"Anyway, it's your arm that's injured. It'll be fine if you pick a side to lie down on and turn your arm toward me. If you feel tired, just sleep. I'll clean up your wound and apply medication before bandaging it. Perhaps the pain will lessen after you fall asleep." The little nurse blushed. After all, it was quite awkward for a woman to talk to a man about topics such as lying on the bed.

"No need. Just bandage it. I'll sleep after you're done." Zhai Sheng did not agree. Besides Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng did not even like his own family members to be physically too close to him. Moreover, it was a situation where he would be sleeping and unguarded with a stranger beside him.

"In that case, okay." The young nurse nodded. She took scissors to cut away the fabric on Zhai Sheng's arms.

Zhai Sheng's arms had been injured for some time. His bloody wound was now plastered to his clothes and it was a little difficult to manage.

The young nurse was thus gentle and slow when she attended to Zhai Sheng as she was afraid of inflicting pain on him.

At the sight of this, Zhai Sheng turned impatient. After nudging the young nurse aside, he tore away the fabric above the sleeve to detach it from the rest of the clothing using his uninjured hand. He then took over the scissors from the young nurse and cut open the sleeve that he had torn off. Thereafter, only the piece of clothing on the wound was left.

"Hot towel."

"Okay." The young nurse was dumbfounded. Regiment Commander Zhai's arms had bled so much and he still wanted to treat his own wound. Wouldn't that be painful?

After taking over the hot towel, Zhai Sheng did not even squint as he placed the hot towel on his wound. The heat made the blood clot start to dissolve and he started bleeding again. Those half-dried blood stains previously immediately liquefy.

Without a word, Zhai Sheng gently tore the remaining clothing, which came off easily, and a menacing wound surfaced. "Alright, quickly clean the wound and apply medication."

"Okay." The young nurse's face turned pale slightly. This menacing wound was not caused by a gun or a knife. A knife wound was big and flat, unlike the one on Zhai Sheng's arm. It seemed to have been caused by an enormous saw.

For a moment, the young nurse's hands trembled. She accidentally tore off a small piece of Zhai Sheng's flesh.

Zhai Sheng frowned but did not utter a word.

The young nurse was so nervous that she was sweating profusely. After much difficulty, she finally treated and bandaged Zhai Sheng's wound. "Regiment Commander Zhai, these are the anti-inflammatory medicine. If you have a fever later, remember to take it. If you feel unwell, quickly get the comrades to inform us. You just have to rest well."

"Will do. I know. You may leave." This was not the first time Zhai Sheng was wounded. He was familiar with its subsequent risks.

After the nurse left and closed the door, Zhai Sheng did not even bathe or change his clothes. He simply lay on his back and slept like a log.

When he woke up, it was already the evening of the next day.

Qiao Nan was not aware of Zhai Sheng's injury at all. Nevertheless, she found out after she saw someone.

"Who is that?" Just as Qiao Nan hung up the phone call with Zhai Sheng, she walked outside. When she stepped out of the door, the sound of knocking on the door stopped.

Qiao Nan nearly thought that someone had knocked on the wrong door. As she was prepared to return to the house, Shi Qing suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of her. "It's you. How did you come in… Did you climb the wall?!"

"Otherwise?" Shi Qing replied as a matter of fact. "Hurry, I'll send you to the camp."

"I just came back yesterday. Why do I have to go back again? I've not heard my master mentioning about this."

"It has got nothing to do with Elder Lin. Brother Zhai has returned from his mission. I heard that he was injured. You're his girlfriend. Of course, you have to be by his side to take care of him!" Shi Qing grabbed Qiao Nan's hands "My dad was the one who told me about this. It can't be a mistake. Moreover, if you don't go, most likely, Qiu Chenxi could not wait to put on wings and fly over to Brother Zhai's side. Don't let her snatch the role of the good guy first."

"Brother Zhai is injured? Impossible. Brother Zhai didn't tell me!" Qiao Nan widened her eyes. "You're certain that Brother Zhai is injured?" During the earlier phone call, she heard the fatigue in Brother Zhai's voice but did not feel anything odd.

"Didn't tell you? You have been in contact with Brother Zhai?" At this juncture, Shi Qing felt so jealous.

She was worried that Qiao Nan did not know about Brother Zhai's situation and came to inform her personally. So, Brother Zhai contacted Qiao Nan once he returned to the army. Why couldn't she tell in the past that Brother Zhai was such an affectionate and caring man toward his girlfriend?

It was a pity. No matter how good this man was, he did not belong to her.

"Yes, if you didn't come knocking on my door, I would still be on the call with Brother Zhai. I know that he's back, but he didn't tell me that he's injured." Qiao Nan's face was as white as paper. "Shi Qing, don't frighten me. Is Brother Zhai really injured? Is the injury serious?"

Brother Zhai was injured. Why did he call her instead of going to the hospital!?

Shi Qing sulked unhappily. "Initially, I heard from my dad that he's injured and bled quite a lot. But now, I can be very sure that Brother's Zhai's injury is not serious. Tell me, would a seriously injured person who is dying still able to call you? It's not as if he's conveying his will. You didn't feel anything amiss. Most likely, it seemed scary because Brother Zhai bled a lot but there shouldn't be too much of an issue. You should not worry."

"Shi Qing, are you purposely saying this to frighten me?" Qiao Nan was so angry that she hit Shi Qing. "Can we be serious?"

"Didn't you say that you have a phone at home? If you're really worried, lend me the phone in your house. I'll ask my dad. Brother Zhai has just returned for a while. My dad must have only heard a part of the situation. At this juncture, he should have found more details. Won't it do if we ask him?"

"Fine, hurry!" Qiao Nan pulled Shi Qing anxiously into the house. She then pushed the phone to Shi Qing and watched Shi Qing as the latter made the phone call.

Shi Qing lifted her chin. "I'm thirsty."

"I'll get you some water!"

"I'm tired."

Qiao Nan, who had gotten the water, immediately massaged Shi Qing's shoulders in an understanding manner. "No issue. You make the call."

"Hello, Dad. It's me, Qing Qing. This phone belongs to Qiao Nan's house. If you have anything to convey in the future, you can also call this number. Don't refuse to pick it up because it's not familiar… Right, how's Brother Zhai? Oh, okay. I know. Don't worry. I'll let Qiao Nan know. Fine, that's it then. I'm hanging up."

Within five minutes, Shi Qing finished making the phone call.

Qiao Nan held the cup of water in front of Shi Qing. "How's Brother Zhai?"

"His arm was injured by an animal trap. Fortunately, it did not hurt his aorta and the wound is not very big either. As long as the wound is cleaned and applied with medication, and he takes care to rest and replenish his blood, there shouldn't be any major concern."

"Animal trap?" Qiao Nan was extremely surprised. She felt that such things were very foreign to her. "There's a need for a few stitches?" The wound was definitely not that small either.



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