"Hahaha." Qiao Nan sneered. She looked at Shi Qing from the corners of her eyes. Shi Qing was the same age as Zhu Baoguo. Both were only three years old this year!

When Qiao Nan arrived home, Qiao Dongliang was not back yet. Qiao Nan had planned the time such that she could give Zhai Sheng a call before Qiao Dongliang returned.

Unfortunately, after a few calls, Qiao Nan had to hang up when she heard the beeping tone from the other phone, which hinted that no one answered the phone. "No one answered the phone. Most likely, he's not back yet."

Qiao Nan felt so sad that she leaned against the sofa. There were also disadvantages after Zhu Chengqi installed the phone at her house.

In the past, even if she was worried about Brother Zhai, there was nothing she could do.

Now, there was a way to get in touch, but the situation such as today, not being able to get through, would only make one more worried. "Shi Qing, do you know about this kind of situation where Brother Zhai goes out to carry out a mission? Roughly, how long will it take for him to complete and return from it?"

"It's hard to say as it depends on the difficulty of the mission. Whether it goes smoothly and some external factors are not within control. Fast ones will be very fast. As for slow ones, it's possible that it will take one, two, or even six months." Shi Qing's voice turned increasingly softer. This was because she knew that although she was telling the truth, it was not helping Qiao Nan at all.

"Is that the case?" Qiao Nan gritted her teeth and dialed the number of Shi Peng's office. "Hello, is this Officer Shi? Yes, Shi Qing is doing quite well at my house. Do you want to speak a few words with her?"

"No need. I know she should be doing quite well." Shi Peng took off the glasses on his nose bridge and drank a mouthful of water. "You called because you wanted to know about Zhai Sheng's situation, right?"

"Yes, Officer Shi. Has Brother Zhai returned? Did he contact the army?"

"No. The mission that Zhai Sheng is carrying out this time is a little cumbersome. It's confidential and I can't reveal much to you. But don't worry. Zhai Sheng brought along all the elite soldiers in our army this time. Given his capability, he will be back safely. Why don't we do this? Once I receive the news of Zhai Sheng's safety, I'll give you a call."

Shi Peng could completely understand Qiao Nan's mood.

When he was young and in good health, he was always at the front line as well so that he could fight for a good future.

At that time, Qing Qing's mother was always worried about him. She could not sleep every night whenever he was out on a mission. It was only after a few years of marriage that Qing Qing's mother gradually became used to it.

"Thanks so much, Officer Shi." After hanging up the phone, Qiao Nan looked pale. She looked very listless, like a frosted eggplant. "Shi Qing, no wonder I've heard people mention in the past that it's not easy to be a soldier's wife. It's true. My heart is suffering."

She was not yet the wife of a soldier. However, she was already in such a way before she was married to Brother Zhai.

Shi Qing brought over two cups of water and passed one of them to Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, cherish your fortune. Both of us know that given Brother Zhai's family background, he will not forever be at the front line to carry out this type of dangerous mission. When Brother Zhai accumulates enough experience and credits, sooner or later, he will take over the position of the chief from Chief Zhai."

Hence, amongst the many wives of the soldiers, Qiao Nan would certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel one day.

The other wives of the typical soldiers, most fearfully, would only be able to avoid this kind of fears and worries when their men retired from the army.

Qiao Nan held her forehead and smiled wryly. "Who asked me to choose Brother Zhai."

"Alright, cheer up." Shi Qing patted Qiao Nan's shoulders. "Cheer up. This is not the first day that Brother Zhai became a soldier. He joined the army when he was eighteen years old. Counting from that, he already has seven years of experience. He has also carried out this type of dangerous missions in the past before. Didn't he do well until today and even assumed the role of a regiment commander? Nothing will happen. Don't scare yourself."

Qiao Nan took a deep breath. "I'll try hard not to."

"If you're really worried, I'll accompany you for a jog. When you perspire and feel tired after running, you won't feel anything," Shi Qing said like a loyal friend.

Qiao Nan sat up. "I decline. I'm not Zhu Baoguo and you. I'm not enthusiastic about this kind of training. Alright, I feel much better now after letting it out. As my dad doesn't agree to it, when I encountered any matter pertaining to Brother Zhai in the past, I had no one to talk to. Fortunately, now, I'm not always the tree hole. It's better to take turns as a tree hole."

Shi Qing finally had some practical use by staying at her house.

"Tree, tree hole?" Shi Qing sat beside Qiao Nan. "I always heard you mention a tree hole. What does 'tree hole' mean? It's definitely not as simple as its name, is it?"

"It's almost the same meaning," Qiao Nan said, feeling exhausted at heart. "When my dad comes back, you know what to do."

"I know." Not to bring up Brother Zhai in front of Uncle Qiao. She was aware of this. "Qiao Nan, do you have anything else to tell me?"

"What else should I tell you?" She did not wish to and did not feel like saying anything now.

"Will you regret being together with Brother Zhai because of this matter? Will Brother Zhai have to face the situation of losing his girlfriend when he comes back?" Shi Qing tested and asked the question. It was not that she had not seen such examples before.

Qiao Nan held her head as she turned her body and looked at Shi Qing. "If I say yes, then what will you do?"

"What will I do?" Shi Qing jumped. "I'll die a horrible death!!!"

"Hahaha." Qiao Nan laughed. This was because she could completely imagine it. "Do you know what question Brother Zhai most often asked me about after I'm together with him is?"

"I don't know."

"He often asked me if I regretted it." Regretted being with him, and that she had to endure a different kind of stress despite being so young.

"Brother Zhai also asked this question before, and he did so very often? Didn't it mean that Brother Zhai was quite lacking in confidence before you?" Shi Qing was truly taken aback this time.

Qiao Nan rubbed her face. "Yes, Brother Zhai, who has so many good qualities, is actually not confident in front of me. He's not confident because he cares. I'm a little too young but Brother Zhai and you seem to think that I have no ability to handle stress at all. Like what you said, if I'm together with Brother Zhai, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel sooner or later. There are so many wives of the soldiers who won't."

In comparison, she was very fortunate.

"Don't talk about this anymore. Brother Zhai is so capable. He will definitely complete his mission successfully and come back safely. The two of us are being paranoid. Women can't have too much spare time. We will think astray when we do." Shi Qing's brains were nearly entangled. She felt that life would truly be at stake if they continued with the topic. Of course, there would not be a problem with other people's lives. Her life would be at stake.

"Uncle Qiao will be back soon. Hold on. Hold on." For the sake of her life, she could not continue to chat further.



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