"Since you find it troublesome, how about I make it up to you for taking the humanities course and causing you to lose the chance to surpass me? Why don't we do this? I'll help you pack your clothing and send you back home tomorrow?" Qiao Nan looked serious. Although she was used to some things, she had been forced to do so.

Shi Qing could tell that Qiao Nan was being serious. She lay on the bed and did not move.


"Snore, snore, snore…" Shi Qing pulled the little blanket and covered her face. She expressed that she had fallen asleep and could not hear a thing.

"You're good." Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips. She switched off the lights and fell asleep.

Although Shi Qing was not prepared to return to her own house, she had many belongings in that 'new' house. The next day, Qiao Nan still accompanied Shi Qing for a trip there. Shi Qing took over some clothes, schoolbag, books and such.

When Shi Qing arrived at the house of the Qiao family, she was surprised to see another 1.2-meter bed in Qiao Nan's bedroom. "Why are there two beds?"

"Nonsense. Don't tell me you want to continue to squeeze with me in one bed!" Qiao Nan's face turned pale and said unhappily, "I'm not used to sleeping with others. I'm used to sleeping alone. Do you know how bad I feel having to squeeze with someone? I really can't imagine how I can tolerate you for half a month."

It was really also because Shi Qing's sleeping posture was fine. Otherwise, she definitely would have kicked Shi Qing out of the bed.

"Haha, no matter what you say, I've got my own bed." Shi Qing really did not mind sleeping in the same bed as Qiao Nan. Nevertheless, as a young lady, having her own bed was certainly something to be happy about.

Qiao Nan passed the mattress cover to Shi Qing. "It has been washed. Put it on yourself. Don't feel so happy. The money spent on these items is from your dad." Fortunately, her bedroom was big enough and could accommodate two beds. Otherwise, it would be terrible.

Of course, fortunately, she had the help of her father, Qiao Dongliang, too.

Qiao Dongliang knew a little carpentry work. He bought a plank and custom-made a very long study table that was of an appropriate height for both Qiao Nan and Shi Qing.

The study table was leaning on both ends of the wall, from left to right. It was hinged right on the wall.

Although both Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were high school students and had many books, the two could stay in their own lane and mind their own business. Their belongings would not be mixed or messed up.

Besides the study table, there was also a small closet.

With a room size of slightly over twenty square-meters, excluding the study table and closet, it was not difficult to accommodate two beds. There was more than enough space to spare.

"You even separated it so well. Thanks much," Shi Qing said sincerely. Although there was only a room, she had almost everything that Qiao Nan had and was not shortchanged.

Compared to that one-month stay in the house of the Qiu family, she felt really happy during this one-month stay in the house of the Qiao family.

"No need to thank me. You stay and look after the house. My dad was a little busy today and didn't have time to go marketing." At the sight that it was already four o'clock, Qiao Nan took some money and ran toward the market.

Shi Qing did not know how to do marketing. She could, at most, be a coolie and help carry the purchases.

A few days ago, Qiao Nan asked Shi Qing to help with that, but Qiao Dongliang, who took the money from the Shi family, did not feel good after knowing this. He simply gave Qiao Nan a scolding. Thereafter, to save the trouble, Qiao Nan did not bring Shi Qing along when she went marketing. Anyway, the items were not that heavy.

Ring, ring, ring…

"Hello?" Shi Qing, who was the only one at home, picked up the phone.

"Qing Qing, school is reopening tomorrow. Do you have enough money with you?"

"Dad! I have enough money."

The excited voice of her daughter could be heard clearly from the other side of the phone. Shi Peng felt quite strange. It seemed that since she stayed with the Qiao family, her mood always sounded so good each time she picked up the phone call. She sounded even better than when she was staying at the house in Mo Du, let alone the house of the Qiu family. "You're so happy to stay with the Qiao family? Is Qiao Nan that good?"

"Good!" Shi Qing said in a serious manner. "Dad, today, the Qiao family bought me a bed. It's in Qiao Nan's room. I have a new bed. There's a very long study table in the bedroom that Qiao Nan and I sleep in. It's connected from one end of the wall to the other. Qiao Nan and I take one side each. Uncle Qiao even prepared two table lamps for us. However, Qiao Nan chided Uncle Qiao. She said who would switch on the table lamps when the ceiling lights are so bright."

"That's your dad's money." When he heard that his daughter was so close to other people's father, Shi Peng felt a little jealous.

Shi Qing rolled her eyes. "Forget it, Dad. We gave the Qiu family so many benefits, and Qi Minlan is even my auntie. Why didn't she treat me better? During the month I was staying with the Qiu family, Qiu Chenxi's bedroom was locked tightly. Each time I returned to my bedroom and passed by Qiu Chenxi's room, someone would stare at me nervously. Crap, we are also wealthy. We don't lack that little money. When did you not satisfy me whenever I wanted to buy something? Would I be so foolish and ignorant to want Qiu Chenxi's stuff? What did they take me for?"

Shi Peng was silent for a while. "The people in the Qiao family are really quite honest."

"Right, Dad. Didn't I ask you to investigate the situation of the Qiao family? How did the investigations go?" Both of Qiao Nan's parents were still alive. She also had a sister who was two years older than her. She had never seen these two people before.

She only briefly heard people mention them. They were quite pretentious and did not treat Qiao Nan well at all. That was the reason Uncle Qiao and Qiao Nan lived separately from Qiao Nan's mother. The couple each took a child in hand respectively and continued with life.

"The information is with me. I'll send them to your school tomorrow, so don't forget to tell me your class when you report to school tomorrow."

"I won't forget. Dad, did Qiu Chenxi go to the army camp today?"

"Yes, she did." Of course, she was held back at the entrance and could not enter.

"Wonderful. Dad, Qiao Nan went marketing. She'll most likely be back soon. I won't chat further."

"Alright, if you meet with any matter, remember to give me a call."

"Okay, bye, Dad."


After chatting, Shi Qing hung up the phone, feeling happy and satisfied. She did not know that just after she hung up the phone, her father's phone rang again. "Hello, good day."

"What's so good? With a bad son like you around, how can your father be good? Your father asked you to retrieve that resignation letter, have you done so?" Although there was a phone separating the two of them, Shi Peng could still feel the rage in Old Master Shi's heart from the tone of the latter's voice.

"No, it's been submitted. I can't take it back. You can't stop it either," Shi Peng said without expressing much emotion.

In order to prevent his father from 'hijacking' his resignation letter, he had specially sought Zhai Yaohui's help for the submission.

"Are you mad?! Everything the Shi family has is on your shoulders! A few years ago, you lost to Zhai Yaohui. We did not have fate with the chief position. Now, do you want to completely destroy the future of our Shi family?!" Old Master Shi was nearly driven mad by Shi Peng.



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