Qiao Nan could sense the change in Zhai Sheng's tone. She held her breath.

After a long while, Qiao Nan finally said softly, "Brother Zhai, stay safe."

"Nan Nan, you…" He wanted to ask whether she had any regrets.

"No." There might be a slight moment of hesitation, but she had no regrets. Her father used to be a soldier. He would tell her about his army life and the missions that he carried out. Since a young age, she knew the dangers that a soldier had to face.

But the difference was that when her father told her about his army life, he was reminiscing about the days when he was in the army, and what happened was all in the past. But in the case of Brother Zhai, he was in the midst of carrying out the mission.

"Brother Zhai, you must be careful. When I am of legal age, you can submit your marriage report, and we will tell Auntie Miao about our relationship." Given Zhai Sheng's special occupation, Qiao Nan had the sudden urge to wait no more. She did not want to waste her time on unrelated people and complex human relations. She had decided to spend all the time that she had with Zhai Sheng.

Perhaps it was inauspicious to have such a thought, but Qiao Nan could not help but worry.

It took her two lifetimes to meet such a good man. If she was not able to get married to the man that she loved, she was too pathetic and pitiful.

"Alright." This was something Zhai Sheng had been dying to hear from Qiao Nan, but he felt somewhat sad to hear it from her under such circumstances. He knew that Qiao Nan was betting her lifelong happiness on him. "Nan Nan, give me some time."

"Brother Zhai, don't be in a hurry. Take it slowly. We have all the time in the world. You can take your time. I believe in you."

As Chief Zhai's only son, it was impossible that Brother Zhai would be posted to the front line all the time and carry out extremely dangerous and life-threatening missions.

But even if Brother Zhai wanted to leave the front line, he would not be able to do so right now. It would not happen in a few years' time.

Qiao Nan, who was well aware of this, was very worried. She was fearful that in order to make her feel at ease, Zhai Sheng would complete his missions ahead of time, disregarding his own safety and taking unnecessary risks.

She would rather be on tenterhooks for a few more years than for Brother Zhai to risk his life so that he could fulfill his promise to be with her as soon as possible.

"Alright." Zhai Sheng understood Qiao Nan's intentions and quickly discarded the idea that he had in mind. "Nan Nan, you have to be prepared." If he was to be in the front line for the years to come, being Zhai Yaohui's son, he might face more challenges and danger.

As a soldier, there was bound to be bloodshed and sacrifice. It was not easy to be a soldier's wife.

"Brother Zhai, as long as you are willing, apart from being worried about you, I don't have to prepare myself for such circumstances, do I?" Qiao Nan refused to submit to circumstances. She was not asking Brother Zhai to muddle through his work at the front line in order to stay safe, but at the very least, he could pay more attention to safety and watch out for danger. In that case, it would be less dangerous and risky. This was definitely what Brother Zhai was capable of.

On the contrary, if Brother Zhai had only one goal in mind, which was to complete the task that the country and the organization had entrusted him to the extent that he disregarded his own safety, there would only be one possibility.

Qiao Nan clutched her forehead in worry. Most of the times, these people would die in the front line.

"Yes." Zhai Sheng gave a deep smile. "I know what you mean. I will pay attention to safety."

"Alright, Brother Zhai, you just woke up today. You should have lots of rest. Get someone to help you back." Qiao Nan was relieved that Zhai Sheng was willing to give her such a promise.



"Regiment commander?" The soldier walked toward Zhai Sheng at his beckon. "Are you going back to your dormitory?"

"Yes, give me a hand." Zhai Sheng had injured his arm, not his legs. However, he had lost too much blood and he had just woken up from his slumber today, so he felt slightly dizzy. Otherwise, he would not have allowed others to follow him around.

"Regiment commander." Zhou Jun came over in a hurry. "Regiment commander, your injury has not fully recovered. Why aren't you resting? Are you okay? Did your wound open? Shall we see the military doctor now?"

"Sure." At the thought of Qiao Nan's reminder, Zhai Sheng, who was just about to shake his head, changed his mind.

Zhou Jun widened his eyes in shock. "Has the wound started to open?"

"No." Zhai Sheng walked slowly to the sickbay. "It's just that I perspired profusely last night and the bandages were soaked. I suppose the medicine is no longer effective. I decide to change the dressing so that Doctor Wang can check the wound."

"Regiment commander, I will accompany you." Zhou Jun walked on the other side of Zhai Sheng.

Fortunately, Zhai Sheng went to look for the military doctor, or else, things would be quite troublesome.

Last night, Zhai Sheng was drenched in sweat. When Doctor Wang took out the bandages, the innermost layer was soaked with sweat.

Zhai Sheng's wound that was in stitches had turned white and wrinkled as it was soaked in sweat.

Doctor Wang immediately disinfected the wound and applied medicine to it. He then applied a new bandage to the wound. "Regiment Commander Zhai, you must remember not to tie a dead knot on the bandage and must keep this arm away from the water to keep the wound clean."

"I understand." After the wound was re-bandaged, the first thought that crossed Zhai Sheng's mind was that when Qiao Nan asked about his injuries the next time, he would be able to give her an honest and satisfying answer.

"If there is nothing else, I will go back to rest." Zhai Sheng could no longer sit still after the wound was bandaged.

"Everything's done, Regiment Commander Zhai. You can go back now." Doctor Wang replied honestly. Then, the soldier helped Zhai Sheng back.

Regiment Commander Zhai had left not too long ago before the nurse who was an assistant to Doctor Wang spoke up. "Doctor Wang, what if Regiment Commander Zhai's wounds inflame again? How about I bring him two anti-inflammatory pills? If anything crops up, he will be able to take the medicine."

It would be very troublesome if Zhai Sheng's external injuries inflamed from the infection.

The nurse was right. Doctor Wang could not pick on her words. "Alright, pass the medicine to Regiment Commander Zhai and come back right away."

"Okay, Doctor Wang." There was a sparkle in the beautiful nurse's eyes. She took the medicine that Doctor Wang prescribed and ran to the dormitory to look for Zhai Sheng.

Doctor Wang shook his head helplessly at the nurse. "The nurse has an ulterior motive in bringing the medicine to Regiment Commander Zhai. The young ladies nowadays are so daring. Sooner or later, they will be taught a lesson."

There was nothing wrong for girls to be daring in pursuing their own happiness. It was not a problem in China. In fact, this was a new way of thinking.

However, Doctor Wang felt that the nurse would be making a futile effort as her subject of interest was Zhai Sheng.

"Forget it. The youngsters have to suffer setbacks before they can learn." Anyway, nobody would be willing to listen to the advice of an 'old man' like him.



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