shi Peng, they would not bother him and wanted Shi Peng to have a good rest instead.

Like what his father said, he had made the wrong judgment back then. He thought that Qi Minlan was a good lady he could spend a lifetime with. Perhaps Qi Minlan had always treated him as a foolish but good-looking rich guy.



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