When she saw that Zhai Sheng's hair was so drenched that droplets of sweat nearly dripped from it, Qiao Nan wrung the towel again. She used one hand to gently wipe Zhai Sheng's neck while carefully avoiding the wound and the areas surrounding it. With the other hand, she swiftly rubbed Zhai Sheng's head a few times in a circular motion.

After she cleaned Zhai Sheng's face, head, and hands, Qiao Nan gritted her teeth and removed Zhai Sheng's shirt that was missing a piece of sleeve. The shirt was already wet and plastered to the body.

Having lived two lifetimes, this was the first time that Qiao Nan was undressing a man.

When she was undressing Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan's fingers were stiff. She distractedly took five minutes to unbutton one button.

If not for fear that the soldier outside would misunderstand, Qiao Nan almost wanted to let the soldier in to help undress Zhai Sheng and wipe his body.

Yes, why hadn't she thought of that earlier?

"Comrade, can you come in for a while?"

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, what is it?" The honest soldier opened the door.

"It's like this… Regiment Commander Zhai is sweating all over and certainly won't feel comfortable. I've wiped his face and hands. As for the rest of his body, it's not convenient for me to wipe them. Can I seek your help to do so? Please help Regiment Commander Zhai change his clothes as well. His clothes look quite dirty. They should be the ones that Regiment Commander Zhai wore when he was out for the mission. The weather is so hot and the regiment commander also sweated a lot. If the clothes are dirty, they definitely won't do the wound any good."

"I see. Sure." The soldier first closed the door to ensure that no one could come in. He then moved forward to undress Zhai Sheng.

When he saw that the first button of Zhai Sheng's shirt was unbuttoned, he was stunned. But he continued to undress him without uttering a word.

The soldier also felt so warm that he perspired badly when he was undressing Zhai Sheng.

"Comrade, towel. Do you want to wipe yourself first?" The droplets of sweat on the soldier's brow were as big as beans. They looked as if they would be falling on Brother Zhai's body soon.

"Hahaha." Embarrassed, the soldier smiled and wiped away the sweat on his face. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, so you wanted the water to help Regiment Commander Zhai sponge his body. Women are still more meticulous. Teacher Xiao Qiao, how do you know so much?"

Qiao Nan wrung the towel again and passed it to the soldier. Without a word, the soldier wiped Zhai Sheng's body as if the body was an ironing board. Qiao Nan's heart ached at the sight of this. "Uh, I know some things but not a lot. Previously, my dad had an accident and was hospitalized for some time. Therefore, I have some experience."

When the soldier finished wiping the upper body of Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan blushed for a moment. "Why don't I go outside and wait?"

The soldier, who was already removing Zhai Sheng's belt, then had a moment of realization. "Fine, Teacher Xiao Qiao, you should wait outside the door. When it's done… I'll let you know when it's done."

Qiao Nan leaned on the door and quietly counted the time.

After about five minutes, the soldier then called out to Qiao Nan.

When Qiao Nan entered the room, Zhai Sheng's muscular and lanky body on the bed looked as if it was waiting to be slaughtered.

Zhai Sheng only had on a pair of boxer shorts that was quite long.

Compared to the dry and comfortable upper body, Zhai Sheng's lower body did not seem as comfortable. Most likely, the soldier did not wring the towel dry enough. There was so much water that Qiao Nan could see the obvious water droplets on the straw mat.

As for the boxer shorts worn on Zhai Sheng, a few round parts of the body were darker and very noticeable due to the wetness.

Qiao Nan held her forehead. True enough, it was not a good strategy to leave Brother Zhai in other people's care. "Comrade, there's no water left here. Regiment Commander Zhai still seems thirsty. Why don't you get another pot of water here?"

"Sure!" Compared to sponging someone, the soldier preferred this kind of manual work.

As soon as the soldier left, Qiao Nan, without a word and with a reddened face, wrung the towel and carefully and conscientiously wiped Zhai Sheng's thighs and calves, parts that surrounded the boxer shorts, again.

As for that part of the body above the thighs and below the waist, Qiao Nan really did not have the courage and thick skin to wipe it.

Qiao Nan looked at her hands distractedly. In the past, when Brother Zhai hugged her, she always felt that his body was so hard and stiff. Unexpectedly, Brother Zhai's thighs and calves were also as hard as a rock. They were actually so thick?

It was almost twice the size of that of hers.

She took a glance at the naked upper body of Zhai Sheng and looked at his wide and thick back that exuded a great sense of security, square chest muscles, well-defined six-pack abs on the abdomen, and especially that alluring V line abs on the waist that led right into the boxer shorts…

Suddenly, two loud claps could be heard in the room.

With moderate strength, Qiao Nan slapped her face with her pair of sweaty hands to make herself come to her senses.

What was the situation now? She actually had the mood to look at and think of all these. It was too shameless.

When the soldier brought the hot water back, Qiao Nan finally came back to her normal state.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, do you feel very warm? Why do you look so red?"

"It's a little warm. The weather is stuffy. Do you think it will rain?" Qiao Nan gave a wry smile.

The soldier stared directly at the sunny weather outside. "At this sight, it doesn't look like it will rain. It's already the end of June. The weather is so hot. We can't help it. Our army is located on the hills. The weather will be more cooling than outside."

Qiao Nan could not help turning redder in the face as she had said such a silly thing.

After feeding Zhai Sheng another half a cup of water, Qiao Nan stood up. "Comrade, I only made the trip here for a while and still have to go home. You take care of the situation here. I'll go home first."

At this juncture, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon. If she did not make her way back now, it would be around six or seven o'clock by the time she reached Ping Cheng. The sky would have become dark then.

Qiao Nan did not want Qiao Dongliang to worry. Furthermore, she was aware of Zhai Sheng's condition now.

The army was a little too much in their arrangements, but it should mean that Zhai Sheng's injury was definitely not much of an issue.

"Sure." The soldier nodded. "I'm afraid there's no car available if you're going back now. Should I get someone from the army to help?"

"No need. I came together with Officer Shi's daughter. She has a family car. I'll go back with her. There's no need to trouble the army. You take good care of Regiment Commander Zhai. I'm leaving."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, take your time as you leave. Come again to teach us English next time."

"If there's a chance, I will," Qiao Nan replied. Thereafter, she left in a hurry.

Coincidentally, Zhou Jun, who came to visit Zhai Sheng, missed Qiao Nan when he was on his way. He saw a young lady coming out from the direction of Regiment Commander Zhai's dormitory. The figure of this lady resembled that of Qiao Nan very much.

When he arrived at the door of Zhai Sheng's dormitory, Zhou Jun asked, "Why did I see someone visiting Regiment Commander Zhai? Didn't the political commissar give orders not to let anyone visit Regiment Commander Zhai? How did you carry out your duty?!"



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