"Impossible!" Qiu Chenxi refused to admit the influence that Miao Jing had on Zhai Sheng.

"Impossible? Then, let's talk about something that we all know. You should know better than anyone else why Chief Zhai ended up marrying Madam Zhai back then. If not for Old Master Zhai who agreed to the marriage, you should know who would be the Madam Zhai today."

"It's not the same! Brother Zhai is not Uncle Zhai. His decision will not be affected by anyone, not even Miao Jing!"

Qiu Chenxi was deceiving others and herself. Shi Qing was amused. "Since you said that Brother Zhai will not be influenced by anyone, does it mean that no matter how you pester Qiao Nan or even Brother Zhai, it will be useless if he doesn't like you? Yes, Brother Zhai is not Chief Zhai, but he is Chief Zhai's son. What made you so sure?"

"Then, what should I do?" Qiu Chenxi was in a panic. She knew that she was contradicting herself, but she was at a loss.

When her mother gave Uncle Zhai a call, not only did he know who the woman was, but he also did not object to their relationship. At the thought of that, Qiu Chenxi was scared out of her wits.

Since Uncle Zhai had approved of the woman, it was equivalent to what happened back then when Old Master Zhai only wanted Miao Jing as his daughter-in-law and refused to accept her mother.

In the end, Miao Jing, the vixen, snatched the position of the Madam Zhai from her mother and she, who could have been the daughter of the chief of the army, became an ordinary girl. Now, all she wanted was to be the next Madam Zhai, but Miao Jing was bent on thwarting her plans.

"What to do? You should pester the person that you like. Brother Zhai's opinion is the most important of all. When you gain his affections, you will seek approval from Chief Zhai. I am no longer the gullible child back then. I can tell how good your relationship with Brother Zhai is. Both of you are not even on good terms with each other. Brother Zhai doesn't like you at all. You are in serious trouble!"

Shi Qing could not understand why she was so foolish to believe whatever Qiu Chenxi said to her back then.

As what Qiao Nan had said, she was intelligent, but her emotional intelligence was too low.

If she found out about it earlier, she might be able to gain Brother Zhai's affection even before Qiao Nan appeared and become his girlfriend.

To put it bluntly, Qiu Chenxi did not regard her as a relative, but she treated her as her sister!

"I wish to do so as well!" Qiu Chenxi glared at Shi Qing in anger. "Weren't you the one who pulled me out of the room? Now that Brother Zhai is injured, I want to stay by his side and take care of him. He will definitely be touched." The problem was that Shi Qing had thwarted all her plans.

"In order to recruit Zhuge Liang to help him, Liu Bei paid three personal visits to his place. Since you like Brother Zhai and want to be the next Madam Zhai, you must be willing to put in the effort and time. How can you be discouraged by a setback? Given such behavior, how will Brother Zhai and Chief Zhai change their opinions of you? You must persevere until the end."

"Do you mean that I should continue to kneel at the entrance of the camp so that Uncle Zhai will know that I am sincere in looking after Brother Zhai, and allow me to take care of him?" Qiu Chenxi looked hesitant. "It's nearing the end of July now and it's so warm…"

"Fine, then don't ask me for help. You have big goals but you are afraid of pain and suffering. Alright, go back. Tell your mom to think of a way to help you. I am helpless." Shi Qing scoffed at Qiu Chenxi's attitude.

Such a person was not fit to be with Brother Zhai.

She was not willing to put in any hard work and only knew to wait while others did everything for her. She only needed to raise her hand to get what she wanted.

Did Qiu Chenxi see herself as a princess?

She must be crazy!

"What's there to look at? Bring your miss back. If she stands under the sun for too long and suffers from heatstroke, you may not be able to continue working for the Qiu family." Shi Qing glared at the chauffeur from the Qiu family and yelled at him. The chauffeur might be burly, but he was taken aback by Shi Qing. He helped Qiu Chenxi to the car and drove back to the Qiu family's residence.

"Well, your emotional intelligence has improved." Qiao Nan, who looked refreshed, glanced at Shi Qing and gave her a thumbs-up. "You have improved tremendously. At the very least, you could fool Qiu Chenxi. With your talent, it will not be long before you can have her under your thumb."

"Of course. I have not lost to anyone since a young age." Shi Qing lifted her chin proudly. "In the past, I was fooled by Qiu Chenxi. Otherwise, even if I had low emotional intelligence, with my intelligence, I could easily defeat her!" She was smart and confident of herself!

Qiao Nan was amused.

One who was very confident of herself was fooled for nearly ten years by someone who was not as intelligent as her.

Why was Shi Qing able to act so smug in front of her?


"After what you said today, do you think Qiu Chenxi will stop coming after me for a while?" Qiao Nan had a headache whenever she saw Qiu Chenxi. She was indeed very good at pestering people.

Shi Qing thought for a moment. "Qiu Chenxi and my auntie are very suspicious of others. They like to act smart. Normally, everyone will be able to tell that I am lying. But given their character, they may think that I am really giving advice to her. After all, in the eyes of the mother and daughter, people from the Shi family have to do everything they can to help Qiu Chenxi secure her future happiness."

"Was that the truth?"

"More or less!"

Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. "I finally believe that you, Qi Minlan, and Qiu Chenxi are relatives."

The three of them had low emotional intelligence.

People of the same family had similar personalities and temper.

"Hey, Qiao Nan, what you said is a dig at my intelligence. You are using my auntie and Qiu Chenxi to dig at me!" Shi Qing pulled a long face. "I just helped you get rid of Qiu Chenxi and prevent you from being slapped by her. Is that how you should treat your benefactor?"

"Alright, benefactor, do you want to go to the market with me?" Qiao Nan, who wore a long sleeved shirt, took the money that was left by Qiao Dongliang, put on her hat, getting ready to go out.

"To the market again? Why? Do you intend to go to the army camp again to visit Brother Zhai without telling your dad?" Shi Qing was unhappy.

Qiao Nan glanced at Shi Qing who was being childish. She put on the hat for her. "It's very sunny outside. We have to protect ourselves from the sun. When we came back yesterday, who was the one who said that she wanted to have the shredded chicken porridge? There isn't any chicken at home. Or do you intend to have plain porridge?"

Shi Qing was thrilled at the mention of the porridge, but she kept a straight face. "This is better. At least, you have a conscience."He was a Chinese politician, military strategist, writer, engineer, and inventor. He served as the chancellor and regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.He was the warlord in the late Eastern Han dynasty who founded the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period and became its first ruler.



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