"Reporting, Company Commander Zhou, the political commissar has given orders to disallow any visitors for Regiment Commander Zhai except for Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao? Is that Qiao Nan?" So that young lady whom he saw earlier was really Qiao Nan? "Didn't they say that she just returned to Ping Cheng yesterday?"

"Reporting, Company Commander Zhou, yes, it's that Teacher Xiao Qiao. Teacher Xiao Qiao is classmates with Officer Shi's daughter. Shi Qing came to visit Officer Shi. Teacher Xiao Qiao heard that Regiment Commander Zhai is injured and came to see Regiment Commander Zhai."

"Almost, again!" Zhou Jun was so depressed that he nearly could not say a word.

One year ago, he took great pain to find ways to become Qiao Nan's military training instructor. He had not even interacted much with Qiao Nan and had to leave for a mission.

This time, Qiao Nan was in the army camp as the English teacher. It was such a good opportunity.

However, when he heard the news, he was sent for a mission again. Why did he have a mission at the most inopportune time? Was heaven not going to let him marry a wife?

"What do you mean by almost?" The soldier looked at Company Commander Zhou, puzzled. "Right, Company Commander Zhou, do you think the orders given by the political commissar are strange? Other people are not allowed to visit Regiment Commander Zhai. Why could Teacher Xiao Qiao do so? Company Commander Zhou, do you think…"

Teacher Xiao Qiao was so good to Regiment Commander Zhai and took care of Regiment Commander Zhai so meticulously.

If he did not remember wrongly, when Teacher Xiao Qiao was teaching English in the army, Regiment Commander Zhai had even sent Teacher Xiao Qiao back to her dormitory before under the orders of Chief Zhai.

"Don't talk nonsense." Zhou Jun chided unhappily. "If you don't know, don't spread unfounded rumors. Teacher Xiao Qiao and Regiment Commander Zhai were neighbors who grew up in the same quad. Outside the army camp, Teacher Xiao Qiao addresses Regiment Commander Zhai as brother. There's nothing strange about a sister visiting her brother."

The political commissar must have known the relationship between Qiao Nan and Regiment Commander Zhai. That was why he granted this special permission.

"I see." The soldier had a great realization. "I felt it was strange. The way Teacher Xiao Qiao treated Regiment Commander Zhai was too good…"

In an ordinary relationship, which woman would help a man wipe his body?

If he was not around, or if she could not find anyone else to help, perhaps Teacher Xiao Qiao would have removed Regiment Commander Zhai's clothes and pants herself so that she could sponge Regiment Commander Zhai.

"Alright, don't talk about it anymore. I'll go and take a look at Regiment Commander Zhai." There was guilt on Zhou Jun's face. If not for his carelessness, Regiment Commander Zhai would not have been injured. "Regiment Commander Zhai is not used to others taking care of him. He'll definitely forget to take his medicine once he falls asleep. He can't always do that when he's injured. I'll go in to take a look. If Regiment Commander Zhai has not taken his medicine, I'll feed him."

Of course, the way Zhou Jun fed would definitely not be as gentle and easily acceptable by the patient as to how Qiao Nan did.

"Company Commander Zhou, save the trouble. Teacher Xiao Qiao had already fed Regiment Commander Zhai."

"Already? How did she feed him?!" When Regiment Commander Zhai was in slumber, it was not easy to feed him medicine. Even if he did it himself, he would need a Herculean effort to do so before he could let Regiment Commander Zhai swallow the medicine.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao removed the shell of the pill and dissolved the medicine powder in water before feeding Regiment Commander Zhai spoon by spoon."

"Oh, this is surely a good way. We can note it down."

"Company Commander Zhou, Regiment Commander Zhai is sleeping soundly now. Do you still want to see him?"

After thinking, Zhou Jun shook his head. "My main concern is that Regiment Commander Zhai forgot to take his medicine. Since Regiment Commander Zhai had already done so, then forget it. You stay here and guard Regiment Commander Zhai well. I'll go back first. I'll take over you in the middle of the night."

"Yes, Company Commander Zhou!"

"You're here so soon?" Shi Qing had been sitting in Shi Peng's office and waiting for Qiao Nan.

The man that he liked most had become someone else's boyfriend. This was already a great blow. If she had to see with her own eyes how that woman took care of him… No, Shi Qing was not so generous.

However, at the thought that she was the one who brought Qiao Nan here to take care of Zhai Sheng, Shi Qing felt so sullen that she did not wish to speak further.

What was she doing!

"Yes." Qiao family nodded. "It's three o'clock already. Let's hurry and return to Ping Cheng. My dad should reach home at around five o'clock."

"Then, what about Brother Zhai? He hasn't woken up, has he?"

Brother Zhai had not woken up. Would Qiao Nan feel at ease if she left? She had thought that Qiao Nan would not go home today. At most, she would give her father a call to inform him.

"I've seen Brother Zhai's wound. The army doctor certainly handled it well. I've also fed him medicine. There are other people in the army who will take care of Brother Zhai. There won't be any problems." If she did not see Brother Zhai's injury with her own eyes, her thoughts would go astray. Hence, she had to come and take a look.

Since she had already seen Brother Zhai's wound, she would not think otherwise and scare herself. "Officer Shi, I'm really sorry. If you don't mind, I'll go back with Shi Qing first."

"Alright, you all should go back." Shi Peng nodded amiably. He did not mind his daughter following Qiao Nan around.

He was well aware that if his daughter was unwilling, she would not do so even if the emperor's father was here, let alone Qiao Nan.

His daughter ran the errand as she was willing to do so. If that was the case, why should he bother?

After getting into the car of the Shi family, Qiao Nan heaved a great sigh of relief. "Where's Qiu Chenxi? She's willing to leave?"

Brother Zhai was injured and needed someone by his side to take care of him now. The Zhai family was not around. Whoever could remain by Brother Zhai's side to take care of him would definitely form a good impression with the Zhai family. It was advantageous to do so.

Qiu Chenxi was never stupid. Before she came, Qiao Nan had guessed that Qiu Chenxi would most probably come as well.

She just did not expect that Qiu Chenxi would be there so soon. True enough, the Qiu family had their connections in the army.

She had seen the impatient expression on the face of the soldier who was on duty at the door of Brother Zhai's dormitory earlier. Hence, Shi Qing's appearance was really a saving grace for the soldier.

"Of course she had to leave." Shi Qing lifted her chin proudly. "She's not part of the army now. She can't come and leave as she wishes. I just asked someone to report this to the political commissar and someone invited Qiu Chenxi out. That lackey of Qiu family can just wait for the political commissar to discipline him."

It was not an issue to let Qiu Chenxi know about Brother Zhai. However, one had to take great responsibility for casually letting people who did not belong to the army enter the premise without seeking his superior's permission.

She could not be bothered to investigate who was the one who let Qiu Chenxi into the camp. Anyway, this person was definitely down on his luck today.

"Right, Qiu Chenxi told me that she had been held back when she was outside Brother Zhai's dormitory. She did not see Brother Zhai at all. Did you see him?" Shi Qing patted her own forehead. "I've been confused by the weather too. If you didn't see Brother Zhai, would you be in the army for as long as four to five hours without seeking my dad's help? Ah, how did you get in? With your identity as Teacher Xiao Qiao?"

That couldn't be. If that was the case, more than one or two people would be disciplined today. Moreover, Qiao Nan was not someone who was willing to sacrifice others for the sake of achieving her own aims.



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