For Qiu Chenxi to have such huge 'ambitions and goals' was a 'good' thing. "Good".

Given the fact that the Qiu family could have such a lady like Qiu Chenxi, he was definitely willing to believe that such a day would come for the Qiu family!

Before Qiu Chenxi left, she went to see Shi Peng. "Uncle, I'm going to leave the army today. Your health is not good. Previously, Qing Qing was by your side to take care of you, so my mom and I felt more assured. Now that Qing Qing is going back to school, and I'll be leaving the army too, what will happen to you in the future? At the thought that you have no one by your side to take care of you when you feel unwell, and that there won't be anyone to get you a cup of hot tea, I can't help being worried."

Qiu Chenxi wiped her tears and sniffed. She was staring at Shi Peng with watery eyes, hoping for Shi Peng to say something.

Shi Peng took a sip of tea to soothe his heart. He had a 'fright' when he heard Qiu Chenxi's words. "You can be assured about this matter. The people in the army are aware of my health condition. They have already arranged a male nurse to take care of me for the time being until I leave the army. Initially, I was reluctant to use so much of the army's resources for my personal matters. But the situation is different now. I have submitted my resignation letter. Sooner or later, I'll leave the army. Hence, I won't be able to utilize too much of these resources too. Chenxi, I'm glad that you're concerned about my health. Rest assured. There won't be any problem. When I leave the army, if you're sincere and wish to take care of me, there'll be opportunities to do so."

However, if Qiu Chenxi wished to use this as an excuse and ride on his reputation to stay in the army, he could only say that Qiu Chenxi was smart but it was too bad. Her strategy would not work.

"Uncle, we are all relatives. I'm really concerned about you and wish to take care of you. Are you really not going to fulfill this little wish of mine?" She met with obstacles at the political commissar's office. Now, she had to face the same situation with Shi Peng. Qiu Chenxi's expression was very ugly.

"Fulfill? Your filial thoughts are hard to come by. How can I not fulfill it? I've said that we'll have a lot of time and opportunities in the future. There's no need to be anxious now."

Qiu Chenxi pursed her lips in a cold and menacing manner. "Uncle, I'm very disappointed in you. I thought that we're close kin and you'd definitely help me. After all, this is not something difficult. It's just a small matter."

"…" Shi Peng looked at Qiu Chenxi in the face. "You said that we're close kin. Then, as your elder, I'm only going to say this once. If something does not belong to you, regardless of what methods you use, you won't get anything in the end. I think your mom's situation already tells you everything. You're still young and should not waste your time in this way. Work hard. You can only rely on yourself to have a truly good future."

"Hahaha." Qiu Chenxi completely could not heed Shi Peng's kind advice. "I've just been a teacher for a few days, but it seems that uncle wants to be a teacher more than me. All these maxims… Uncle, you have to remember them well and say them again to Qing Qing."

It was Shi Qing. She was clearly aware of her relationship with Brother Zhai, yet she stubbornly wanted to intervene. Uncle was also helping the wicked perpetrate evil deeds.

Shi Qing wanted to rob her things, robbing her happy and bright future.

The one who should rely on her own hard work to achieve everything was Shi Qing and not her. Her uncle had said those words to the wrong person.

"Qing Qing is doing very well." Qing Qing did not need him to teach her. She already knew when to let go when needed. She knew that she would be the one getting hurt otherwise.

His own daughter did not even make him so worried but, unfortunately, Qiu Chenxi distorted his kind intentions to this extent.

If Qi Minlan was the one standing before him today, Shi Peng would not even say a word. As for Qiu Chenxi, even if he knew that she would not listen to it, as an elder, he had to try his best to persuade her.

"Alright, you should make your way home. Don't arrive home too late, in case they worry about you."

"Uncle, I must really thank you then, for being so thoughtful to our family."

"Don't mention it."

"Uncle, I shall not disturb you any longer. Even if I can never come to the army again in the future, not long after, our family should be able to meet in Ping Cheng. At that time, I'll definitely ask my mom to invite uncle to my house to have a meal, to take it as a way of saying thanks to uncle for your 'care' to me during this period."


That nonchalant demeanor of Shi Peng left Qiu Chenxi helpless with no alternatives.

It could be said that Shi Peng's health situation was the last trump card that she had in order to stay in the army. She did not expect that Shi Peng refused to give any face in front of his biological niece. There was no room for negotiation at all.

"Right, uncle, the political commissar told me that expelling me from the army was a unanimous decision of all. Uncle, did you agree or object at that time?"

When he heard this question, Shi Peng smiled. "Agree."

"Uncle, you're truly my good uncle!"

"I think so too. I'm a good uncle." Since he had told his father clearly and submitted his resignation letter, he was really not afraid of admitting this matter to Qiu Chenxi.

"Uncle, goodbye!"


When Qiu Chenxi left, she slammed the door of Shi Peng's office so hard that the sound of the door banging was deafening.

Shi Peng shook his head helplessly. Qiu Chenxi had been spoiled by the elders of the two families.

In the past, Qiu Chenxi and Zhai Sheng were 'childhood sweethearts, young and innocent playmates'. In addition, everyone agreed that she looked like a pretty doll. Hence, Qiu Chenxi was destined to be the future wife of the chief. It was only right to pamper her more.

Now, the role of the wife of the chief already had nothing to do with Qiu Chenxi. He hoped that the elders from the two families would still continue to pamper Qiu Chenxi like before and not let this child suffer a blow that was too great.

Anyway, he must have been paranoid. Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan had not given up. The elders of the two families would definitely still harbor some hope because of this. What was he worrying about?

"Comrade Qiu, hurry up. We've already waited five minutes for you. You're really… You're also a comrade in the army. Why don't you have any sense of time? If you're late by five minutes when the instructor asks you to gather, you'll be punished to run a thousand miles first!" The comrade who was going to Ping Cheng to purchase supplies was so anxious that his brows were on fire.

The food supplies that he would be getting were for the whole army to consume. If he was late, the good and fresh ones would have been taken. If the soldiers in the army were less nourished and their health was not good enough, who would take the blame?

"I…" Qiu Chenxi could not be bothered with these people of the lowest status. She only wanted to express her own dissatisfaction.

That was her thoughts but the other party did not give her any time for this. He grabbed her luggage and swiftly stuffed it into the boot. "It's done. Hurry up and get into the car. Otherwise, we really can't make it in time." Qiu Chenxi's slow demeanor made him want to simply drag her into the car!



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