"Angry?" Qiao Nan leaned back and drank the water that Qiao Zijin poured for her.

Qiao Nan sneered while drinking the water. In her two lifetimes, she had never thought that there would be a day when she could drink the water that Qiao Zijin poured for her and use the hot water that she boiled to bathe. "Perhaps I feel angry and wronged. Why was I always the one who was abandoned?"

They had only been apart for a short while. Now that Qiao Zijin came back for a short stay and pretended to be a good daughter, it seemed that her father was all ready to welcome her with wide arms.

It seemed that when she finished college entrance examination and went to college in other cities, she did not need to bring her father with her. Fine, it was all good in the end. She could lead a carefree life by herself!

Since her family abandoned her, she had no need for them as well.

"No, absolutely not." Qiao Dongliang was anxious. Nan Nan was indeed angry. "Don't misunderstand. Your sister is my daughter, and you are my daughter as well. How can I abandon you? Nan Nan, don't let your thoughts wander. Your sister visited without any notice and she didn't create any trouble. I couldn't possibly forbid her from entering the house. In fact, your sister will go back in two days' time. I did not expect that you would be back so soon. I thought that both of you would not bump into each other and you wouldn't be upset. I didn't expect…"

He really had no intention of upsetting Nan Nan because of Zijin.

This had been the case since ancient times. Even for brothers, after they married and had their own families, they would have their own houses and had their meals separately. It was the same for sisters.

If they were close, they would keep in touch. Otherwise, they would not keep close contact with each other.

During this period of time, Qiao Dongliang had already sorted out his thoughts.

"Nan Nan, if your sister really changes for the better and both of you grow close to each other, as your father, I am happy for you. But rest assured that if both of you are not as close, I will not insist on it. Everyone has their own path to take. I am not capable of making everything go according to my wishes, so you don't have to worry. It's up to you how you intend to get along with your sister. I will not interfere or influence you. You can go along with your own wishes."

Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Dongliang. She knew that Qiao Dongliang had actually intended for Qiao Nan to patch up with Qiao Zijin, but she showed her displeasure when she came back today. Hence, he kept silent.

Qiao Nan could only sigh at the current situation. Compared with the past, this was already a big improvement.

At least, her father was considerate of her feelings. He did not add fuel to the flames and insisted that she did what she hated the most, especially when she was feeling vexed.

However, Qiao Nan also learned a lesson from this. One must not be too mild-tempered. The more easygoing and gentle one was, people would not take their thoughts and feelings into consideration.

Qiao Dongliang was softhearted, and so was Qiao Nan. She had no other choice since he was her father. "Okay, don't worry."

"You are not angry anymore?"

"Angry at you? Then, I would be as insensible as my sister in the past and you would be bitterly disappointed at me. Isn't that too easy on my sister? Mom is on her side. If you are on her side as well, I will be left with nobody. I am not that stupid," Qiao Nan said jokingly, but at the same time, she made known her feelings.

She would not take the initiative to push her father toward Qiao Zijin, but if her father wanted to stand on her side, she would not do anything about it. However, once he made his decision, she would not be as close to him as before.

For Qiao Zijin and her, they were not destined to be sisters. If they could not be father and daughter, she would not be able to do anything about it as well.

"It's good that you are not angry. Take a rest. Let me check if the water is boiled. I will bring the water to the bathroom." Qiao Dongliang breathed a sigh of relief and ran to the kitchen.

Qiao Nan, who finally had some peace to herself, brought her luggage back into her room. She folded her clothes and placed them into her wardrobe.

"Dad, what did Nan Nan say?" As soon as Qiao Dongliang entered the kitchen, Qiao Zijin pretended to ask about her sister casually.

"What do you mean?" Qiao Dongliang pretended not to understand.

"Dad, you understand what I mean!" Qiao Zijin pouted while stomping her feet. "It's been so long. I have told you that I have realized my mistake. Nan Nan is my one and only sister. I was muddleheaded in the past. That's why I lost my temper at her. I have figured it out now. I want to ask Nan Nan for forgiveness. Dad, are you really not going to help me?"

"I won't help!" Qiao Dongliang said firmly and sternly. "Zijin, I can help you with anything but this. Not only will I not help you, but I will not help your mom as well. Look at what you did in the past. You have hurt Nan Nan. Nobody's heart is made of stones, but both of you were too hard-hearted and only knew to protect your own interests, completely ignoring Nan Nan's well-being. Isn't Nan Nan your family? Your mom gave birth to her as well. In these past few months, whenever I thought about what both of you did, I couldn't help but doubt whether both of you were heartless!"

Qiao Dongliang expected better from his daughter. He had no idea why she turned out to be like this.

She framed her sister, was full of lies, cheated in the exams, and copied her sister's essay to…

As a student, Zijin had done everything that a student was not supposed to do.

She had such behavior when she was young. What would she be like when she grew up?

What she did now was merely going against the rules. Qiao Dongliang was worried that when Qiao Zijin grew up and had the means, she might go against the law.

At the thought that Qiao Zijin might harm the interests of the people and the party in the future, Qiao Dongliang had the impulse to do something to her right now before she had the chance to do anything illegal.

As a soldier, he could never tolerate the fact that his children would do things that were detrimental to national interests.

"Dad, has Nan Nan said anything? Why do you stare at me with such expression? You give me a fright." Qiao Dongliang's gaze was similar to that of a hungry tiger who had found his prey. Qiao Zijin was shocked.

Since a young age, this was the first time she saw such a ferocious look on her father's face. Did Qiao Nan badmouth her and sow discord between her and her father?

"Look at you. You told me that you wanted to change, but I don't see any changes. Whenever there's a problem, you will suspect that it's Nan Nan who is behind it. Why don't you do some self-reflection? The problem lies with you." Qiao Dongliang was exasperated. "Nan Nan did not say anything!"

If Nan Nan badmouthed Zijin in front of him, he would be able to find an excuse for them that both of his daughters were still young, that they had some bad habits and flaws in their character, but they would change eventually.



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