Qiao Nan was wide awake as soon as she realized that it was Qiu Chenxi. "Is Qiu Chenxi ill? She doesn't know my true relationship with Brother Zhai. Why does she keep coming after me regardless?" Qiu Chenxi was not a dog, so why would she go after anyone that she saw?

Actually, Qiao Nan felt unjustified to be pestered by Qiu Chenxi.

But she happened to be the woman whom Qiu Chenxi was searching for. In that case, it seemed to make sense that Qiu Chenxi was after her.

Qiao Nan hit herself on the head. She could not think straight early in the morning.

Even if she was Brother Zhai's girlfriend, Qiu Chenxi had no right to pester her. Brother Zhai had never admitted to being Qiu Chenxi's boyfriend. Both of them had never started a relationship, and she was not the third party who came between them. In that case, Qiu Chenxi had no right to create trouble for her!

"Your hair is like a bird's nest and there are eye boogers in your eyes. On the contrary, Qiu Chenxi is dressed up glamorously. I am curious about what Brother Zhai sees in you. You should brush your teeth and wash your face. I will deal with Qiu Chenxi." Shi Qing gave Qiao Nan a push, causing the latter to almost fall back onto the bed.

"Qiao Nan, come out right now!" Qiu Chenxi kept on banging on the door. It seemed like she was immune to pain. The people who heard the bangs could feel the pain she must have felt in her hands.

Everyone in the neighborhood was used to the fact that people would create a fuss at their new neighbor's house once in a while.

Even though they were interested in gossip and wanted to find out what was going on, there had been so many such instances that they were tired of it. Besides, most of them had to work and they were not at home.

Earning money for their livelihood was more important than listening to other people's gossip.

Hence, even though Qiu Chenxi created a huge ruckus, unlike the previous time where there was a huge crowd, not many people appeared to be interested.

Moreover, most of them could recognize Qiu Chenxi. She was the one who made a mistake and scolded the wrong person last time, so they did not bother to stay behind and listen to what was going on.

"Qiao Nan, come out now!"

The door creaked open.

Qiu Chenxi took a step back. The door opened and she caught a glance of a person coming out from the door. Without another word, Qiu Chenxi raised her hand and was about to give a slap to that person.

Shi Qing slanted her eyes, raised her hands, and gave a push against Qiu Chenxi's hands.

Qiu Chenxi did not manage to slap Shi Qing. Instead, she stepped backward and almost fell down from the push that Shi Qing gave her. "Why are you the one who turned up? Why are you at the Qiao family's residence? Where's Qiao Nan? I am looking for Qiao Nan. Get her to come out now!"

Shi Qing stood in the doorway with an overbearing stance. She leaned against the door frame, and her long feet were stretched toward the other side of the door frame, blocking the doorway. "Why can't I be at the Qiao family's residence? Get Qiao Nan to come out? Qiu Chenxi, judging from your furious look, I know very well what you have in mind. We have been relatives for so many years. I know you very well. There's no reason that you don't know my reasons for being at the Qiao family's residence. Qiu Chenxi, don't disappoint me."

Her attitude was very telling.

"Shi Qing, don't forget that I am your sister! Qiao Nan is not related to you. Are you helping an outsider instead of helping me? Are you out of your mind?" Qiu Chenxi's face flushed red in anger.

Shi Qing dug her ears. "You have already said this yesterday. Can you say something new today? I suppose your Chinese teacher had not taught you well when you were in school. You don't have anything different to say?"

"Shi Qing! Don't be too much. Do you believe that I will make a call to grandpa right now and he will send someone to pick you up?!" Her concern back then came true. She had brought disaster upon herself.

Shi Qing not only wanted to fight with her for Brother Zhai's affection, but she also wanted to protect Qiao Nan, preventing her to find out who that vixen that Brother Zhai liked was!

If she had known this would happen, two months ago, she would not have come up with the lousy idea of getting Shi Qing to come to Ping Cheng to help her!

"Go ahead. So what if grandpa sends someone to pick me up? He can't do anything to me if I refuse to leave. Will the person dare to raise their hands on me? Nobody can force me to do anything against my wishes. Let me tell you. Since I am here, I have no intention of going back to Mo Du. I like Ping Cheng. There are a lot of challenges here. I will stay in Ping Cheng until I finish college entrance examination. Also, don't think of threatening me with grandpa." Grandpa was no longer the person in charge in the Shi family. Her father respected him, so he was able to have some say over the family affairs.

Her grandpa might be unreasonable and believed a one-sided story.

But that was fine. She could just ignore her grandpa.

Though one had to appease the elders, if the elders were unreasonable, there was no need for the children to go along with them.

China might have placed importance on filial piety, but it had never practiced unquestioning filial piety!

"Fine, you are capable! Do you think I don't dare to do it? We shall see!" Qiu Chenxi smiled grimly. She knew that as long as Shi Qing was there, she could not do anything to Qiao Nan. That was why she could not put up any resistance when she was towed away by Shi Qing yesterday. "You should know that grandpa is not in good health recently. If you are bent on angering him and affecting his health, I can't do anything about it. You are free to do whatever you like! Shi Qing, let me tell you. I am dead set on creating trouble for Qiao Nan! If you are capable, you can be by her side twenty-four hours a day and be her bodyguard. Otherwise, given the Qiu family's influence in Ping Cheng, I will surely be able to deal with Qiao Nan!"

"In the past, I tried to talk nicely to her, but she was shameless! She refused a toast only to drink a forfeit. I will never be polite to her!"

Since Qiao Nan was not afraid of her when she was being nice, she would no longer be so nice to her! She would show Qiao Nan what she was capable of!

Shi Qing cupped her chin. "Hey, now that you said this, I must thank you for reminding me. You may not know, but since a young age, Qiao Nan is the one person that I find pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, she's qualified to be my friend, albeit barely. Since it's so difficult to find someone that I can befriend, how can I allow you to bully her? My dad may have submitted his resignation letter, but you should know how it's like in the army. It will take some time for the resignation letter to be approved. Since I am in Ping Cheng and don't have many relatives, it's not safe for me to stay by myself. There's also nobody to cook for me. You have given me a good idea."

Qiu Chenxi knitted her eyebrows. She was confused. She did not give Shi Qing any ideas. Did Shi Qing want to move back to the Qiu family's residence?

If so, Shi Qing should stand to a side so that she could settle accounts with Qiao Nan.



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