Zhai Yaohui knitted his eyebrows. "Madam Qi, this is our family's business. You don't need to know so much. Zhai Sheng is being taken care of. There's no need for Qiu Chenxi to be worried for him. For the sake of Qiu Chenxi, you should forbid her from looking for Zhai Sheng. She should get another boyfriend and have a fresh start. In this way, she can truly forget Zhai Sheng. As her elder, I also hope that Qiu Chenxi can find her true love soon and for their relationship to come to fruition. Sorry, I am busy. I will hang up now. In the future, it's best that we do not contact each other often."

With that, Zhai Yaohui hung up the phone, not waiting for Qi Minlan's reply.

In fact, Zhai Yaohui was harsh with his words. However, he knew that if he did not make himself clear, Qi Minlan would definitely harbor false hopes.

Moreover, he did not intend to stay in close touch with the Qiu family.

"Are you satisfied?" Zhai Yaohui snorted. He knew that Miao Jing was listening attentively to his conversation with Qi Minlan. Women were indeed petty-minded. They said one thing but meant another. Men were unlike them.

"There's nothing to be satisfied or dissatisfied about. Since it's you who stirred up the trouble, you ought to resolve it." Miao Jing refused to admit. "No, I have to go through the recipe. This time, there may be a chance that Zhai Sheng will come back home to rest for a few days. I have to make use of the time to prepare some tonics for him."

Miao Jing went off to look at the recipe. As for Qiao Nan, she went back home after leaving the camp.

"Shall I go in with you?" Shi Qing arched her eyebrows and looked at Qiao Nan. "In case your dad is angry, with an outsider around, it could be of help to you."

"When did you become so kind-hearted?" Qiao Nan looked at Shi Qing with suspicion.

"Fine, since you don't believe it, I shall go home." Shi Qing lifted her chin. She did not fall for Qiao Nan's tricks. Even if she was up to something, Qiao Nan could do nothing about it.

"Alright, let's go in together." In fact, Qiao Nan was slightly nervous. She ran off after leaving a note. Any parent would be upset and worried at such a situation and would want to give the child a spanking.

Moreover, it was quite late when she reached home.

Qiao Nan plucked up her courage and pushed the door open. "Dad, I am back."

"Do you know…" Sure enough, Qiao Dongliang was worried and angry. As soon as he saw his daughter, he launched into a lecture, but he kept his anger in check and lowered his voice when he saw that there was someone with Qiao Nan. "This is…"

"She is the student who transferred to our school at the end of the last semester," Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows and said meaningfully.

"It's her?" Qiao Dongliang was taken aback. She was the high school student who could have skipped a level and advanced to the third year and then be recommended for admission to university?

"Yes!" Qiao Nan replied. Every parent hoped that their children would befriend students who had good results and learn from them.

"Please come in." Qiao Dongliang relaxed slightly. "Where have you both been? Nan Nan, you are too much. How could you run off after leaving this note? You did not make yourself clear in the note. Don't do this in the future."

This time, he would let it go on account of Nan Nan's classmate.

If there was a next time, no matter how old she was, he had to lecture and punish her. If not, she would never learn.

"No, this is the first and only time." Qiao Nan quickly promised. She dared not make herself clear in the note. If she made herself too clear, her father might be worried about Brother Zhai's injuries, and he might feel uneasy that she went to look for Brother Zhai.

"Uncle Qiao, Qiao Nan always said that you have good culinary skills. My dad is in the army while my mom is not in Ping Cheng. I am an only child at home. I feel so lonely. There's nobody to accompany me and I don't get to have hot meals. Can I be thick-skinned enough to stay for a meal and for the night? I will certainly go back tomorrow." Shi Qing sat down and looked around the house.

In the few times that she had been to Qiao Nan's place, she was always in a hurry and in a bad mood. She had never taken a closer look at the environment where Qiao Nan lived in.

From what she saw today, even though it did not have the modern and contemporary look, she felt comfortable at the simple and unsophisticated feel.

The most important thing was that it was very near to their school.

"Be it today or tomorrow, you still have to go back home." Qiao Nan glared at Shi Qing, warning her not to go overboard. What did she mean by that? She did not have extra rooms for her to stay in.

Shi Qing returned Qiao Nan's stare. There might not be enough rooms, but she did not mind sharing a room with Qiao Nan. Since they were of the same gender, there was no problem in sharing a room.

"I mind!" Qiao Nan could not help but yell.

Qiao Dongliang was stunned. "Nan Nan, what do you mean?"

"Uncle Qiao, Qiao Nan feels bad that I am not paying for my meals. Uncle Qiao, isn't Qiao Nan too stingy? I am merely having a meal and staying for a night. We are classmates, after all. She is too heartless and cold-blooded to her classmates." Shi Qing flicked her hair. She had said that she would not render her help without asking for returns.

Qiao Dongliang smiled awkwardly. Since a young age, Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan never stayed in their classmates' houses or eat at their classmates' houses. Even Qiao Zijin, who was pampered by them, would never do that.

Qiao Dongliang did not know how to react to Shi Qing's request.

But since Shi Qing had already said so, as the elder, Qiao Dongliang found it difficult to refuse. "Nan Nan, you can't behave in this way. She is your classmate. It doesn't matter for her to stay for one night. It's settled then. The both of you can chat about your schoolwork or watch television. I haven't started cooking as I was waiting for Nan Nan to come back. But don't worry. Given the weather now, the food will be ready in no time. Both of you should take a seat. Nan Nan, remember to pour a cup of tea for your classmate."

"Did you hear that? Pour me a cup of tea." Shi Qing leaned back against the chair. She looked smug like an arrogant idler, except that she did not sit with her legs crossed and one foot poised in the air.

"Shi Qing, what do you mean today?" Did Shi Qing really intend to stay for the night? "Even though you moved out of the Qiu family's residence, the house that you stay in is definitely bigger than our house. Why will you squeeze with us in this chicken coop rather than going back to your comfortable house? Are you out of your mind?"

"I am willing to stay in this chicken coop. You have no say over it." Shi Qing snorted. "Qiao Nan, don't forget. Today, you're indebted to me. Is this how you should treat me? By the way, I am thirsty." If not for her, Qiao Nan would not have known that Brother Zhai was wounded.



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