"I believe I have made myself clear." The political commissar put down the pen in his hand and looked at Qiu Chenxi in a serious and cold manner. "Furthermore, the army has already preempted you about this matter ten days ago and asked you to be prepared for it. If you didn't receive the message, fine, I'll get that person here to clarify how he passed you the message!"

"No, political commissar, now that Qiao Nan has left, I'm the only one in the army who knows how to teach English. How could you all…" Yes, ten days ago, she did receive the message that the political commissar would be expelling her from the army and asked her to leave.

However, if both she and Qiao Nan were gone, there would be no one left to teach English in the army.

Taking advantage of this fact, Qiu Chenxi was waiting for Qiao Nan to leave so that she could secure her place in the army. No one could make her leave then.

She did not expect that although Qiao Nan had already left today, the political commissar actually insisted that she left. How, how could this be!

The political commissar clenched his fists lightly and gave a knock on the table with his knuckles. "Of course we can. The matter of you being expelled from the army was done in accordance with the procedures. There's no mistake in this. If you're not convinced, you can also ask the Qiu family to investigate. What I have done did not let down the country, party, or organization. I also did not let down the army!"

"Political commissar, you have misunderstood me. I do not doubt you. It's not easy for the army to have organized such an event. The outcome seems to be quite good. There's no reason to give it up halfway. I don't have any other capabilities but my English is quite good. I just want to contribute to the army. Political commissar, what do you think about this?" She was not daring enough to doubt the political commissar's capability, but if they allowed her to stay in the army, the army would have an English teacher free of charge. It would be a win-win situation. What was bad about it?

As for Qiao Nan, no matter how well she could teach, the political commissar could forget about it.

She had graduated from college but Qiao Nan was still schooling. Furthermore, Qiao Nan was in her critical years of senior high school studies.

When Qiao Nan had the opportunity to come to the army camp to teach English again, the people in the army would have long forgotten everything that Qiao Nan had taught them previously.

"There's nothing to consider." The political commissar declined firmly. "Comrade Qiu, I hope you don't misunderstand me. This decision is nothing personal. You must know that the army is a very big and structured organization. It's everyone's unanimous decision to let you leave the army. Alright, we've settled most of the administrative matters. You can take your belongings and leave the camp. You should know the rules of the army. People who do not belong to the army can't stay here."

"Everyone's unanimous decision? Who were involved?!" Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth. She was truly unaware that so many people wanted her to leave the army.

After she joined the army, she abided by the rules and regulations. She had not done any bad things. Why couldn't they all see eye to eye with her and wanted her to leave instead?

"Regarding this… You don't need to know. Alright, hurry up and leave." The political commissar waved his hand. There were only that many people in the army, and only a handful of them could decide on Qiu Chenxi's whereabouts. Qiu Chenxi was asking a silly question. Of course, she was pretending to be sillier.

"…" Tears welled up in Qiu Chenxi's eyes. It was as if they would roll down her eyes at any moment. "Political commissar, is there really no way to reinvestigate this? I really like the army very much. I like the atmosphere when everyone is together. I can't bear to leave the army and my many dear comrades here. Political commissar, can we think of other ways? You tell me. I'll think of ways to do and resolve it. Won't that do?"

The political commissar looked at Qiu Chenxi ridiculously. "You like the army? You've joined the army for about six months, right? Besides this month, did your total time spent in the camp even add up to a month? Do you know that your situation is the complete opposite of the other comrades in the army? Not to mention six months, even if it's a year, the total amount of time that you spent in the army is just a month. Many comrades in the army did not even go home for more than half a month. You like the army? Pardon my poor eyesight. I really can't tell."

The young lady from the Qiu family was strong-tempered, delicate, and precious. He could understand this.

However, could she not lie through her teeth? Who was the shameful one?

"Alright, wipe your tears. In the army, and in my eyes, you're just an ordinary comrade. There's nothing about gender and family background. These tears are useless on me." They might work a little on those new recruits outside. In front of him, shedding a few tears was very unsightly.

Qiu Chenxi looked down and gritted her teeth, feeling unjustified. "But, political commissar, I'm not going back. If I make a call back to the Qiu family to fetch me now, it'll most probably be dark by the time they arrive." She did not know whether the 'everyone' mentioned by the political commissar included the Zhai family. Nevertheless, that uncle of hers, who favored an outsider instead of someone on his own side, was certainly involved.

Despite clearly knowing how important Brother Zhai was to her, he refused to help her and even bullied her along with the others.

She had started to suspect if her uncle felt any sense of guilt each time she called him uncle!

Since her uncle was biased toward Shi Qing and Qiao Nan, then he should not blame her for making any decisions in the future that did not benefit the Shi family. Since her uncle was not kind to her, she would not be loyal to him.

An eye for an eye. They would take turns then!

The political commissar took his pen and started to work on official matters. "You don't have to worry about this. You can sit in one of the army vehicles that are going to Ping Cheng today. After all, you're a former comrade of our army and even taught us a few days of English. With this, the army will definitely take care of you. We won't make things difficult for you."

The political commissar had already said this. Regardless of whether Qiu Chenxi was willing to leave, she could no longer find any excuse to stay for another day.

"I see. Then, I'll thank the political commissar and the organization for the arrangement." Qiu Chenxi tried hard to soothe her expression. If she definitely had to leave, she would certainly not waste any more tears on the people who were not worth it.

She was kicked out today, but one day, she would make these people in the army invite her back in a respectful and courteous way!

"Don't mention it. This is what we should do," the political commissar said, sounding aloof, but he did not miss that look of resentment in Qiu Chenxi's eyes.

"Political commissar, I'll leave first. Goodbye. I hope that if there's fate, we will meet again." Qiu Chenxi sneered and left a vicious statement: We would wait and see in the future!

The political commissar was both angry and amused. Having seen so many young people, Qiu Chenxi was definitely not the first one to be expelled but she was the first one who dared to threaten him.

He was curious though. What good luck did the Qiu family run into? Were they going to be extremely successful in their official careers? Or was it that they would be the only ones in the whole China who could have a say?

"Fine. We'll meet again if it's fated to be." No issue. He would wait and see if such a day would come for the Qiu family.



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