Shi Peng was clearly his biological son. He looked exactly like him when he was young.

He did not understand. As his son, why was his temperament so odd? He was not ambitious at all.

"Am I really the gate to the future of the Shi family? Why do I feel that the Shi family does not place the hope on me or Qing Qing but Chenxi? Dad, since you have your own plan, then nurture Qi Chenxi well. Qing Qing and I will not join in the fun. In the future, you can utilize all the resources of the Shi family on Chenxi. Qi Minlan and you have been blaming me for not willing to help Chenxi. This time, I'm being generous. I promise that I will not stop you from giving all of what the Shi family has to Chenxi. Although Qing Qing is a lady, her temper is strong. I believe she'll be able to create a bright future for herself through her own efforts."

Hence, he did not yearn for anything of the Shi family, and nor did Qing Qing.

"You, you're resenting me for disliking the fact that Qing Qing is a granddaughter and not a grandson? Even if this is so, she's also my biological granddaughter, right? Am I not good to her?" Old Master Shi was driven mad. How could a true man who did great things take issue with such trivial matters?

Didn't he treat Chenxi well for the sake of the Shi family?

When Chenxi married Zhai Sheng and lent the Shi family a helping hand thereafter, would he, an old man who had one of his legs in the coffin, truly gain anything from this? From all perspectives, wasn't he doing it for the sake of his son, Shi Peng?

As for Qing Qing…

As long as Chenxi was around, regardless of who Qing Qing was married to in the future, the other party would have second thoughts on bullying Qing Qing once he took her family status into account.

Qing Qing had been shortchanged a little now. Nevertheless, she would enjoy great happiness in the future. How was it possible that he would not be good to his son and granddaughter?

Was it meaningful to compete for temporary gains?

"Shi Peng, you've always been a smart child. I'm really very disappointed that you'll think in such a way!"

"My father, you're not the only one who's disappointed. Me, too. Since we're so disappointed with each other, let's not force each other then. When Qing Qing was five years old, you punished her and made her run until she fainted just because she snatched a doll from Qiu Chenxi. Do you know how bad my heart ached back then?"

The matter that was still fresh in Shi Qing's memory, her father, Shi Peng, had never forgotten it too.

"You, you still bear a grudge against me regarding this? This young brat, without your father, would you be born to this world? Is your father or your daughter more important? Moreover, nothing happened to Qing Qing, right? We're soldiers. Don't we already know that this will happen if we run too much at one go? We'll be fine after resting for a while, won't we?"

"Dad, if I was the one who snatched toys from Qi Minlan in the past and Qi Minlan cried, would you punish me and make me run until I fainted in order to appease Qi Minlan?" Shi Peng asked coldly.


On the other end of the phone, Old Master Shi was silent.

This was because he knew. He would not!

Hence, all being said, Old Master Shi still disliked Shi Qing for being a granddaughter and not a grandson. He chose to punish Shi Qing without hesitation for the sake of building a good relationship with Qiu Chenxi, and due to the relationship between Qiu Chenxi and Zhai Sheng. This was so that Qiu Chenxi would take a liking to her maternal grandfather.

"Dad, if there's no other matter, I'm hanging up. I've submitted my resignation letter, but the leaders in the country have not agreed to it. Therefore, I'm still considered part of the army and have to handle the matters here. If I continue to be on the phone with you and someone happens to look for me, the calls will be placed on hold. It's not good as this will delay the affairs of the country and the army. I'm hanging up."


When Old Master Shi heard the beeping tone, he was so furious that he simply smashed the phone.

"Regiment Commander, I can't get through to Officer Shi's phone line." Zhou Jun put down the phone helplessly. "Why don't I make a trip? I'll waste at most five minutes."

"No need." Zhai Sheng was dressed in a camouflaged suit. "We have only destroyed a group of them. Most of them escaped. News of these people is hard to come by. We don't have time to waste. Anyway, I've already mentioned this to the political commissar. Let's go."

"But regiment commander, the injury on your arms…" The scabs on the wound had not healed and fallen off. If Regiment Commander Zhai rushed to the front line, wouldn't it be too dangerous?

Zhai Sheng looked undaunted as he glanced at his arms. "It's just a minor injury. No issue."

"Yes, Regiment Commander Zhai." Zhou Jun knew that he could not stop Zhai Sheng. Last time, Regiment Commander Zhai was injured because of him. This time, he would definitely not commit such a lowly mistake and implicate Regiment Commander Zhai again. He even wanted to work harder in this mission to make a great contribution so that he could make amends for his previous failure and humiliation.

After making the arrangements and ensuring that they were well-prepared, Zhai Sheng immediately brought a group of soldiers and left the army camp, heading toward that group of people.

"Nan Nan, it's great. We're in the same class again." When school reopened in summer, the second-year senior high students first ran to the notice board to look at the class arrangements. Of course, when Tang Mengran saw that she was still in the same class as Qiao Nan, she was overjoyed.

Most importantly, the six dormitory mates were all in the same class. Moreover, they had also been arranged to stay in the same dormitory. "Oh my god, I'm so happy. This is happier than striking it big in the lottery!"


Zheng Lingling, Fang Fang, and the group looked at one another.

Given the grades of the six of them, it was, in fact, not surprising that they would all be in the first class of the humanities course upon the streaming.

Nevertheless, this phenomenon of the six of them still staying in the same dormitory was too good to be true.

"Do you believe that there's something so coincidental in this world? That we happen to be those six lucky ones?" Fang Fang adjusted her glasses. There was a problem somewhere.

"Why do you care so much? It's fine as long as the outcome is good. The six of us can be together again." Tang Mengran hugged Fang Fang like a naive and silly girl. She was only concerned about the outcome and completely disregarded the process.

"Alright, don't go overboard in your happiness. You're drawing hate from others." He Yun patted Tang Mengran's shoulders and asked her to look at Shi Qing's gaze, which was horribly frightening.

Tang Mengran jumped in shock. "What's happening here? I didn't offend her. Don't tell me she bears a grudge because Nan Nan scored half a point mark higher than her in the previous final term examination? And now that the two of them are in different classes, she will not have a chance to surpass Nan Nan?" If that was the case, shouldn't Shi Qing be staring at Nan Nan and not the few of them?

"It could be this reason. But forget it. Don't bother." Tao Zhenqin brushed her hands. "There's no need for Qiao Nan to pay the tuition fees, but we need to. Hurry, the places for paying tuition fees will definitely be crowded now. Go and queue early."

"Right, right, right. The six of us will still live together but the dormitory has changed. We still have to clean it." Tang Mengran, the head of the dormitory, started to feel anxious. "Nan Nan, why don't you go and take a look at the condition of the dormitory first?"

Qiao Nan carried her schoolbag and replied swiftly without hesitation, "Alright. I'll take a look at the dormitory while you all can go and pay the tuition fees."



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