"You may not know. I did not come to the Qiao family's residence early in the morning. In fact, I slept over at the Qiao family's residence last night. Over here, I will have Qiao Nan as my classmate in school, and after school, Uncle Qiao will take care of me. There is no need for me to prepare my own meals. Why don't I just stay here? It will be very convenient. Alright, it's settled. In the future, it will be easy for me to go to school."

Shi Qing counted with her fingers. Staying at the Qiao family's residence came with a lot of benefits. There was no way that she would leave.

"You, you want to live in the Qiao family's residence?" Qiu Chenxi widened her eyes, staring at Shi Qing in disbelief.

"Haven't I made myself clear?" Qiu Chenxi had said that Shi Qing could never stay by Qiao Nan's side all the time. In that case, living with her would allow her to be with her all the time.

"Are you crazy?" Staying in the Qiao family's residence? What was good about the Qiao family's residence? Why would Shi Qing forsake the grand and comfy the Qiu family's residence and live here instead? Shi Qing should admit that she was out of her mind.

"You know nothing. The environment doesn't matter. It's one's mood that is important." During the one month's time that Shi Qing stayed in the Qiu family's residence, she did not feel happy at all even though it was her auntie's house. Everyone in the Qiu family gave her the look as if she was taking advantage of them.

All these years, her father took great care of the Qiu family. In fact, it was Qiu Chenxi who invited her over, yet the Qiu family treated her as such in the one month that she was there.

In order to gain Brother Zhai's affection, Shi Qing was amazed that she could stay in that place for a month before finding a new place to move to. Her temper had improved.

"Do you mean that you're in a bad mood while living in the Qiu family's residence whereas you're in a good mood here?"

"Of course."

"You!" Qiu Chenxi was fuming in anger. She was asking for trouble if she invited Shi Qing to her house again.

Since Shi Qing was willing to live in the old and shabby Qiao family's residence, she deserved such treatment!

"Does it mean that you will not stand aside for me to pass today, and if I pester Qiao Nan in the future, you will help the outsider instead of your relative?"

"Yes, regardless of who is in the wrong, I will definitely protect Qiao Nan."

"You're not related to her at all!" She was Shi Qing's cousin!

"She is close to my heart!" They were close to each other regardless of whether they were related or not.

"Alright, stop arguing with me. With me around, you won't get to see Qiao Nan. If you want to gain Brother Zhai's affection, that's between the two of you. Why do you have to involve Qiao Nan? If you create trouble for her again, you are asking for trouble. I am tired of arguing with you." Fortunately, Qiu Chenxi did not know that Qiao Nan was Brother Zhai's girlfriend. Otherwise, given her temper, the Qiao family's residence would not have any peace.

This type of woman was too terrible.

"Very well, Shi Qing. I will keep in mind what happened today. I shall see how you are going to stay by Qiao Nan's side twenty-four hours a day. Are you sure you are able to protect her 365 days a year?" She did not believe that she could not do anything to Qiao Nan in Ping Cheng because of Shi Qing.

Shi Qing's countenance changed. "On account that we are relatives, there's something that I have to remind you. It's fine if you wish to spend your time and effort on Qiao Nan, but while you are targeting Qiao Nan, the woman that you are really after may make use of the time to get the Zhai family's approval and gets ready to be married to Brother Zhai. By then, it's useless if you cry your guts out. Even if you ruin Qiao Nan, it will be of no help. Someone has become Madam Zhai."

Fortunately, Qiao Nan was careful enough not to let Qiu Chenxi know the truth.

Otherwise, she would not be able to come up with such an excuse to help Qiao Nan.

Previously, she was envious of Qiao Nan that she could gain Brother Zhai's affection. Now, it seemed like it was a double-edged sword. It could easily harm Qiao Nan.

If she and Qiao Nan were to switch positions, even if she was Qiu Chenxi's relative, in order to achieve her goal, Qiu Chenxi might not be willing to give up on Brother Zhai.

Qiu Chenxi might use more violent methods to force her to yield and have Brother Zhai for herself.

In this way, she would be the one who suffered. As for now, it was Qiao Nan who was unlucky.

Shi Qing had no idea whether it was the woman whom Zhai Sheng liked who was unfortunate or it was Zhai Sheng who was unlucky to have known Qiu Chenxi.

"Do you know who the woman is?" Qiu Chenxi could tell that something was amiss from Shi Qing's tone. "Actually, the reason why I am set on Qiao Nan and will not let her go is that I know that given Qiao Nan's background, Brother Zhai will not like her instead of me. However, Brother Zhai refused to tell me who the woman is. I know that Qiao Nan definitely knows about the woman. I tried to persuade Qiao Nan to tell me the identity of the woman and assured her that she would stand to benefit from it. But she refused, so I have to…"

Actually, she was not willing to act like a shrew at the Qiao family's residence. Last time, she even acted like a fool in front of Uncle Zhai.

Perhaps that was the reason why Uncle Zhai accepted the woman.

"Qing Qing, I promise you. As long as Qiao Nan tells me, no, I mean, as long as you tell me who the woman is, from then on, I will never bother Qiao Nan. That woman is my enemy. Before I figure out who the enemy is, Qiao Nan only has herself to blame for being unlucky!"

After listening to what she said, Shi Qing had nothing but contempt for Qiu Chenxi. She could not find the 'real culprit', so she vented her frustration on the innocents.

To put it bluntly, Qiu Chenxi was only capable of such deeds. Why would grandpa treat Qiu Chenxi as his beloved granddaughter and dote on her?

It was not because she was not good enough. It was her grandpa who could not tell the good from the bad.

Shi Qing felt that there was no use to argue with Qiu Chenxi. "You don't have to promise me anything. I don't know who the woman is. I just feel that don't you find it a waste of time to pester Qiao Nan every day? You have already tried doing so, but what's the result? In the end, you embarrassed yourself in front of the Zhai family, and Chief Zhai, who used to be supportive of you, is no longer on your side. But you still refuse to reflect on your mistakes and continue to pester Qiao Nan. When you were in the camp, you must have seen how much Auntie Miao likes Qiao Nan. How will Auntie Miao think of you if you keep targeting Qiao Nan? Brother Zhai may be cold and indifferent, but he values his family. If Auntie Miao doesn't like you, I am certain that even if Brother Zhai agrees to be with you, you won't be able to marry Brother Zhai and be welcomed by the Zhai family."



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