He kept addressing her as Auntie Qian. The three of them could do nothing but feel vexed and stifled.

"No, no need." Qian Mufang pushed the menu aside. Given her age and looks, the children would always address her as their sister. Today, a man who was one year older than her addressed her as auntie. Qian Mufang patted her chest that throbbed with pain.

"Then, let's get them to serve the food." Zhai Sheng behaved as if he was the sensible junior and arranged for the waiters to serve the food and paid for the meal thereafter. "Mom, you finally have a new friend. You must be happy about this year's birthday, right?"

"H-happy?" Miao Jing asked in an unsteady tone.

Zhai Sheng smiled. "It's good that you are happy. Today is your birthday. What's important is that you are happy."

Miao Jing felt as if she was blacking out. She was exasperated at Zhai Sheng's behavior.

Secretary Qian and Qian Mufang stared at each other without saying anything. It was obvious that Madam Zhai had a sullen expression, but Regiment Commander Zhai said that she was happy. As the outsiders, it was best to keep their silence.

Despite coming to the blind date, the pair of father and daughter from the Qian family knew that the Zhai family was, in fact, out of their reach.

As the saying went, women would marry someone who was of a higher social status than her, whereas it was the other way round for men. Qian Mufang never felt that she was wrong in looking for a good catch like Zhai Sheng.

However, when things did not go smoothly, the gap between the Qian family and the Zhai family became very obvious.

Though Secretary Qian and Qian Mufang felt that they had been ridiculed by the Zhai family, they dared not voice their unhappiness.

Miao Jing finished her birthday meal in a stifling atmosphere. Ever since Zhai Sheng addressed Qian Mufang as his auntie, the atmosphere was so awkward that nobody made other comments or conversation. Among the four of them, Zhai Sheng was the only person who was cool and collected. The others looked somewhat stiff.

In the end, everyone left the hotel full of the meal. Zhai Sheng ate to his heart's' content and did not care whether the rest of them had a good meal or not. "Auntie Qian, did you come in a car? If not, how about I get you a car?"

Zhai Sheng bore in mind that Qian Mufang was his auntie and that he was her junior. He respected the elder and wanted to get a car for her.

"No, no need. We can call the car by ourselves." Secretary Qian refused. Regiment Commander Zhai's attitude was very obvious. Even if they continued to harbor any other thoughts, it would not turn out well. It was best to call it a stop for today.

"Dad?" Qian Mufang followed right behind Secretary Qian, perplexed.

In order to create the opportunity for Qian Mufang and Zhai Sheng to spend more time together, Secretary Qian did not drive today. Their original plan was that Secretary Qian would say that he had forgotten that he had work to do and would need to go back to his office. In that case, Miao Jing would then suggest for Zhai Sheng to send Qian Mufang home.

Secretary Qian gave Qian Mufang a reassuring look and got them a car. "Madam Miao, I wish you a happy birthday and if there's a chance, let's have a meal again."

"Okay." Miao Jing breathed a sigh of relief. She felt a mix of emotions. Since Secretary Qian said that they could have a meal when there was a chance, it meant that the Qian family was not completely disappointed with the Zhai family, and it was still possible between their children. But before that, Zhai Sheng had to break up with his girlfriend.

The daughter from the Qian family could not start a relationship with Zhai Sheng while he was in another relationship.

In short, it was still possible for the Zhai family and the Qian family to be in-laws, but Zhai Sheng had to break up with his girlfriend.

"Dad?" After getting into the car, Qian Mufang could not help but ask her father. "Dad, what do you mean? He, he already said that he has a girlfriend and that they have marriage plans already. Why should we have meals with them? I won't go!" Qian Mufang never felt that she was worse off than anyone else. Moreover, her father was the provincial party committee secretary.

When she was still in school, she had a lot of suitors, but none of them caught her interest. That was because her father had said that after she graduated, he would introduce a good catch to her, and the person was someone she would never get to know in school.

Even though the blind date today was exceptionally good, but no matter how good he was, she did not want a man who was attached!

"Mufang, Dad knows that you are proud, but Dad has told you about the Zhai family. You are proud, but Regiment Commander Zhai has a better family background than you, and he could act however he wants. At his young age, he is already the regiment commander. I also heard that he had major meritorious performance in the army recently. You should know who his dad is. Sooner or later, he will take over his dad's position. Think about it. If you marry Regiment Commander Zhai, what will your status be and what will happen to the Qian family? Have you heard of the saying to ride on somebody else's success? Mufang, if we succeed this time, you will be the golden phoenix who soars out of the Qian family!"

It was no big deal that Regiment Commander Zhai had not taken a fancy to Mufang.

It was still uncertain who would end up with Regiment Commander Zhai.

Everyone had their own pride, but when faced with someone who was such a good catch, pride was simply not worth mentioning.

"Mufang, you are still too young. It's understandable that you throw tantrums. However, you have to remember that I will only pick the best route for you. In the future, you will understand that the situation you encountered today is nothing at all. What matters is that you can succeed in the end!"

"How can it be successful?" At the thought of Zhai Sheng's looks and his family background, Qian Mufang decided to compromise. "The problem doesn't lie with me but Regiment Commander Zhai."

Secretary Qian smiled. "This is not a problem. I suppose Madam Miao must have known that Regiment Commander Zhai has a girlfriend. Since she invited us today, it goes to show that she is unsatisfied with Regiment Commander Zhai's girlfriend. If the future mother-in-law is on your side, Mufang, what are you afraid of?"

"Dad, what future mother-in-law are you talking about? Don't talk nonsense." Qian Mufang felt much better after being comforted by Secretary Qian. "But Dad, if Regiment Commander Zhai continues to address me as Auntie Qian the next time we meet, what should I do?" In this life, she had never been seen as that old before!

"What to do? That is not something we should be worried about. It is something Madam Miao has to resolve." Secretary Qian leaned back and relaxed. "Mufang, you have to do our family proud." He did not expect that the Zhai family would be willing to be in-laws with the Qian family.

Once they succeeded, he would achieve meteoric success in his career.

Unlike Secretary Qian and Qian Mufang who were having a happy conversation, as soon as Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng got into the car, Miao Jing exploded in anger right away. "Zhai Sheng, what is with that attitude of yours just now? I don't think you respect me as your mother!" Auntie Qian? How could Zhai Sheng say something like that?

Zhai Sheng's expression turned cold. "Mom, even though you are my elder, respect should always be mutual. Do you have any respect for me considering what you have done today?"

"If you are willing to abide by what I said and break up with the girl, I will definitely respect you and will not come up with so many tricks." So in the end, the fault was with Zhai Sheng. If not for him, what happened today would not have happened.



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