Zhai Sheng's face darkened. "Fine, I don't want to talk about this anymore, lest I say something that hurts you. But Mom, I have to say that it's no wonder that my grandpa likes you and insisted that dad married you. To a certain extent, your temper is very similar to grandpa's temper."

She was as overbearing as his grandpa, and everything must be done according to her likes and dislikes.

"What hurtful words are you going to say?" Miao Jing's countenance changed. She looked at Zhai Sheng with pain in her eyes.

Her son had grown up and he no longer obeyed her words. Zhai Sheng had yet to marry the lady and yet he already went against her for that lady.

"Step on the gas." Zhai Sheng felt stifled. There was no way that he could communicate with his mother.

"You…" The atmosphere in the car was worse than during the meal.

As soon as they reached the Zhai family's residence, Zhai Sheng went back to his room without another word. He pulled a long face and slammed the door shut. Miao Jing felt upset that she was treated as such by her son.

There were tears in Miao Jing's eyes, but she tried her best to contain her tears.

"Silly!" Zhai Yaohui, who was at home, witnessed the scene and unhappily threw the newspapers aside.

From the very beginning, Zhai Yaohui knew Miao Jing's true intention behind the meal.

Miao Jing had been giving Zhai Yaohui the cold treatment for ages, but the first time Miao Jing took the initiative to speak to Zhai Yaohui was to ask him to join them for the meal and to let Zhai Sheng know of their stand in regard to Zhai Sheng's marriage.

Miao Jing could feel that Zhai Yaohui had been making efforts to reconcile with her, but she did not forgive him as she was prideful. She had thought that Zhai Yaohui would definitely agree to her suggestion since she had already taken the initiative to ask him. To her surprise, Zhai Yaohui refused, saying that he would rather eat alone at home.

Miao Jing almost blew up at Zhai Yaohui's words. "Silly? How am I silly? What I did are all for the sake of Zhai Sheng. I give birth to him. How can I not care about him and dote on him? Right now, he is young and insensible, hence his temper. As his dad, how can you not do anything about it? Is it that you will only put in effort if the other party is Qiu Chenxi?"

"Enough, stop being unreasonable. I admit that I did not object to it when you mentioned Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan in the past. Even though my stand has always been firm, my attitude might have been doubtful. I admit I have not handled it appropriately. I will do self-reflection and repent on my mistakes. However, Miao Jing, let me tell you. If you keep on mentioning this, you are no longer the person that I know in the past." Zhai Yaohui was very disappointed with Miao Jing. He sneered. "Your behavior is exactly like my dad back then!"

"Hahaha…" Miao Jing's face turned pale. "Fine, you and your son gang up on me. Both of you said the same words. You are his father, while I am an outsider. I am an outsider! Are you satisfied?!" After snarling at Zhai Yaohui, Miao Jing sadly returned to her room.

She could not understand why nobody appreciated her painstaking efforts. There was nobody who could understand her.

In the past, there would be one or two people who would comfort her or do something to console her when she was upset. However, nobody bothered to care about her this time.

Miao Jing sat by herself for a long time. As time passed, she felt even more upset and she could not help but panic.

When she was young, she spent all her time with Zhai Yaohui, and she never took care of her children. But even so, although Zhai Sheng might be cold and indifferent as a son, he showed that he cared and was concerned about her.

Even when she quarreled with Zhai Yaohui, Zhai Sheng would always stand on her side.

But today, not only did Zhai Sheng not appease her, but he refused to give in to her as well. Furthermore, Miao Jing was in panic because of Zhai Yaohui's attitude.

The next morning, Miao Jing saw that it was half-past six and made a phone call to Zhai Hua quickly. "Hua Hua, tell me, are your dad and your brother being too much and unreasonable? It's fine if they cannot appreciate my efforts, but how could they do this to me?"

Zhai Hua, who returned to the army camp not long ago and had yet to take a rest, was annoyed. "I have heard this from Dad. He has asked me for my opinion. I have told him that the blind date would not work out. Zhai Sheng is too smart. Your childish tricks would be seen through by him right away. If he is incapable of that, it's best that he stops being a soldier. Otherwise, he will definitely die in his mission."

"What are you talking about!" Miao Jing was filled with trepidation. Before Zhai Sheng came back from his mission, Miao Jing had been constantly worried about him that she lost appetite, so she hated to hear such words.

"Do you know to be scared and fearful? If you know what fear is, then you should know that being alive is the most important of all. As long as Zhai Sheng is alive and by your side, just let him be with whoever he likes. Why must you force him to do as you wish? Zhai Sheng may be cold and aloof but he is soft-hearted. It pains him to be harsh to you. Since I am his elder sister, then I will be the bad guy. Mom, when Zhai Sheng and I were young and needed our parents the most, Dad and you did not take care of us. Now that we have grown up and have our own way of thinking and life, we can take care of ourselves. Mom, since you left us to mend for ourselves in the past, you just have to maintain the status quo now that we've grown up, and don't interfere in our lives. Just stay by Dad's side every day."

"When we were young, we never blamed you for not taking care of us. You can rest assured that now that we have grown up, all the more we won't. In fact, Zhai Sheng and I have to thank you for giving us freedom. Mom, can you just maintain your good image in front of us? Why must you play the bad guy and do things that will make us unhappy? Mom, what for?"

Zhai Hua had no idea what her mother was thinking about.

When they were young and weak, and might die when they fell sick if not properly taken care of, their mother was not by their side to take care of them.

Now that they had grown up, even if Qiao Nan was indeed a liar and a bad girl, the worst outcome was that Zhai Sheng's feelings would be hurt.

Given his temper, it was impossible that he would attempt suicide because of relationship problems.

Therefore, why was her mother so worried?

When they needed her concern, she was not around, and when they could decide for themselves, she became overbearing.

"Fine, I will say no more. I am sleepy. I still have to sleep. I will go back in the afternoon." With that, Zhai Hua hung up the phone coldly.

Zhai Hua had said something that was very true. Zhai Sheng appeared to be cold and aloof but was soft-hearted, whereas Zhai Hua appeared to be affectionate but was more hard-hearted than her brother.

Miao Jing was dumbfounded when she heard the dial tone of the phone. She had thought that her daughter would stand on her side. She never expected that she would be scolded by her.

Zhai Yaohui, who sat in the living room, saw that Miao Jing dashed out of the room with a flushed face. She then headed out to get the chauffeur. He sighed. He did not know what to say.



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