"I can't." Qiao Nan shook her head regretfully. "I'm a senior high school student. My studies are heavier. Others may have two months of summer vacation but not me. Our school's lessons resume half a month earlier and we have to participate in training classes. The school also gave us a lot of homework. I'm really sorry."

For an ordinary student, one-third of the summer vacation had passed. But for Qiao Nan, half of the vacation was already over.

After hearing Qiao Nan's words, everyone fell silent.

Obviously, even if Teacher Xiao Qiao was willing to remain in the army camp to teach them English, she was unable to do so.

Would they allow Teacher Xiao Qiao to sacrifice her studies for the sake of their small passion? That would be repaying kindness with ingratitude!

Everyone had good intentions. However, the reality was that it was not feasible.

Perhaps it was because Qiao Nan said this before the commencement of the class that the atmosphere was not as good as before thereafter. Nevertheless, everyone was paying attention and more conscientious. It was the last lesson and everyone especially cherished the last moments.

"Thank you for everyone's cooperation. You're dismissed!"

Qiu Chenxi was aware that today was Qiao Nan's last lesson.

Upon hearing that the atmosphere in Qiao Nan's class was apparently not as good as before, Qiu Chenxi laughed. So what if Qiao Nan was very good? She did not belong to the army and would have to leave the place sooner or later.

After Qiao Nan was gone, she would be the only English teacher left in the army.

At that time, no matter how many people's hearts Qiao Nan was able to win over, everyone would eventually acknowledge her, Qiu Chenxi, as the only teacher. Qiao Nan would definitely be forgotten.

When she thought of the wrong move that she had made previously in order to shorten the distance between the lousy soldiers and her, and to gain the favors of Uncle Zhai and Brother Zhai, Qiu Chenxi felt very regretful.

During the past half a month, Qiu Chenxi realized that there was a huge difference between the soldiers addressing her as Comrade Qiu and Qiao Nan as a teacher. Although Qiao Nan was very young, she insisted the soldiers call her teacher.

Everyone was, in fact, one another's comrades. In addition, the address 'comrade' was clearly not casual but seemed to have become so in her case. It was unlike when they addressed Qiao Nan as a teacher. Although Qiao Nan was very young, there always seemed to be some respect in their tone when they addressed her as such.

At the thought of the differential treatment, Qiu Chenxi's face turned pale.

She was a college graduate from a reputable college but, in the army, she was being treated worse than a senior high school student. That was so absurd!

The students in Qiu Chenxi's class had left long ago, but she deliberately waited and refused to leave. She wanted to wait until Qiao Nan came over.

When she saw Qiao Nan, Qiu Chenxi went up to her with quickened steps. "Qiao Nan, I heard that today's lesson was your last. It's really such a pity. But you don't need to worry. The effort that you've put in and the foundation that you have built will definitely not be wasted. I'll continue to teach the soldiers."

When the leaders came to observe the situation in the army camp and saw that everyone had improved, she would be the only one teaching English in the army then. As such, she would be the only one who would take the credit for the progress made in the army!

Qiao Nan wanted to compete with her?

She was too green!

The feeling of having your hard work benefiting others was not that good.

However, this time, she would enjoy the fruits of the labor thanks to Qiao Nan!

"Really?" Qiao Nan immediately knew that Qiu Chenxi was deliberately waiting for her.

"Of course." Qiu Chenxi lowered her voice. "Qiao Nan, you're the one who refused a toast only to drink a forfeit. I've already given you so many chances. Very soon, you'll know the outcome of being at odds with me. You're a smart person and should not make foolish decisions. If you're willing to give up on Brother Zhai and tell me about that woman, I can give you one last chance."

She did not like other women targeting Brother Zhai, especially Qiao Nan, who was favored more by the Zhai family than that woman who was hidden.

"Thank you for giving me another chance but I don't need it." Qiao Nan laughed. Until this moment, Qiu Chenxi refused to give up her evil designs. She completely understood this point. However, she could not understand why Qiu Chenxi was so confident about taking over her students.

"Comrade Qiu, I hope you can still smile when tomorrow comes. It's very late. I need to go back and rest. When I leave tomorrow, I still need to go through half a day of journey on the car. I have to rest well today. Goodnight."

"Stubborn." Qiu Chenxi snorted scornfully.

It was fine that Qiao Nan was not tactful. Anyway, she would be the one picking up the bargain.

"Qiao Nan, hurry, the car should already be waiting for us." Shi Qing, who was driven and swift in actions, had already finished packing her own luggage. In actual fact, she did not bring much to the army camp. She often came to the army and already had all the clothing ready in the camp. She just needed to bring herself.

"I'm ready." Qiao Nan zipped the bag and wiped away the sweat on her forehead. "The weather is terribly warm. I'm sweating all over with just a little physical activity. How uncomfortable." At this moment, Qiao Nan wished that she had something like an air-conditioner.

The problem was that air-conditioner was an extremely rare commodity during this era.

Shi Qing patted Qiao Nan and asked her to move away. "Look at how weak you are. Forget it. I'll help you carry your bag. Qiao Nan, you're definitely outstanding in other aspects but you're too weak physically. To put it bluntly, what if you and Zhai…, no, you and that person argue? You can't win against that person with your lung capacity, let alone physically."

"Arguing relies on intelligence, not lung capacity. It's not as if they're competing on tongue-twisting, that the one who can't continue with the tongue twister will lose." Qiao Nan was speechless as she pursed her lips. She felt that Shi Qing's analogy was too unreal.

"You're really not taking the car of the Zhai family back? Auntie Miao invited you a few times." Shi Qing looked sullen. Clearly, Auntie Miao liked Qiao Nan a lot and even saw the latter as her own daughter. Why did Qiao Nan tell her that Auntie Miao was the biggest and most difficult problem that she and Brother Zhai had to overcome? It was unbelievable.

Qiao Nan walked over to Shi Qing and expressed that they could leave now. "Not going. Master was the one who sent me here. If the people from the Zhai Family send me home instead, I'm worried that my dad will let his thoughts go astray."

"Your dad knows?"

"Yes, he does."

"You're such an obedient daughter." She dared to tell her father about her puppy love. So daring! But she liked it. "Your dad didn't object to it?"

"He didn't agree either. The difference is too great."

"It's a normal reaction. Then, who in the Zhai family knows?"

"Sister Zhai Hua knows."

"Sister Zhai Hua will definitely be supportive. She's not a problem. PASS." Shi Qing gave Qiao Nan's shoulder a nudge. "What's the situation with Chief Zhai?"

After looking at the busybody Shi Qing from the corners of her eyes, Qiao Nan replied with a headache, "Asking me this kind of question, aren't you afraid that you'll be hurt after hearing the answer?"

"Ah, I've already been hurt before. My brain has long fallen to the ground. There is a scar as large as a bowl. How long do you want me to feel hurt?" Shi Qing deliberately pretended that she did not care. Alright, she was asking for it. It was fine if Qiao Nan did not say. If she did, her heart would ache.



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