For a moment, Qiao Nan was in a trance. There was a shooting star. Did it mean that there was a chance that her wish would be fulfilled?

After a while, Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. If there was truth in the saying of the shooting star, then people would not sleep and would just stare at the sky every night. Moreover, if the shooting star could really help humans fulfill their wishes, she should not have wished that Qiao Zijin would leave as soon as possible. She should wish that her mother and Qiao Zijin would stay further away from her and not come back again, that they would not interact with each other for the rest of their lives. Was that not better?

Qiao Nan took a piece of towel and covered her face. She continued to sleep.

Qiao Nan, who had fallen asleep, completely did not expect that her dreams would come true when she woke up the next morning. Of course, the shooting star was not the one that helped her realize her wish.

As she had overslept, it was already eight o'clock when Qiao Nan woke up. Her head felt heavy from too much sleeping.

With messy hair, Qiao Nan yawned as she made her way to the toilet to wash up. When she came out, she discovered that Qiao Zijin was not around. "Dad, where's sister? It's still so early. Did she go marketing?"

Eight o'clock. At eight o'clock during the end of July, the sun hanging high up in the sky was so scorching hot that it could kill someone with the heat.

It was surprising enough that Qiao Zijin could now eat spicy food. If she even went marketing under such a hot sun, then that would be unbelievable.

"No, your sister went back to your mom's place," Qiao Dongliang said, sounding a little sullen.

"She has gone back?" Qiao Nan blinked. She suspected that she was still sleeping and dreaming of what she thought about in the day. Before she fell asleep, she had been thinking about how good it would be if Qiao Zijin left soon. She then dreamed about it soon after. "Dad, am I still sleeping and not awake?"

Qiao Dongliang was both angry and amused. He stuffed a slice of the iced watermelon into Qiao Nan's hands. "Does it feel cold?"


"Then you're not dreaming. Your sister has really gone back."

"That's fast. I clearly remember that she said she would like to stay for a few days and 'reminisce about the past' with me." Before this was done, she had left. Would such a good thing happen?

Qiao Dongliang sat down and helped Qiao Nan turn on the television. "Alright, stop being muddled. Your sister really left. She said something cropped up at the eleventh hour. She also missed your mom and couldn't bear to let your mom stay alone in the house for too long. Thus, she left at around half past seven today."

Qiao Dongliang did not blame this attitude of Qiao Nan.

Qiao Zijin did mention that she wanted to change. However, having been in contact for less than half a day, Qiao Nan did not have any opportunity to see the Qiao Zijin's sincerity at all. If Qiao Nan changed her attitude toward Qiao Zijin, Qiao Dongliang would actually feel odd.

Qiao Nan glanced at the clock on the wall which stated that the time was 8:10 AM. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Your sister wouldn't let me," Qiao Dongliang said objectively. "Your sister said that you hardly come home. It's been tough on you. We're all a family and there's no need to be so polite to one another, and we should let you sleep. It's not as if there won't be any chance to meet again in the future." Qiao Dongliang also thought that Qiao Nan was certainly tired. He thus did not wake Qiao Nan up as well.

In the end, of course, Qiao Dongliang sent Qiao Zijin off.

Just five minutes before Qiao Nan woke up, Qiao Dongliang was back from sending Qiao Zijin off. "How is it? Have you slept enough? Are you still tired?"

"Tired? Not tired. I don't feel tired at all. I'm in such good spirits that I can kill a tiger now!" Qiao Zijin was not here anymore. She felt as alive and energetic as a tiger. It was impossible that she would feel tired.

"You…" Qiao Dongliang smiled wryly. "Alright, both of you have grown up and are adults. In the future, you will decide for yourself whichever path you choose and the people that you want to be in contact with. I won't interfere. So, Nan Nan, you don't need to feel nervous. I can lord over you for one or two years, but can I lord over you forever? The relationship between the two of you won't work just with my intervention alone."

Both of his daughters had a strong temperament and their own way of thinking. He was unable to interfere in any of them. As such, he might as well not do so.

"Dad, there's only one child in other families. You raised two daughters. It's been hard on you. I'm in senior high school now. Actually, I'll graduate in the blink of an eye. When I earn money after I graduate and work, I'll definitely be filial to you. Dad, it's also time that you enjoy life." Her father just had to enjoy life. As for the matter between Qiao Zijin and her, he basically needed not to interfere too much.

"Alright. Look at how happy you are. It's good that you're up. I'm going to work."

"Dad, you're only going to work now. Won't you be late?"

"No. As I sent your sister back today, I've already applied for two-hour time-off from the factory and told them that I'll be there later. If I leave now, I'll, at most, reach in an hour's time. You'll be alone at home. Don't keep reading books for the entire day. Take care of your eyesight and don't tire yourself out, okay?" Qiao Dongliang took his document bag, pushed his bicycle, and quickly headed to the factory.

Just as Qiao Nan stepped out of the door, the phone in the house rang.

At the sight of the caller ID displayed, Qiao Nan felt happy as she picked it up. "Brother Zhai, you have completed your mission and are back in the army?"

Listening to how happy Qiao Nan sounded, Zhai Sheng, who was at the other end of the phone, could not help smiling. "I'm not the only one who came back. There's also your Brother Zhou."

"…" Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. What a petty man. She just mentioned to Brother Zhai once about why Brother Zhou was not around during the period she was in the army camp. Brother Zhai actually remembered it until today. "Brother Zhou also came back. What a coincidence. Why don't you call Brother Zhou here and let me chat with him for a while?"

There was a flash of guilt in Zhai Sheng's eyes. "Are you sure? If you're sure, then I'll call him over?"

Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows. "You're so generous? Is it true or false?"

"Of course it's true. He just arrived at the camp and heard that the English teacher in the army camp previously was Teacher Xiao Qiao, whose name was Qiao Nan. He still feels very bad now. Coincidentally, we can use this opportunity to let him know the relationship between us. After all, he'll fully recover from this after some time." After he knew that Nan Nan was Mrs. Regiment Commander, given Zhou Jun's character, Zhou Jun would not dare to think of Nan Nan anymore. This would solve the problem once and for all.

"Hahaha." Qiao Nan took her hat off Zhai Sheng. "You're good. I can't win. But, why do you have to report to Brother Zhou about our relationship? Did he have anything to do with this? I address him as Brother Zhou because of his age. Don't tell me that we still need him to give us a red packet when we get married in the future?"

"Nan Nan, this is not a popular practice in the army. There's suspicion of bribery in receiving red packets. However, you're still qualified to drink a cup of what he toasts to you. Nan Nan, when are you prepared to drink this toast?" When he heard the word 'get married', Zhai Sheng felt extremely soothing and sweet in his heart. It was as if he had taken some ice-cream.

"Brother Zhai, as a soldier, can you be more self-disciplined? I have not reached the legal age of marriage. Regiment commander, as a soldier of the country, do you wish to violate the law despite knowing it?" Getting married? At the very least, there were a few more years to go.



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