"Fine, I won't say anything if you don't wish to go. He's your boyfriend, not mine. I was worried for nothing." Shi Qing splayed her hands. The bystander was more worried than the party concerned. This had been the case since ancient times. It could not be changed. "Qiao Nan, when I talked to my dad on the phone a few days ago, I heard about an interesting piece of news. Do you want to listen to it?"

"Up to you." Shi Qing was not one who could keep things to herself. Before she became close with her, she had thought that she was cold and aloof. After getting to know her better, she realized that Shi Qing was, in fact, a nagger. Unfortunately, she had become her tree hole.

"These past few days, Qiu Chenxi ordered her chauffeur to send her to the camp every day. She would stay at the entrance of the camp, saying that she wanted to see Brother Zhai and take care of him. Qiu Chenxi almost wrapped herself into a ball. After waiting at the entrance for these past few days, Qiu Chenxi's complexion has turned a shade darker. Hey, it is so amusing."

Qiu Chenxi was quite fair but her complexion had turned dark because of her suggestion. Shi Qing could not help but be thrilled at the thought of that.

"They really decided to use the self-torture ruse?" Qiao Nan was shocked. It was obvious that Shi Qing was mocking her. Could it be that Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan were so helpless that they could not tell lies from the truth?

Shi Qing was not surprised. "I have already told you. With my auntie's and Qiu Chenxi's temper, they like to indulge in the wildest fantasy." It would be strange if they did not fall for her tricks. As long as Brother Zhai could be with her, not to mention standing under the sun, Qiu Chenxi would do anything even if it might be ridiculous.

As long as she planned it well, Qiu Chenxi might be fooled by her.

"I have nothing to say." Qiao Nan zipped her schoolbag. "Qiu Chenxi is willing to turn a shade darker in order to gain Brother Zhai's affection, but she will not succeed. Aren't you worried that they will vent their frustrations on you when they fail to get what they want? I am the best example. You must be careful." Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi were very unreasonable.

"Afraid of them?" Shi Qing sounded like a hooligan. "Now that it is impossible between Qiu Chenxi and Brother Zhai, my grandpa will not dote on her like before. The reason why grandpa is not willing to give up on the Qiu family is that there is still a slight ray of hope. But it will not be long before my grandpa realizes that it is hopeless."

As long as Qiu Chenxi could not be with Brother Zhai, she would no longer be the favorite granddaughter of the Shi family.

Speaking of this, Shi Qing felt bitterly disappointed.

They were one family, but her grandpa was biased toward Qiu Chenxi just because she was almost engaged to Brother Zhai. He even pampered Qiu Chenxi while he was strict with her.

Could this be considered as family relations? This was purely for one's benefits.

Could they be considered as one's family members? They were simply businessmen!

Looking at Shi Qing's silent and grieved look, Qiao Nan could tell what was on her mind. However, there was nothing that she could say to make her feel better.

This was the harsh reality. Whatever she had been through was far worse than what Shi Qing had experienced.

Until today, she had not been able to forgive her mother and Qiao Zijin.

Shi Qing braced herself up. "Anyway, you don't have to worry about me. Even if Qiu Chenxi continues to complain to my grandpa, what she says may be of little use. At least, my grandpa will definitely not punish me like what he did in the past. Qiao Nan, you may not know. I spent a lot of my time in the camp and became a better fighter than Zhu Baoguo because of my grandpa. And maybe to a certain extent, Qiu Chenxi. When I was young, I ended up in a fight with Qiu Chenxi over a doll. Qiu Chenxi lost the fight and ended up in tears. My grandpa then punished me to run."

If not for what happened back then, she would not have such good stamina today.

"If so, should you write a thank-you letter to Qiu Chenxi?"

"Scram." Shi Qing fell backward onto Qiao Nan's bed. "Qiao Nan, you have finished your homework, but I have yet to do mine, not even one-third of them. What should we do?"

It was already bad enough that she lost to Qiao Nan in the exams. If her performance in class was worse than Qiao Nan's, the teachers would have a bad impression of her.

"Do you want to copy the answers? I will lend you mine."

"Copy? It's too troublesome."

"Then, you are free to do whatever you like." After packing her schoolbag, Qiao Nan finally stopped to rest. "Shi Qing, do you really intend to continue staying here?" Her father had gradually gotten used to having Shi Qing in their house. She had almost become their family.

"Of course! I have already said that we are classmates. In the future, we can accompany each other when we go to school and come back from school. With me around, you'll be safe. There's no need to worry about anyone bullying you. My dad has already sent the money to your house." She paid for her lodgings and meals. She was not a freeloader.

"Don't mention the money." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "The money your dad gave is enough to buy a house in the small quad. Do you treat our house as a five-star hotel? Because of the money that your dad sent, my dad feels so awkward that he has been treating you like a princess. Moreover, you mentioned that we are classmates. Shi Qing, are you kidding? When school reopens, I am in the humanities class while you are in the science class. We're not in the same class."

"What! You chose the humanities course? I thought you chose the science course, no?" Shi Qing sat up from the bed in agitation.

"When did I tell you that I chose the science course? It's the humanities course that I chose."

"Then, does it mean that there is no way for me to beat you in the exams? I can never get back at you for my defeat in the previous exams?" Shi Qing was so angry that she rolled around on the bed. "Qiao Nan, you are too cunning. How dare you run away after beating me once in the exams! You are leaving me with no chance at all to defeat you in the exams. How can you be so crafty? This won't do. You have to study in the science class. I have to make up for the loss of that half a point mark!"

"Alright, stop fooling around. You want to defeat me? Sure, you can transfer to the humanities class. Since you want to compete with me in the exams, the person who makes the transfer will have to be you, not me. Besides, given your dad's position in the army, it's a simple feat for you to transfer class at this time." Qiao Nan was amused.

"I don't like the humanities course." One would have to memorize a lot of vocabulary and grammar. It was not as fun as mathematics.

"I like the humanities course. I don't care whether you like it or not. Anyway, if you want to overtake me, you have to come to the humanities class." Qiao Nan stared at the messy bed and gave Shi Qing a disdainful look. "Hurry up and tidy my bed. Are you thinking of not sleeping tonight?"

"Qiao Nan, I hate you. You did it on purpose." Shi Qing sat upright unwillingly, but she tidied the bed abidingly.

"Yes, I did it on purpose, and I am very hateful. We have not used a single cent of the money that your dad gave us. Why don't I return it to you so you can go back and stay at your house?" Since she was so hateful, why did Shi Qing insist on staying with her? She was so ridiculous.



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