"There should be about a few stitches. Anyway, my dad told me that it's not serious and there's no danger to his life. There's also anti-inflammatory medicine in the army".

"How can it be not serious? The animal trap should be made of metal, right? Does the army have any tetanus jab?!" Qiao Nan was extremely anxious. Fortunately, Zhai Sheng's life was not in danger. In addition, he did not display anything obvious or strange during his call with Qiao Nan. Otherwise, Qiao Nan would have hurled Shi Qing straight to the camp. She would only feel at ease when she saw with her own eyes that Zhai Sheng was well.

"Yes, they should have them. Given Brother Zhai's contribution and identity, you can be assured that the doctor in the army will pay more attention to Brother Zhai's wound than you. They will definitely not let anything happen to Brother Zhai. If my dad tells me that he's fine, he's definitely fine. Will my dad lie to me?" Shi Qing patted Qiao Nan as she consoled her. "Alright, don't frighten yourself. If you're still worried, how about I send you to the army camp?"

"Alright!" Qiao Nan was prepared to walk the talk immediately. She left a slip of note at home to inform Qiao Dongliang that she would be away for a short time and would be back home by today. She then dragged Shi Qing into the car.

"You're really going?" Shi Qing blinked her eyes.

"Do you think I'm joking with you? Right, go to the market first."

"You still want to go marketing?"

"To buy a chicken and bring it along." Qiao Nan did not elaborate further. She said firmly that she would go to the market. She then bought a chicken that had just been slaughtered.

As Lin Yuankang, this elderly man, was not present this time, the chauffeur drove the car at a faster speed. They arrived at the army camp about an hour earlier than before.

Qiao Nan had just left the army yesterday. Hence, everyone could still recognize this Teacher Xiao Qiao. Furthermore, she came in Shi Qing's car. As such, she managed to enter the camp without much effort.

"I'll go to the canteen first." Qiao Nan carried the chicken and ran to the canteen at her fastest speed. She spent some money and requested the chef in the canteen to specially prepare some shredded chicken porridge.

Zhai Sheng was the regiment commander of the army. When Zhai Yaohui was not around, Zhai Sheng was the next person with the highest authority. Zhai Sheng was now injured. Of course, the people in the army would think of ways to help him nourish his body.

As such, the chef in the canteen immediately declined Qiao Nan's money. After picking up the way of cooking the porridge from Qiao Nan, he expressed that he would definitely complete the mission.

"I was wondering why you had to go to the market and bought food for your home before you came to see Brother Zhai. It turns out you bought it for Brother Zhai." Shi Qing had been standing at the entrance and waiting for Qiao Nan to come out.

"Yes," Qiao Nan replied. "Brother Zhai is injured and his body needs to be nourished. He quite likes the shredded chicken porridge that I cooked but it'll take a long time to cook. It's also inconvenient to travel from Ping Cheng to the camp. Therefore, I could only rely on others to cook it and teach them the method."

Qiao Nan was so meticulous and thorough. Shi Qing was really happy for Zhai Sheng. It was only right that a good man should be matched with a good woman, and a good woman should have a good man to protect her. "However, I heard that chicken is quite oily. Is it good to let Brother Zhai take something so oily now?"

"No issue. I've already asked the chef to do a bit more by removing the skin of the chicken. It won't be so oily after the skin is removed." When Qiao Dongliang had an accident previously, Qiao Nan was the one who took care of him. She had more experience than anyone else in this area.

"Alright, hurry up. Go and see Brother Zhai." Shi Qing scratched her forehead with her fingers. So, if the chicken was too oily, removing the skin would solve the problem?

"Wait for a while." Just as they were arriving at Zhai Sheng's dormitory, Shi Qing grabbed Qiao Nan and stopped her. "You wait here for a while first. I'll go and take a look."

"That's good too." Qiao Nan nodded. She then stood at the same place and waited for Shi Qing.

After a while, Qiao Nan saw Qiu Chenxi being dragged away by Shi Qing. Qiu Chenxi was pulling a black face.

Obviously, Qiu Chenxi did not want to leave at all, but with her strong physical strength, Shi Qing overwhelmed all of Qiu Chenxi's resistance. Qiu Chenxi was hurled away by Shi Qing.

Qiao Nan heaved a sigh of relief. After she was certain that Qiu Chenxi had been pulled further away by Shi Qing, she then dared to go and see Zhai Sheng.

However, when Qiao Nan approached the door of Zhai Sheng's bedroom, she felt awkward.

It was not because of any other matter. It was because there was a soldier dressed in army uniform standing guard at the entrance of Zhai Sheng's bedroom. That soldier was like a poplar, standing there in such a straight and upright manner. He was carrying out his duty in a serious manner.

Given such a situation, Qiao Nan could guess easily that before Qiu Chenxi was dragged away by Shi Qing, most likely, this soldier had stood in her way at the entrance. She eventually did not enter the room to see Brother Zhai.

Just as Qiao Nan was wracking her brains about what to do, that soldier turned and saw Qiao Nan. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, you're here?"

"Hello, good day." Qiao Nan smiled, looking a little embarrassed. She was a little different from the normal school teachers. School teachers would know the names of at least a few of the students. However, she did not. During the past month of her teaching, she really did not remember any of the students' names.

After all, she did not usually nominate people in the class. She also did not give them any homework. Everyone only met one another during the classes. There were negligible opportunities to meet outside of the classes.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, please come in." Qiao Nan was so embarrassed that she did not know what to say. The soldier was quite amiable as he opened the door on his own accord and invited Qiao Nan in.

Qiao Nan was taken aback for a while. "You just opened the door of Regiment Commander Zhai's bedroom. Is that okay?" The purpose of having someone guarding here was not to let others disturb Brother Zhai while he was resting.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, you're different. Other people cannot go in but you can."

"No, this won't do. What if other people see this and say that you're neglecting your duty? What to do then?" She wished to see Brother Zhai, but she was not willing to implicate others negatively.

The soldier laughed. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, don't worry. This won't happen. I've long received instructions that Teacher Xiao Qiao can go in and see the regiment commander if you're here."

He had found it strange previously. Clearly, Regiment Commander Zhai was injured and needed to rest quietly for some time. Why was it that other people could not visit Regiment Commander Zhai casually while Teacher Xiao Qiao could? Furthermore, Teacher Xiao Qiao had already left the camp previously. Why would she be back so soon? He did not expect that Teacher Xiao Qiao really came back.

It seemed that the relationship between Teacher Xiao Qiao and Regiment Commander Zhai was not ordinary.

"Instruction?" Qiao Nan was feeling more sullen. Could Officer Shi have lent her a hand? "Thank you, then."

Since it was not flouting the rules, of course, Qiao Nan would not decline further. She quickened her steps and entered the room swiftly.

At this moment, the room was dark. All the curtains of the windows had been drawn and there was only a little ray of light. Obviously, this was deliberately done for Zhai Sheng to rest quietly.

When she entered the room, a very strong antiseptic smell came to Qiao Nan's nose. Despite the cover of the antiseptic lotion, that vague smell of blood still did not escape her nose.

Qiao Nan took a deep breath. After she adjusted her eyes to the darkness of the room, she found her way to Zhai Sheng's bedside.

Qiao Nan could not see the face of the person who was lying on the bed clearly, but she recognized immediately from his figure that he was Zhai Sheng.



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