The comrade looked as if he was about to drag Qiu Chenxi by the hand onto the car. There was a look of disgust on Qiu Chenxi's face. She would not let people like the comrade touch her clothes, let alone her hand. She quickly jumped onto the car and sat down.

"Okay, everyone is here. Let's get going." As soon as Qiu Chenxi got in the car, it started moving.

The dispatch delivery car of the camp could not be compared with the family car used by the Qiu family.

The car had a musty and pungent smell and the environment was not comfortable at all. Qiu Chenxi turned green from the bumpy ride home, but she could only keep these feelings to herself.

By the time Qiu Chenxi reached the Qiu family's residence, her face had ashened, looking terrible. After taking her luggage from the trunk of the car, she had only taken a few steps before she leaned against a big tree and vomited.

"Miss, you are back." Seeing that Qiu Chenxi was back, the helper from the Qiu family rushed over to take her luggage. "Miss, is there anything that you want to eat? Or should I prepare hot water for your bath?"

"Eat?" At the mention of food, Qiu Chenxi could not help but vomit again.

The helper was shocked. "Miss, are you suffering from motion sickness?"

"Say no more. Help me in and give me a glass of water to rinse my mouth!"

"Oh!" The helper helped Qiu Chenxi into the house. There was nobody at home around this time of the day.

When she finally rinsed off the bitter and pungent smell from her mouth, Qiu Chenxi leaned against the sofa, feeling weak and deprived of all her strength.

Qiu Chenxi knitted her eyebrows at the sound of rolling wheels. She took a glance in its direction and hollered, "Are you a pig? Pigs are smarter than you. The luggage is dirty and stinky. I don't want it anymore. Take out everything from the luggage, wash, and disinfect them. Remember to throw this luggage away as far as possible!"

"Yes, yes, Miss, simmer down. I will dispose of it right away." The helper who was being hollered at had a big fright. Without another word, she emptied the contents and threw the luggage away. Afterward, she washed and disinfected the clothes that she took out of the luggage.

Nothing went well for Qiu Chenxi. Qiao Nan, who left the camp slightly earlier than her, was not any better either.

Lin Yuankang sent Qiao Nan back home. She just got off the car when she heard women voices coming from her house.

Qiao Nan's countenance changed in an instant. She had an uneasy feeling.

There was no other woman in her house. Could it be that her father made new 'friends' while she was not around?

Ding Jiayi might not be good to her, but she still knew what she should do and what she should not do.

Unless her father divorced Ding Jiayi and they had ended their marriage, it was tantamount to having an affair if her father was on close terms with other women while he was still married.

But when Qiao Nan listened carefully, she realized the voice was somewhat familiar.

Qiao Nan took out the key and opened the door. When she saw the unexpected 'woman' in her house, there was not much expression on her solemn face. But it was obvious that she was not in a good mood.

"Nan Nan, you are back," Qiao Zijin said with a soft smile. "Previously, I kept asking Dad when you would be back. We are all in school and the school is very far away. Apart from the summer break, I have no chance to come back to visit Dad and you. Now that it's summer break and I had the chance to make the trip, it turned out that you're not at home. Nan Nan, I heard that you have a master now. Is he good to you? What did he teach you? You have to remember that you must take things slowly. Don't be too anxious, and the most important thing is to be happy. It's such a hot day. Come in now. I will pour you a glass of water."

Not waiting for Qiao Nan to react, Qiao Zijin poured a glass of water for Qiao Nan. It was lukewarm, so Qiao Nan could drink it right away.

"If not, do you want to wipe off your sweat first?" Seeing that Qiao Nan did not drink the water but held the glass of water in her hand, Qiao Zijin was not angry. Instead, she was unbelievably patient. She passed a towel that had been rinsed with the well water to Qiao Nan. "I just rinsed it with well water. It's cool and comforting. You can wipe your sweat with it. Don't let the sweat get into your eyes. Your eyes will sting."

"Yes, wipe your sweat with it." Qiao Dongliang looked awkward as he was the only man at home.

During the summer break when Qiao Dongliang saw Qiao Zijin for the first time since she left a few months ago, she also felt somewhat distant and foreign to him.

They had been apart for two to three months. Qiao Dongliang noticed that Qiao Zijin had changed a lot. She was no longer so dainty as before, and she had become more considerate and sensible. During the few days that they lived together, Qiao Zijin was not picky with her food and she was concerned and considerate of Qiao Dongliang's eating preferences.

What surprised Qiao Dongliang the most was that during these few days, Qiao Zijin even made a meal for him. This was something he had never thought of in the past.

As a father, Qiao Dongliang was glad that his daughter had changed for the better.

Qiao Dongliang was more than welcome that Qiao Zijin wanted to stay for a few days and spend time with him. But now that Qiao Nan was back, the situation was different.

Qiao Dongliang understood that as long as Qiao Zijin had turned over a new leaf, as her father, he would accept her without any reservations. But it was a different case for Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan would not be able to accept her sister right away and he did not expect her to do so as well.

Previously, Qiao Dongliang had thought that since Zijin was in her second year in high school and she had to sit for the college entrance examination next year, the summer break that she had would not be too long. He thought that when Nan Nan, who went out with her master, was back, Zijin might have already left.

In this way, he would be able to spend some time with his elder daughter, and Nan Nan would not be unhappy.

He did not expect that Qiao Nan would return before Qiao Zijin left.

"Nan Nan, was it tough on you during the half a month that you were away?" Qiao Dongliang was apologetic regarding the current situation. Hence, he tried to use a gentler tone when he spoke to Nan Nan.

"That's right, Nan Nan. What have you learned from your master in the past half a month? Nan Nan, you are very blessed to have such a capable master," Qiao Zijin said warmly and gently. She did not sound jealous at the fact that Qiao Nan had a capable master. "Nan Nan, why not I boil some water and you can take a bath first? After all, you just took a ride back. It must be very tiring. You will feel better after taking a shower. Moreover, although it is summer now and is very hot, you are a lady. It's better to bathe in hot water. Cold water will harm the body. Do you understand?"

"I understand." Qiao Nan put down her luggage. "It's rare that sister is so nice to me. Alright, I also feel like taking a shower first. It's true that I feel quite tired."

"Sure, wait for me while I boil the water. It will not take long since it is summer now." Qiao Zijin stood up immediately and went to the kitchen to boil water for Qiao Nan.

As soon as Qiao Zijin left, Qiao Dongliang whispered, "Nan Nan, are you angry that your sister is back?"



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