She acted like the elder daughter of the family. She was sensible, considerate, kind, and she took great care of her younger brothers and sisters.

Right at this moment, Qiao Zijin was simply the representative of the model elder sister in China!

She was so perfect that one could not find any shortcomings with her.

"What's wrong? Shocked? Perhaps you don't recognize me as we have been apart for such a long time. Alright, we are sisters. When we have cleared up the misunderstanding, we still have many years ahead of us. By then, I am afraid that you may be sick and tired of me. We can take things slowly." Qiao Zijin used the towel that she gave to Qiao Nan to wipe her sweat previously to give herself a wipe on the face.

Her face was wet with perspiration. She felt very uncomfortable!

"You have indeed changed," Qiao Nan said lightly after a long while.

Qiao Zijin smiled warmly. "We have to change and grow. We have to pay for the things that we have done."

"I see." Qiao Nan did not deny.

"Alright, enough of the talk. I will only leave two days later. If you want to chat with me, we can do so after you have a good rest." Qiao Zijin pulled Qiao Nan from the sofa gently. "You may be tired and don't feel like doing anything once you are back at home. Take a shower, change your clothes, and go to sleep. It will be more comfortable that way. Go along now."

Qiao Dongliang, who was observing the sisters secretly from his room, saw this scene and smiled.

Qiao Nan did not shrug Qiao Zijin's hands away. Qiao Zijin, who walked in front of her, sensed that Qiao Nan did not reject her kindness. She curled her lips and smiled.

Qiao Zijin stopped when she reached the bathroom. "You can go in to shower. I will help you get your clothes."

"No need. I have already put the clothes in the bathroom." Qiao Nan slanted her head in mischief, but she also seemed to be sizing up Qiao Zijin. "Sister, I have a question. Of course, it's up to you whether to answer or not."

"Go ahead." As long as Qiao Nan was willing to ask, she would definitely give her a satisfactory answer!

"The place that I went with my master was quite far away, and we witnessed something ridiculous. When I left, this matter has yet to be solved. Sister, tell me what you think. There is a family with two sons. The family was not well-to-do. They provided for the elder son to go to school, while the younger son worked to pay for his brother's tuition fees. When they grew up, the elder son used the money earned by his brother to marry and had a son. The younger brother who had to earn the money ended up penniless and without a family. He remained a bachelor. Later, the elder brother was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to go for kidney transplant. He hoped that his younger brother would donate his kidney to him but he refused. The elder brother collaborated with his mom and they finally managed to get a kidney from his younger brother and did the operation."

"Oh my god, the society is ruled by law. This is acting with utter disregard for human life. How is this possible?!" Qiao Zijin disapproved of such behavior, saying that justice must be done. "They should report to the police. What kind of parents and elder brother are they? They are simply devils who eat human flesh and suck human blood!"

"The problem is that their parents said that since the elder brother had kidney failure, he would die if he did not do the transplant. The younger brother was in good health, and he would not die if he gave his brother a kidney. In this case, both sons would get to live." There was a glint of cold in Qiao Nan's eyes. Yes, they were inhumane. They were devils who fed on human flesh and blood and sucked people dry!

"But still, they should not do that. Even if the parents felt that way, they could talk it over nicely or come up with other solutions. How could they use trickery and force? The younger brother is too pitiful." It did not occur to Qiao Zijin, who acted with a sense of justice, to apply the case to herself.

In the past few years in this life, Qiao Nan did not quit her school to work and provide for her. Qiao Zijin also did not take a single cent from her. Qiao Zijin did not marry and have kids. More importantly, she was in good health, so there was no way that she would have kidney failure and need to go for a kidney transplant in order to survive.

Qiao Zijin was certain that the story had nothing to do with her, thus she was able to act as if she was very righteous and say nice words to please Qiao Nan.

"Many years later, after the elder brother underwent the kidney transplant, he survived, and so did his younger brother. However, the younger brother was heartbroken because of what happened. He went somewhere far away and did not have any contact with his family. The younger brother no longer needed to give his family his hard-earned money, and he began to lead a better life. He even had some savings. At this time, the elder brother apologized to his brother and admitted that he and their parents were in the wrong. He sought the younger brother's forgiveness. Sister, in such a case, if you were the younger brother, what would you do?"

Qiao Zijin hesitated. Was Qiao Nan trying to trick her by asking this question?

"Sister, if it were you, would you forgive such an elder brother?" There was a strange flicker in Qiao Nan's eyes. It was as if she had evil intentions by asking that question. "I just want to hear your opinion so that I will be able to tell how our relationship will be in the future. Since a young age, you have never pampered or protected me."

Qiao Zijin's heart shuddered. Did Qiao Nan mean that like what happened in the story, she wanted to treat her in the way the elder brother treated the younger brother?

That was impossible!

She would take Qiao Nan's life if she wanted her kidney!

"If I were the younger brother, I would definitely not agree. One should never intend to harm others, but should always guard against the harm others might do to them. The younger brother gave all his hard-money to his brother. He had done more than enough for the family. What's more, he was without one kidney. It took him great effort to be able to lead a good life. If he relented, he might regret it. If I bump into the brothers, I will definitely support that younger brother. At least, the younger brother must keep a distance from his brother." Regardless of whether it was a trick question, this should be a safe answer.

They would not sever ties, but neither would they reconcile. One could attack or retreat in either way.

They had only been apart for half a year. Qiao Nan, that wretched girl, was so sly with her words!

Qiao Zijin could sense that Qiao Nan had set dozens of traps around her.

"Dad, what do you think?" Seeing that Qiao Dongliang's door was opened, Qiao Nan raised her voice.

Qiao Dongliang, who was discovered, was embarrassed and smiled as he walked out. "I agree with Zijin. The Chinese people place importance on 'filial piety', but one can't practice unquestioning filial piety. Everyone has only one chance at life, so we have to cherish it. Besides, what that family did is too much. If things really come to such a situation, it's impossible for one who is bitterly disappointed to be able to forgive and forget."

Qiao Dongliang said earnestly. He cast a sideways glance at Qiao Zijin, hoping that she was serious about changing for the better and not ending up in a similar situation as that of the brothers.



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