"Yes, of course! I have already contacted the Department of Education. They assured me that not only can points be added, but a total of ten points can be added!" The principal was so excited that his eyes turned red.

Qiao Nan was a top student. She had good potential.

Originally, he had pinned high hopes on Qiao Nan, counting on her to be the top humanities student in the college entrance examination and do Ping Cheng High School proud.

With an extra ten points, she had a higher chance of being the top humanities student!

"Qiao Nan, you are a very outstanding student in Ping Cheng High School. Our teachers have great hopes on you and your performance has been remarkable. As the principal of this school, I am proud to have you as our student," President Meng said in excitement. "Qiao Nan, you have to work hard and bring glory to Ping Cheng High School!"

A year ago, because of the ruckus that Qiao Nan's mother created at the school, he had regretted accepting such a troublesome student like Qiao Nan.

Right now, President Meng was embarrassed by his thinking back then. It was his blessing as the principal to have students like Qiao Nan!!

The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China could never dream of this glory for years to come.

Qiao Nan went to the army camp to teach, and the soldier who sent the letter of commendation to the school also addressed her as Teacher Xiao Qiao. Students at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China would never have such achievements!

Regardless of how well she taught the soldiers in the army camp, the letter of commendation was proof of her achievements.

Fortunately, Teacher Liu Neng insisted on making Qiao Nan stay in Ping Cheng High School back then. Otherwise, he would have missed such a good student like her.

"I, I will." Qiao Nan was even more confused by the principal's attitude. "Principal, if there's nothing else, I will go back to the classroom. I have a lot of homework today. If I don't start doing them, I will not be able to hand them in tomorrow." Qiao Nan almost ended up crying.

Why was there so much homework in the humanities class?

Exam-oriented education should be more suitable for the science class.

"Is that so? Sure, you can go back now. Remember to work hard. Next year, no, the year after next, we will have to count on you." President Meng looked at Qiao Nan affectionately as if she was his daughter.

"Nan Nan, is everything okay?" He Yun came over to her seat.

Qiao Nan shook her head. "Don't worry, the principal just asked a few casual questions. There is nothing to worry about." Of course, she did not mention that she could add ten points in her college entrance examination.

"Nan Nan, what exactly is going on?" Tao Zhenqin looked at Qiao Nan, feeling puzzled.

Qiao Nan bent over the table. "I have explained multiple times. I really don't know what is going on. I am worried that the letter of commendation may be retracted in the next minute."

Tang Mengran looked around. "Luckily, Xu Tingting is no longer in the same class as us. If she overheard what you said, she would definitely make it known to everyone. Nan Nan, don't talk nonsense. The army is such a disciplined and serious place, so how could they make a mistake? Maybe you have done something good albeit unaware of it."

Why did Tang Mengran's words sound foreboding?

"Forget it. Just let it be. Anyway, I don't think it will do me any harm. Thankfully, today is Thursday. I can go home tomorrow. When I reach home, I will make a phone call to ask around."

"Who will you call to check?" Fang Fang asked sensitively.

"Of course it has to be people who know." Song Yin was among the soldiers who went with Brother Zhai to carry out the mission. Since Song Yin was back, Brother Zhai must be back as well.

At the thought that Zhai Sheng had returned safely, Qiao Nan, who had been on tenterhooks for days, was finally at ease.

"Ask the person who knows? Who is the person who knows?" The foolish Tang Mengran did not understand the conversation that was going on between Qiao Nan and Fang Fang.

Fang Fang gave Tang Mengran a sideways glance. She liked to hear about gossip, but she was always slow to catch on.

Of course, since the letter was from the army, Qiao Nan had to ask the people in the army for clarifications. Among the people that Qiao Nan knew, Instructor Zhou and Instructor Zhai were the two people who would be privy to the details.

For those who addressed Nan Nan as Teacher Xiao Qiao, they either had no idea or could not reveal the details.

Qiao Nan was looking forward to Friday. It was only one more day to Friday, but time seemed to pass by very slowly for her.

She finally waited until it was Friday. As soon as the school bell rang and lessons were over, Qiao Nan dashed out of the classroom, unlike her usual self. She did not go back to the dormitory but went straight home.

"Hey, in a hurry?" Whenever it was time for the students to go back home, Shi Qing would always be waiting at the school gate for Qiao Nan to show up.

"Do you have to be faster than me all the time?" Qiao Nan jumped at the sight of Shi Qing. "You should know very well what I want to do the most right now. Hurry, don't waste my time. By the way, after what happened yesterday, why didn't Zhu Baoguo come and ask me about it?"

This was unlike Zhu Baoguo.

"Crap, if not for me, you would have been pestered by Zhu Baoguo. You have to thank me, got it?" She had taken care of Zhu Baoguo for Qiao Nan's sake. Zhu Baoguo was such a disgrace. He was a man, yet he behaved like a child that still needed his milk, wishing to be involved in everything that concerned Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, you are too protective of Zhu Baoguo. He treats you like his mother."

"Well, in fact, I treat him as my son," Qiao Nan replied.

"Crap, the two of you are bizarre." Shi Qing widened her eyes. "But there is still a problem. He is concerned about you as if you are his mother, but as for his feelings toward you… Qiao Nan, I think you should pay more attention to it."

"He treats me as his younger sister. He always says that he wants to protect me."

"Younger sister? Are you sure?"

"Yes, he said so."

"Oh…" Shi Qing drawled. She had thought that Zhu Baoguo's behavior was bizarre. Now, he seemed like a fool. He could not tell a younger sister apart from a crush.

As soon as she reached home, Qiao Nan put down her schoolbag, picked up the phone, and dialed the phone number to Zhai Sheng's office in the army. Qiao Nan could remember the number by heart.

The phone rang a few times before it was picked up. "Hello…"

"A-auntie Miao?" Qiao Nan was about to call for Brother Zhai when she heard a female voice on the other end of the phone. Luckily, she stopped herself in time.

"Oh, it's Nan Nan. You must have known that Zhai Sheng is back, so you're calling to ask about his condition." Miao Jing sounded very happy. Her son had accomplished a great feat and returned unscathed. As his mother, she was naturally exhilarated.

"Yes," Qiao Nan said reluctantly. "In addition, when I was at school yesterday, I received a letter of commendation from the army. I want to ask why there's a letter of commendation. Could it be that the army has made a mistake?"

Was Brother Zhai not at his office? If so, why was Auntie Miao at his office?



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