As soon as Zhai Sheng grew quiet, Miao Jing became uneasy. "Zhai Sheng, you must not make things difficult for me later. I am your mom. I won't harm you. I did everything for you. You may not understand my efforts, but when you are a parent in the future, you will understand my feelings."

Zhai Yaohui said that Zhai Sheng had completed the mission successfully and had cracked a big case. He helped rid of hidden perils for the country and the people.

Given his accomplishments this time, the time Zhai Sheng had to spend at the front line would decrease by five years.

Zhai Sheng was blessed with good fortune for this mission. He was able to complete the mission successfully without sustaining any injuries. He cracked a huge case and was awarded the first-class merit.

If not for Zhai Yaohui, who tried to tone it down, Zhai Sheng might have been awarded the special-class merit.

As such, Zhai Sheng would be able to have a smooth-sailing career.

But apart from being happy, Miao Jing was worried.

She had no idea who the girlfriend of her son was. She only knew that she did not come from a good family background.

Now that Zhai Sheng was so outstanding and had great achievements in the army, the lady would not be willing to break up with such a good catch unless she was insensible, stupid, or timid. She would certainly think of ways to marry Zhai Sheng and become the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family.

Her son was already twenty-five years old. It was the age when he was being most impulsive.

If the lady tempted Zhai Sheng and he fell for her tricks…

Miao Jing's biggest worry was that there would be a day when an unfamiliar lady would come to their house, heavy with a child, claiming that she was looking for the father to her unborn child.

If Zhai Sheng was in a relationship with Qiu Chenxi, Miao Jing would not be worried at all.

Because Miao Jing knew that Zhai Sheng was not interested in Qiu Chenxi. Her son was not decadent. Since he did not like Qiu Chenxi, he would not take the initiative. Even if it was Qiu Chenxi who took the initiative, her son might not be willing to cooperate.

But the situation was different with Zhai Sheng's unknown girlfriend. At the very least, Zhai Sheng liked the girl.

Since both parties were willing, it would not be a surprise if anything happened between them.

Miao Jing had been through this. Otherwise, she and Zhai Yaohui would not have been able to have two children in three years' time.

The more Miao Jing thought about it, the more she felt that she had to do something to prevent that from happening.

After making up her mind, Miao Jing composed herself. Since Zhai Sheng closed his eyes to rest, she would follow suit, lest the cat would get out of the bag if they continued with their conversation.

The chauffeur observed the situation between the mother and son from the rearview mirror. The atmosphere was so awkward that he dared not take a second look.

When he reached the designated location, the chauffeur opened the door for Miao Jing to alight. He then parked the car at a side, waiting for them to finish their meal before sending them back to the Zhai family's residence.

"Madam Miao, you are here. Have a seat." As soon as Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng arrived, a middle-aged man in a suit, with hair that glittered due to hair wax, smiled at them and welcomed their arrival.

Miao Jing returned the smile. "Secretary Qian, I am sorry to make you wait for us. We are late."

"You're not late. The time is just right. We are just early. This must be Regiment Commander Zhai. You are a talent indeed, young and promising." Secretary Qian sized up Zhai Sheng. Zhai Sheng had a good family background. There was nothing he could pick on. What surprised Secretary Qian was that Zhai Sheng's looks was as outstanding as his family background.

Secretary Qian looked at Zhai Sheng as if he was looking at his son-in-law. His face showed that he was very satisfied with him. "Let's go in and have a seat while we talk."

"You're right." Miao Jing smiled proudly. Her son was so outstanding. She had never felt that there would be anyone in the world who was dissatisfied with her son.

The three of them entered the VIP bamboo room. A young fair lady with long fluttering hair, who wore a long lacy skirt, was already in the room, sitting by the table. "Auntie Miao, we are meeting for the first time. I am Qian Mufang. I heard that it's auntie's birthday today. I have picked a gift for you. I hope you will like it."

"Thank you." Miao Jing accepted the gift happily. It did not matter what Qian Mufang gave her as the present. "'Bathed in perfume made from herbs and dressed in richly colored outfits'. Qian Mufang, it's a good name, just like God of Clouds who was well-liked by people. Mufang is really beautiful and has a good temperament."

"Auntie Miao, you are too flattering." Qian Mufang blushed. She kept looking shyly at Zhai Sheng.

When she first saw Zhai Sheng, Qian Mufang had been filled with admiration for him. Thinking of the main purpose of the meal today, Qian Mufang blushed in embarrassment. She was particularly nervous and worried that she would fail to put up a good performance and leave a bad impression on the other party.

Since Miao Jing was Zhai Sheng's mother, Qian Mufang did everything to please her. She hoped that after getting Miao Jing's approval, she would be able to get in Zhai Sheng's good books. "Auntie Miao, this is Pu'er tea. It is nourishing for the stomach."

"Oh, good." Miao Jing pushed her teacup forward while Qian Mufang poured the tea for her carefully.

Miao Jing gave Zhai Sheng a slight push. Zhai Sheng, who was silent all the while, went according to her wishes and pushed his teacup forward as well so that Qian Mufang could pour him tea.

Seeing that Zhai Sheng was highly cooperative, the three of them who were present were elated. It seemed like Zhai Sheng had a good first impression of Qian Mufang.

Miao Jing could tell what was on Qian Mufang's mind. Though they had different considerations, they had the same goal. It did not take them very long to be chatting happily with each other.

Miao Jing had been inquiring about Qian Mufang's personal information, like her education level, her life experiences, hobbies, and the like.

Qian Mufang was being very cooperative. At times, she did not wait for Miao Jing to ask her and took the initiative to portray the best side of her to show Zhai Sheng that she was very outstanding, hoping that he would accept her.

Regardless of the Zhai family's background or Zhai Sheng himself, Qian Mufang was determined to get what she wanted.

Initially, Secretary Qian had wanted to help, but he noticed that his daughter was having a good chat with Miao Jing, so he simply watched by the side while keeping silent like Zhai Sheng.

"Women just like to chat. Look, fifteen minutes have passed. I am quite thirsty from the chat. Oh, the tea that Mufang recommended to us is very fragrant. Mufang, we can come out more often to chat in the future." Miao Jing picked up the teacup awkwardly in a bid to stop her conversation with Qian Mufang, or rather, to stop her from talking continuously.

The chat was going well at the beginning. It was indeed a chat between the two of them. Miao Jing would ask a question, and Qian Mufang would reply and give some elaboration. The atmosphere was considered good.

But as the conversation continued, Qian Mufang was very sociable. She addressed Miao Jing affectionately as 'Auntie Miao' and kept sharing anecdotes about her school life. This was taken from one of the "Yun Zhong Jun" poems that were written by Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and minister who lived during the Warring States period of ancient China. He was known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry and verses, especially through the poems of the Chu Ci, also known as Verses of Chu anthology. In this poem about a mythical goddess, Qu Yuan portrayed the deity to be bathed in fragrant water and clothed in colored clothes.Mufang means bathed in perfume made from herbs.Back in ancient China, people worshiped the God of Clouds (Yun Zhong Jun), hoping that there would be rain and nice weather for crops.



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