"Qiao Nan, I saw with my own eyes that my auntie pulled a long face when she came out from Chief Zhai's office. It seems that Qiu Chenxi still has to leave the army, then? I thought Chief Zhai would accede to every plea of hers, I was proven wrong. It was nothing but an exaggeration." Shi Qing was perplexed.

Qiao Nan closed the dictionary and stretched herself. "You must have some confidence in our national leaders."

"What do you mean? When did I have no confidence in Chief Zhai?"

"By 'leaders', I do not mean Chief Zhai. I am referring to those who support and believe in Chief Zhai. If Chief Zhai was easily led by a woman, do you think he would be able to be in that position? Luckily, you are not Chief Zhai's political enemy. Otherwise, you will die a terrible death."

It was normal that Chief Zhai was not swayed by Qi Minlan.

"Then, the chances that Brother Zhai and you can be together will be higher." If her auntie was not able to sway Chief Zhai, there was no way that Qiu Chenxi could be with Brother Zhai.

Qiao Nan clutched her head in exasperation. "Actually, the biggest obstacle between Brother Zhai and I has never been Chief Zhai. Fortunately, I am still young and in high school. Brother Zhai and I have an agreement that before I graduate from high school, we will not talk about this. So don't mention it again, and let me have some peace of mind for the next two years. What's more, walls have ears. If someone overhears our conversation and Qiu Chenxi learns of it, with her temper, she will definitely stir up trouble. You must remember that in one and a half years' time, we will have to sit for the college entrance examination."

Seeing that Shi Qing seemed to have something to say, Qiao Nan gave her a reminder. "Shi Qing, don't forget. Apart from Chief Zhai, your dad is Qi Minlan's biggest support in the army." Since Chief Zhai would not help her, she would definitely look for Shi Qing's father to help her solve the problem.

"Oh, no, how can I forget about this? Qiao Nan, you must go with me. Hurry! My dad is not feeling well. I am afraid my dad will be bullied by the mother and daughter." Shi Qing jumped up. She was too focused on watching the good show that she had forgotten about her father's problem.

"He's your dad. Why should I go?" Qiao Nan widened her eyes, staring at Shi Qing who pulled at her.

"Of course you have to go. We are friends and classmates. You have to help me," Shi Qing said bluntly. She had just started to study complicated human relations and was not familiar with these areas. She was not good enough to deal with her auntie and Qiu Chenxi.

But Qiao Nan would be able to do it! She had to help her!

By the time Qiao Nan and Shi Qing rushed there, the siblings, Shi Peng and Qi Minlan, were already in a quarrel.

Shi Peng had not fully recovered, and he would always have relapses. After the quarrel with Qi Minlan, Shi Peng's complexion was very pale and cold sweat had broken out on his forehead. He seemed to be knitting his eyebrows in pain and agony.

"Auntie, that's enough! Don't go overboard! You should know that my dad is not feeling well. All you think about is your daughter! Have you forgotten that your brother is sick!" Seeing this situation, Shi Qing was so angry that she wanted to fight it out with Qi Minlan.

"What attitude is that! Since you know that I am your auntie, how dare you have no regards for your senior! Didn't your parents teach you how to behave?" Qi Minlan was used to her overbearing ways in the Shi family. Nobody dared to point fingers at her and lecture her. Besides, Shi Qing was her junior.

"Yes, you are the senior, but is this how you treat my dad? Chief Zhai…"

Qiao Nan pulled at Shi Qing, stopping her in mid-sentence.

As the saying went, one should not hit a person in their face, and neither should they expose a person's shortcomings when scolding them.

If Chief Zhai used to accede to every request of Qi Minlan in the past, today, Qi Minlan was shamed terribly.

"Office Shi, I am here with Shi Qing to remind you that it is time for you to go to the military doctor for a follow-up visit. Shi Qing has expected that you would definitely forget about it because of work and neglect your health, so we came to remind you. Hurry, let's go. We should not keep the military doctor waiting. There are a lot of patients in the army. We can't waste other people's time, and we must take care of our health."

It was not worth it to quarrel with Qi Minlan and affect his health. Shi Peng still had a daughter.

He had to take care of himself for his daughter's sake.

"Alright." Shi Peng took a deep breath. He did not intend to argue with Qi Minlan, but his sister was too unreasonable. "Okay, the two of you shall accompany me to the military doctor right now. I have finished some of the medicinal pills. It's time to get some."

"Dad, I will help you." Even though Shi Qing was furious that Qi Minlan had aggravated her father's condition and that she had to let Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi off, but her father's health was much more important. She was only in a moment of anger. Right now, it was more important to get her father to leave first.

She would deal with Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan later!

"Officer Shi, this way." Qiao Nan and Shi Qing each stood on one side of Shi Peng and helped him get up.

Qi Minlan stopped Qiao Nan and coldly said, "Is that so? My brother needs to go the military doctor? I am his sister. I can take care of him. Thank you for your kindness. You must be Qiao Nan. I heard that your results are quite good and that you are the top student among the cohort in the final exams. Your results are half a point higher than Qing Qing's. You must know that since a young age, Qing Qing has never been in second place. You are indeed capable. Qing Qing has been sulking for a long time because of this."

It turned out that this was the Qiao Nan whom Chenxi had mentioned to her a couple of times. She paled in comparison to Chenxi in terms of looks. Apart from her results which were worth a look, she had nothing to be proud of. It was no wonder that Chenxi was sure that the woman Zhai Sheng liked would never be Qiao Nan.

"You…" Shi Qing knew that Qi Minlan was trying to sow discord between Qiao Nan and her. She wanted Qiao Nan to have the impression that she bore a grudge against her due to the half a point difference. She was also reminding Shi Qing that it was Qiao Nan who broke her record of being in the first place. She was telling Shi Qing that both of them could only be enemies and never friends.

She did not expect that her auntie would do this to her. It was no wonder that her auntie was so heartless toward her father as well!

Qiao Nan looked at Shi Qing to reassure her. Qiao Nan then showed a polite and distant smile to Qi Minlan. "Of course, Madam Qi and Officer Shi are siblings. You are the best person to take care of Officer Shi. I am sure Madam Qi knows more about Officer Shi's condition. As it is a chronic illness, the military doctor wants us to observe his condition and report it to him in time. Previously, Comrade Qiu was busy in the army. I have nothing else to do except conducting the class. Back then, Shi Qing has yet to come to the army, so I helped update the doctor. Now that Officer Shi has so many relatives with him, I can do my homework peacefully. The military doctor has said that given Officer Shi's condition, he has to go back for follow-up once a week."



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