It was a pity that these were not what Miao Jing wanted to know or was interested in.

She had already asked everything that she wanted to know. After ascertaining that Qian Mufang could meet some of her requirements, Miao Jing had lost the interest to know more about Qian Mufang. She felt like ending the conversation.

However, Qian Mufang was clueless. In order for Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng to know that she was very outstanding, and to be closer to Miao Jing, she was willing to share her past experiences with her.

Since Qian Mufang was bent on sharing more with her, Miao Jing could only drink some tea to interrupt her.

Zhai Sheng, who sat at the side, sneered. Since his mother had spent a lot of her time with his father, and she did not really take care of Zhai Hua and him when they were young, he had no idea whether his mother had always been that awkward and unnatural, or whether she became like this after she married his father.

Apart from Qian Mufang's family background, his mother was not interested in knowing anything else. She had to drink some tea to cover up her lack of interest.

Zhai Sheng drank the tea that Qian Mufang poured for him.

Everyone present was thrilled at Zhai Sheng's actions.

If Zhai Sheng did not have a good impression of Qian Mufang, he would not have drunk the tea.

Miao Jing felt more at ease. Sure enough, Zhai Sheng had spent too much time in the army and did not have much contact with other women. That was why he could not tell who was a good choice and who was not. As long as Zhai Sheng got to know more women, she did not need to resort to any tricks and he would leave that girl.

"Mom, it seems that you hit it off with Miss Qian, don't you?" Zhai Sheng put down the teacup and asked.

"Yes, we really hit it off. Xiao Qian has good looks, good character, and is well-educated. Basically, everything is good about her. We hit it off really well." Back then, Miao Jing could tolerate Qiu Chenxi for so many years, and she never once said that her love rival's daughter, Qiu Chenxi, was not good enough.

Since Miao Jing chose this girl by herself today, she could never say that Qian Mufang was not good enough.

"Auntie Miao, I am not as good as you said." Qian Mufang lowered her head. She was too shy to look at the rest of the people in the room.

She had never thought that the first man that was introduced to her since she graduated from school would be so outstanding and that everything would go so smoothly.

Given this progress, she might get married within this year and have children in the next year.

"It's good that you hit it off with her." Zhai Sheng's eyes turned somber, and there was a peculiar look in his eyes. The funny thing was that the three of them were most concerned about Zhai Sheng's reaction and thought that everything was working well, yet they failed to notice such an important change in Zhai Sheng. "Previously, my mom said that she has invited a few friends for her birthday today. I was very surprised when I saw Miss Qian. Miss Qian is so young, yet she is my mom's friend. I suppose both of you are friends despite the difference in age. But when I witnessed the conversation between both of you, I finally understood everything. The people in our family always feel that my mom doesn't have a lot of friends. Now, we can rest assured since my mom will have Miss Qian for company in the future."

"Well…" Qian Mufang paused momentarily. Why did she feel that what Regiment Commander Zhai said sounded strange? Something did not seem quite right…

Secretary Qian, who worked in the government, could tell right away that something was amiss.

Zhai Sheng kept on saying that his daughter was Madam Zhai's friend, but he did not mention himself at all. This was not right.

Miao Jing's expression changed. "Zhai Sheng, you…"

Zhai Sheng stretched his long legs and stood up, taking the teapot from Qian Mufang. "Miss Qian, since you are my mom's friend, according to the order of seniority, I should address you as Auntie Qian. Even though you are younger than me, we must not mess up the order of seniority. According to what I heard from Auntie Qian, you're young and outstanding. You're indeed qualified to be addressed as my auntie. In that way, I am the youngest among the four of us. I should be pouring tea for all of you. Auntie Qian, you must come to Ping Cheng often to chat and shop with my mom in the future. Thank you. Auntie Qian, I am already at such an age. As the elder, you should know that no matter whether I am in a relationship or not, I seldom spend time with my mom. I suppose I will have even less time after I am married and have a child. Therefore, I will count on you to take care of my mom in the future."

Qian Mufang was twenty-four years old this year. She was one year younger than Zhai Sheng.

But Zhai Sheng kept addressing her as auntie, and he did not find it awkward at all.

"You, you have a girlfriend? Both of you already have marriage plans?!" Qian Mufang raised her voice, making sharp, piercing sounds.

"Mufang." Secretary Qian looked at his daughter, telling her to keep her composure and not to be rude in front of others.

Qian Mufang coughed slightly and calmed herself down. "I, I am sorry. It could be that I had too much cold food yesterday and a slight cold, so my throat is uncomfortable. Auntie Miao, did I give you a scare?"

Though Miao Jing touched her ear in discomfort, she lied blatantly. "No, no, you didn't."

In order to better understand Qian Mufang and behave affectionately to her, Miao Jing sat right next to Qian Mufang, while Zhai Sheng sat on the other side of Miao Jing. Miao Jing was the direct victim of Qian Mufang's high-pitched voice. She jolted in shock at her screams.

Zhai Sheng smiled secretly. He did not bother to help Miao Jing out. "Yes, I have a girlfriend. We have already discussed when to get married. It is just that she is still young. She decided to finish her studies before planning for her future. I am very supportive of her. I also hope that my future wife can be knowledgeable like Auntie Qian. When it's time, I will send you the wedding invitation. Auntie Qian, you have to come to the wedding dinner."




Apart from Zhai Sheng, the other three were dumbstruck at the mention of wedding dinner. Qian Mufang and Secretary Qian felt that they were being cheated.

Not only did Regiment Commander Zhai have a girlfriend, but he also had plans to marry her. How could Madam Zhai arrange a blind date for her son? It was just as good as bullying them.

As for Miao Jing, she was infuriated. She wanted to introduce a future wife for her son, yet he addressed the lady as her friend and his auntie!

Precisely, what Zhai Sheng said made Miao Jing feel that he did not respect her. She almost fainted from anger.

"Mom, isn't today your birthday? The dishes have already been decided upon. It's about time, so let's get them to serve the food. Auntie Qian, don't stand on ceremony and have more of the food. Of course, if it's not enough, and you would like to have other dishes, please go ahead and make the orders. It's my mom's birthday. Naturally, I will pay the bill." Zhai Sheng acted close to Qian Mufang, treating her as his elder. He even handed her the menu so that she could order more food.



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