"Oh." Qiao Nan cleared her mind lest her father noticed anything amiss.

Fortunately, there was Shi Qing with her.

Even though Qiao Nan seemed absent-minded, Shi Qing could help cover up for her in front of Qiao Dongliang.

In the meantime, Zhai Sheng and the group that was with him were carrying out their missions near China border. They did not have an easy time. They had intended to intercept a group that was hiding at the border, but they seemed to have vanished. Zhai Sheng tried many other means, including working with the border guards, but they could not be found.

"Regiment commander, we just received news that some bodies were found in the forest to the east. It is highly likely that the bodies are the mercenaries that we are looking for," Song Yin said hurriedly. These mercenaries were highly skilled. They were as good as the soldiers. They had obviously been through the strictest training that was in no way inferior to the training in the camp.

They had been after them for days, but they were not able to take them down. It was to their surprise that the group of people would vanish suddenly and it turned out that they were killed. "Regiment Commander Zhai, do you think they may have been silenced?" In other words, there were another group of people apart from these mercenaries.

"We could be certain about that." Without the second group of people, these mercenaries would not have died. "But we have to wait until we see the bodies before we can make any judgments."

Zhai Sheng and the soldiers followed the clues and found the bodies.

Zhai Sheng had fought with these people twice. He could tell straight away that they were the mercenaries they were looking for.

There were not many wounds on the bodies, but their carotid arteries seemed to have been severed, causing them to die due to excessive blood loss. "Search around carefully and see if there are any other clues on them."

Even though the chances were slim, Zhai Sheng would not want to miss any clues.

Many people searched the bodies for clues, but nothing could be found.

As such, Zhai Sheng and the soldiers had no idea who the mastermind behind the mercenaries was and what illegal activities they intended to carry out in China. "Alright, let's go back to discuss. Someone will be in charge here."

"Yes, Regiment Commander Zhai!"

Zhai Sheng and the soldiers returned to the temporary rest area after a vain attempt to discuss what they should do next.

Zhai Sheng had to know the motive and significance of these mercenaries and he must find the people who killed the mercenaries. Otherwise, it would cause trouble in the future.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, it's getting late. Should I buy meals for us?" Song Yin noticed that it was getting late and all the comrades were hungry.

"Sure," Zhai Sheng replied without looking up. He did not have any appetite, but he could not ask his comrades to go hungry with him.

Song Yin took the money and bought their meals at a restaurant.

Since they were at the border, there were a lot of foreigners. Some of the shops were, in fact, managed by foreigners. At times, they had to converse in simple English.

Among the people who carried out the mission with Zhai Sheng, apart from Zhai Sheng, who was fluent in English, Song Yin was the only person who knew simple English. Hence, he was usually tasked with buying meals for them.

After packing the meals, Song Yin pushed the trolley back to their rest area.

In order to make it back to the rest area as fast as possible, Song Yin took a side road and turned into an alley.

Song Yin did not slow at the turn, and he accidentally bumped into someone who turned into the alley from the other side.

Song Yin, who was sturdy, could not help but frown. He could feel something hard when they bumped into each other. The person seemed to be hiding something on him. He was painful from the collision. "SORRY."

Song Yin apologized out of courtesy. The other party who had a deep frown and a ferocious look on his face relaxed as soon as Song Yin said 'SORRY'. The murderous look in his eyes vanished instantly.

If he was just a normal passerby, he might not have caught the gleam of ferocity in the other party's eyes, but Song Yin was a soldier. He was extremely sensitive to this.

The person pulled at his jacket and continued on his path without another word.

The three paths were linked to one another. The person happened to be heading in the direction that Song Yin was going as well.

Song Yin came to a stop and used his hand to imitate the hard object that he felt when the person knocked into him just now. The hard object felt very familiar to Song Yin. "It's a gun!"

Song Yin suddenly shivered. He pushed the trolley to a quiet place and hurried to follow the man just now.

Song Yin knew intuitively not to stay too close to the man lest he was discovered.

Song Yin noticed that the footsteps of the man had disappeared. He seemed to have stopped. Song Yin hid in a corner, listening intently for any sounds.

The man seemed to be whispering. Most importantly, he was conversing in English. Song Yin had just started to learn English. He was not able to understand every word the man said.

Even so, Song Yin was able to catch a few keywords.

Song Yin found something very weird about the situation. In China, people who were not police or special personnel should not be equipped with guns. More importantly, no guns were sold in the China market, so the average people would not be able to own guns.

The fact that he had a gun was enough for him to be sentenced to prison for years.

There was no time to lose. Song Yin took the trolley and returned to their resting place at his fastest speed. "Regiment Commander Zhai, there is something that I have to report to you."

"What is the matter?"

"While I was buying meals, I bumped into a foreigner."

"Song Yin, don't joke around. We're at the border. One will run into many foreigners here. It's perfectly normal." Someone was amused, thinking that Song Yin was kicking up a big fuss. Of course, when they first arrived, they were not used to seeing foreigners. But now, they had gotten used to it.

"The problem is that when I bumped into the person, I could feel that he had a gun with him!"

"Are you sure?" Zhai Sheng's countenance changed. If the foreigners illegally possessed firearms, this would jeopardize the safety of the Chinese people. They had to be dealt with!

"I'm sure, and I overheard his conversation with his companion. They spoke in English, and they were in whispers, so I couldn't really tell what exactly they were talking about. However, I heard the mention of 'gun'." In order to make sure that everyone understood the meaning of the English word, Song Yin imitated the move of taking out a gun. He then said a sentence in English. "Regiment Commander Zhai, what does this mean? They had a long conversation. I couldn't follow and remember everything. This is the last sentence they said." He could only remember this sentence that they said.

Zhai Sheng's face darkened. "Arms trade!" Zhai Sheng was reminded of the mercenaries who were dead. He made a bold guess, trying to find the link between the two incidents. "Hurry, bring me the map of this place!"



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