If not for the sake of being together with Brother Zhai, Qiao Nan's life could, in fact, be very carefree and happy.

"Qiao Nan has better tolerance of stress than you. It's clear from your auntie's matter that she's actually very quick-witted and agile in handling problems. She's quite a bright young lady. The Zhai family is very blessed to be able to meet such an intelligent lady. Unfortunately, you're not a man."

It was fine that his daughter was not intelligent enough. Unfortunately, his daughter could not 'kidnap' the intelligent lady from another family.

Shi Qing pulled a long face. "How do you know I definitely won't be able to kidnap a bright and intelligent son-in-law back?!" She was a girl. Of course, she could not be together with Qiao Nan. But she could find a husband that was similar to Qiao Nan! Would that not do?

"Is that so? Then, I shall wait and see. Your emotional intelligence is a little low. Find me a son-in-law who's better in emotional intelligence. Then, our Shi family will be able to burn incense and thank our ancestors. When the time comes, if the other party is also an only child, you will then give birth to two children and one of the children will take our surname. Then, our Shi family will really have someone to carry on the family line."

Why was there a need for a son? Would this not do as well?

Shi Qing tugged the corners of her lips. "You're happy about this. Will grandpa and grandma be pleased?" The child given birth by their granddaughter was not the real paternal great-grandchild!

"I'll acknowledge the grandchild. I'm happy to do so!" Shi Peng did not even wish to talk about the situation of the Shi family. "Alright, Qiao Nan has already gone back. You should go back soon too. One is marked by the company one keeps. I hope you will be influenced by Qiao Nan and improve your emotional intelligence. I can't be vicious to you but Qiao Nan can. In the future, regardless of whether Qiao Nan's advice to you sounds good or not, you have to reflect on them carefully. Don't reject everything because of your bad temper. With that bad temper of yours, besides Qiao Nan, most likely, I can't find you another friend who can subdue you."

Shi Peng understood her daughter very well.

If Qiao Nan's grades were not better than his daughter, and the way Qiao Nan handled situations was many times more mature than her, his daughter would have raised a rumpus. His daughter listened to Qiao Nan now as the latter was better than her in everything. She was thus subdued.

At the thought of his daughter's intelligence and physical strength, Shi Peng was, in fact, most worried whether he could really find a son-in-law.

It was not easy for a talent such as Qiao Nan to appear. For another similar individual to appear, and it had to be a man, it was simply searching for a needle in the sea.

Even if he could not be a paternal grandfather, it was fine if he could be a maternal one.

Previously, Zhai Sheng was a suitable candidate. Now that Zhai Sheng belonged to Qiao Nan, Shi Peng started to feel worried for his daughter.

After Qiao Nan finished memorizing one-fifth of the Oxford Dictionary, her 'teaching career' in the army was also coming to an end. "Okay, this is my last lesson with you, so let's cherish our final class."

The two sentences in English spoken by Qiao Nan stunned the audience for a moment. They could not understand most of the words. Nevertheless, Qiao Nan had taught the word 'last' before. Hence, everyone knew the meaning of that word.

There was also once when Qiao Nan taught everyone to daringly try to guess the meaning of the sentence based on the standalone words that they had learned so far.

In addition, Qiao Nan had been teaching in the army for some time. Hence, everyone could quickly guess what this sentence possibly meant. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, you're leaving?"

"Yes, the army's event is about to come to an end."

"Then, what do we do if we wish to continue learning English? Actually, what we've learned is very, very little…"

"Yes…" If Teacher Xiao Qiao was gone, they would forget everything that they had learned if they did not practice it for some time. It had not been easy for them to pick up English. What should they do?

"After all, we've known each other for half a month. I have something to give you." Qiao Nan was happy. She had only taught them for less than a month and the soldiers' reactions were really adorable. She remembered that she did not even feel so worried and sad when she graduated from elementary school. "Due to time and resources constraints, I didn't prepare a lot of gifts. They are handmade and definitely not expensive. I know that some of you are very interested in learning English but lack the opportunities to do so. Some of you want to learn not just how to pronounce but also to pronounce accurately. Hence, a few days ago, I've sent something to all your company commanders in the army, a set of alphabet cards and a cassette on pronunciation which I recorded on my own. There are many people in the army. With the help of my friends and the counselor, I only managed to produce a few sets. There was not enough to go around. Everyone, please share them."

"Of course, those who are interested can also prepare your own materials during the learning opportunities organized by the company commander. It's just a set of alphabet cards. The gift is very simple. I hope everyone doesn't mind."

"Don't mind."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, you gave us something. We don't have anything for you."

"Yes, we should be the one giving you something. Why did you give things to us instead?"

At this juncture, many people felt sad and unhappy. There was a feeling in their heart that they could not express clearly in words.

Everyone recalled the first lesson when no one seemed to look up at this Teacher Xiao Qiao who looked petite, skinny, and weak. They even thought that the army was joking with them, asking in their heart why they invited a child to teach them the English language.

Unexpectedly, the half a month that was initially believed to be boring and hard to pass by was actually over without them even realizing it.

Most importantly, everyone knew that although this gift of Qiao Nan was not costly, the thoughts in it were more precious than gold. Even money could not buy it.

Having been soldiers for many years, besides family members, they rarely felt so touched by such sincerity from outsiders.

This group of big and tall grown-up men was so touched by the words as well as the sincere and thoughtful gift of Qiao Nan. They were so dumbfounded that they could not utter a word for some time.

Nevertheless, they did not know that they were not the only ones who were touched. Qiao Nan also felt the same way.

She had only given them some handmade and cheap alphabet cards and these already made the receiving party so touched. This was completely different from the culture in the 21st century, the timeline she came from, which was full of material desires.

When Qiao Nan, who was used to being treated indifferently, saw the soldiers who were so easily contented, her eyes turned slightly red and she almost cried. "Today is my last lesson. We've maintained a happy atmosphere for such a long time. I hope it will not be an exception today. Let's work toward having a happy ending."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, you really can't stay for a longer period of time?" someone asked with a sullen voice. "A student's summer vacation should be about two months, right?"



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