"What's the matter?" The nurse followed Zhai Sheng from afar, wanting to take a few more looks at Zhai Sheng. She intended to wait until he reached the dormitory before she came up with an excuse to enter Zhai Sheng's dormitory to pass him the medicine.

She was not young anymore. She had been a nurse for all her life, but she was not getting anywhere.

Her family was urging her to find a good man and settle down. Her neighbors and relatives also set her up with blind dates. But she would not take a fancy to those men. If she had to look for a husband, he would have to be as outstanding, masculine, and capable as Regiment Commander Zhai!

The nurse might have it all planned out, but Zhai Sheng's sense of hearing was better than her.

Zhai Sheng had already noticed that the nurse was following him.

In fact, Zhai Sheng had noticed her as soon as she started to trail behind him.

He had thought that the nurse had something to attend to and that it had nothing to do with him. He did not expect that she would be trailing after him instead of attending to her work. Zhai Sheng did not understand the reason behind her odd behavior.

"Regiment, Regiment Commander Zhai?" The nurse blushed. She did not expect that she would be discovered even before she reached the dormitory.

"Is anything the matter?" The nurse kept quiet and stared at his face instead. It seemed as if his injuries were on his face instead of his arm.

Since Zhai Sheng had already asked her twice, there was no way that the nurse could remain silent. Her face turned bright red and she whispered shyly, "Doctor Wang has prescribed two anti-inflammatory pills for you in case you need it and has asked me to send them to you. Since I am not busy, and if it is inconvenient for you to take them with you, I can send them to your dormitory."

"It's inconvenient…" Zhai Sheng knitted his eyebrows. "It's alright. All of the doctors and nurses must be very busy with taking care of the soldiers who need medical attention. I will not waste your time. You can pass me the medicine. After all, it's only two pills. If I am unable to bring them with me, he can help me with it." Zhai Sheng pointed to the soldier next to him.

The nurse pouted her mouth unhappily. She glared at the soldier, warning him not to thwart her plan.

The soldier was amused and angered. He stretched out his hands. "I can take them with me even if there are two rows of pills or two bottles of pills, let alone two pills. Give me the medicine. I will make sure that Regiment Commander Zhai takes the medicine." When Regiment Commander Zhai was sleeping, it would be difficult to give him the medicine. Now that he was awake, he did not need to help him with the medicine.

The nurse was unhappy that the soldier was insensible. She passed the medicine to him reluctantly. "Regiment Commander Zhai, is there anything that you need to ask regarding your injuries? If so, I can repeat them for you. Also, since you are injured, you have to watch what you eat as well as make sure that your dormitory is airy and well-ventilated. The damp environment is not good for your wounds. How about I go and take a look?"

"No, the sun shines into my dormitory. It will not be a problem." Zhai Sheng began to make his way back to the dormitory slowly and steadily. "Okay, you should go back to help Doctor Wang. If Doctor Wang does not have enough assistants to help him and cannot attend to the wounded soldiers in time, you will be held accountable for being derelict in your duties."

"That's right. You should hurry back." Although the nurse treated him coldly, on account that she was a woman, the soldier tried to persuade her to go back to her work.

The nurse stomped her feet and left in disappointment.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, you are too popular in the army. All the nurses and the comrades from the dance department have taken a fancy to you. Regiment Commander Zhai, among all of them, who do you like?" Comrade Qiu who came yesterday seemed to like Regiment Commander Zhai as well.

"The position of the wife of the regiment commander has already been taken. You should not overstep your boundaries." Zhai Sheng knew that other women were interested in him, but he did not care.

Especially what happened just now. Instead of feeling happy that he was well-liked, Zhai Sheng found it to be a bother.

What happened with Qi Minlan was a vivid example that marriage should only involve two parties. If another party was involved, a marriage would only turn sour.

He would not let Nan Nan suffer what his mother had been through.

He would not let Nan Nan take the difficult and rocky path that his mother had taken.

He had to be very clear and leave no doubts with people like the nurse.

"Wife of the regiment commander?" The soldier was dumbfounded. Regiment Commander Zhai seemed to be immune to relationships, yet he already had someone he liked! He only meant it as a casual question. He did not expect that Regiment Commander Zhai would tell him such a big piece of news!

"Regiment commander, who is your future wife? Is she pretty? Does she have a good temper?"

"She is beautiful, smart, and easy-going. The only thing is that she is quite young." Zhai Sheng's tone turned gentle.

"She is so outstanding." The soldier was thrilled. "That's right. The wife of the regiment commander has to be outstanding. But she seems to sound like Teacher Xiao Qiao?" Beautiful, smart, easy-going, and young.

Zhai Sheng gave a stifled smile. "I will go back to the dormitory by myself. It's about time. Bring two servings of meals to the dormitory."

"Yes, Regiment Commander Zhai!" The soldier came back to his senses. If he did not hurry to take the meals, both of them would have to go hungry tonight.

The summer break might be long, but for students, it passed by quickly in the blink of an eye. In particular, for high school students who had a lot of homework, the summer break seemed to have ended as soon it started.

When Qiao Nan spoke to Zhai Sheng on the phone previously, he had mentioned that he would not go home to rest but would stay in the camp. True enough, he did not have the chance to go back home, and Qiao Nan did not go to the camp to visit him as well. Since Miao Jing would bring a lot of food and daily necessities to the camp, it did not matter if Qiao Nan went to the camp or not.

Qiao Nan was occupied with her homework for the summer break as well as her preparation for the third year, while Zhai Sheng was busy with his missions and nursing his wounds.

After a long summer break, most of the students had gained weight, but Qiao Nan, who had lost a few pounds, was the exception.

"Qiao Nan, although actual lessons have not started yet, we have to go to school the day after tomorrow. Have you really decided not to visit Brother Zhai tomorrow?" Shi Qing cupped her chin as she stared at Qiao Nan, who was tidying her homework. She was perplexed.

People in relationships should be very attached to each other and would miss the other party if they did not see them even for a day.

But it was so different in the case of Qiao Nan and Brother Zhai. Qiao Nan seemed to be very calm while Brother Zhai was very disciplined.

If she did not witness for herself that both of them spoke on the phone occasionally, she would have suspected that the so-called relationship between the two of them was fake, and that it was a smokescreen to trick her.

Qiao Nan tidied her exercise books and put them into her schoolbag. "I won't go. Brother Zhai has called me half a month ago to tell me that his arm injuries had healed. As long as the scab comes off, it will be completely healed. He is already able to move about freely. There's no need for me to worry about him or to check on him."



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