As long as she did not make Zhai Sheng attend blind dates, both her children would not be angry with her anymore. There would not be any other issues then?

Qiao Nan massaged her temple. "Auntie Miao, didn't you make Brother Zhai attend a blind date with a lady yesterday? Brother Zhai's attitude is not good, but what about that lady and her father? Did they lose their temper and say things such as why Brother Zhai still came for the session when he already has a girlfriend?"

"No, they said to meet up for a meal again when there's a chance." Miao Jing then came to a realization. "You're saying that the Qian family has not given up their hopes on Zhai Sheng although he addressed that lady as Auntie Qian?"

Wasn't that too exaggerated? Normally, a lady who encountered such a matter would have been driven to the grave.

"Do you think that's possible?" A family like the Zhai family would be one that the Qian family wished to be related to but could not find an avenue to do so. The current situation was that Auntie Miao initiated the meet-up. As such, why would they give up just because of the words 'Auntie Qian'? "Auntie Miao, you're the one who initiated this blind date. It'd be better if you pay more attention to it. If you're unable to resolve it, you can deflect it to Chief Zhai. It's not because of other things and it's also not that you're targeting the father and daughter of the Qian family. After all, which family does not have a few worrisome relatives? It's just that if someone knows that both families attended the blind date, they may make use of it and spread to everyone that the Zhai family is their in-law-to-be to benefit themselves. If it negatively affects Brother Zhai, it won't be good then. Brother Zhai has just returned after completing his mission. He's in strong limelight and many people are watching him."

If this was not resolved properly, it would be equivalent to letting others catch a handle of them.

"…" Miao Jing's face turned red and then pale. She finally understood and knew the grave mistake that she had made through the blind date. She could have brought huge trouble to the Zhai family.

Certainly, a family like theirs had to be more cautious in their dealings and should not leave any opportunities for others.

"What you said is right. I'd better tell your Uncle Zhai about this." Miao Jing sighed and picked up the phone in the house of the Qiao family.

Qiao Nan immediately held on to Miao Jing's hands. "Auntie Miao, since you've already sorted out your thoughts, knowing that you were in the wrong in the matter yesterday, and won't intervene in such matters of Brother Zhai again in the future, why don't you simply go back instead of making a call? You're one family. Isn't it better to talk openly?" Making a phone call was akin to running away from the problem. Auntie Miao could not possibly stay at her house and not go home, right?

If she did, she could stay for one night at most.

Miao Jing smiled wryly. "You, this little girl, are too capable. Why do you have to interfere in everything?"

"I don't want to. Can you not look for me?"

"I can't."

Before Qiao Nan could persuade further, regardless of how embarrassed and awkward Miao Jing felt, she did not remain in the house of the Qiao family. She requested the chauffeur to send her back to the Zhai family.

"Oh, she finally left?" As soon as Miao Jing left, Shi Qing walked out. "What do you think is wrong with Auntie Miao? Clearly, she gets along quite well with you. Why does she have to object to Brother Zhai being with you? It's so strange."

"I don't know either." Qiao Nan felt disappointed at heart but she could not voice it out.

"I've heard some of the conversations between the two of you. You're quite good-looking and your results are good. Why can't Auntie Miao believe that you're Brother Zhai's girlfriend? Brother Zhai and you are quite compatible." Disagree and disbelief—facing these two attitudes of Auntie Miao, Shi Qing could not understand despite thinking over the matter.

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips and returned to the house. "Don't ask me. My head hurts badly now. I've been double-crossed and I still had to console the person who did that to me. Is there someone as pitiful as me in this world? If the same situation occurs again a few more times, I'm also not sure how much longer I can endure. True enough, occasional gunfire and bombs can't break up Brother Zhai and me, but what can cause us to separate are daily occurrences."

"Pitiful child, I sympathize with you." Fortunately, it was impossible between her and Brother Zhai. There would not be an outcome between them. Otherwise, she would be the one suffering from such torture.

She was unable to be with Brother Zhai in this lifetime. Seemingly, it was not all loss. There were some gains as well.

Just as Miao Jing alighted from the car, Zhai Hua also arrived at the house of the Zhai family.

At that sight of her mother, Zhai Hua was speechless as she asked, "Just because of the blind date yesterday, you lost your temper and ran out? You went to look for Nan Nan again?"

"You all are not willing to bother about me, and you also don't allow others to do so?" Miao Jing still could not forget her daughter's cruel words in the phone call. "Comparing you to Qiao Nan, I don't know who I actually gave birth to." Why was she not even comparable to a child that she knew?

"Hahaha…" Zhai Hua laughed. 'Concede defeat' was written all over her face. Her eyes were full of sarcasm and ridicule. "I really wonder whether Qiao Nan had been a terrible villain who committed all sorts of crimes in her previous few lifetimes." That she would meet so many people who would take advantage of her in this life. "Forget it. I can't be bothered to talk to you."

Zhai Hua smelled of sweat and her hair was oily.

Zhai Hua left Miao Jing behind and returned to her bedroom. She took a thorough hot water bath and came out only after twenty minutes.

As for how the other family of three outside her room interacted during these twenty minutes, Zhai Hua completely did not bother and could not intervene as well. Two of the three outside were her elders and one was the younger brother that she doted on most. All these three were more opinionated than one another. Who did she dare to take in hand? Who could she take in hand?

Miao Jing seemed to be having thorns on her bottoms. She was restless and could not sit still. She looked at Zhai Yaohui from time to time, hoping that Zhai Yaohui could open his mouth and ask her what happened.

However, today, Zhai Yaohui also wanted to frighten Miao Jian intentionally. He had clearly seen through Miao Jing's thoughts but he held back and did not open his mouth to ask.

In the end, Miao Jing was still the one who could not hold back further. "Zhai Yaohui, if Zhai Sheng doesn't like it, as his mother, I can't possibly force him to marry the lady of the other family. Yesterday's matter will be put to a close. Nevertheless, to prevent the other party from misunderstanding, do you want to pay the Qian family a visit and give them an explanation?"

Whether a blind date was successful or not, both parties had to give each other a response. It was also to prevent causing any unnecessary misunderstanding or delaying the other party's time.

"You have thought about it?" Zhai Yaohui looked at Miao Jing in an unfriendly manner. "Miao Miao, we're already at this age. In the future, create less trouble and don't kick up a fuss regarding our children's matters."

"I'm asking you to clarify with the Qian family now!" Yes, she was only a wild and wretched girl from the countryside. She was ignorant. She could not help Zhai Yaohui and the Zhai family and could only cause trouble for them. Today, it seemed like the words that Qi Minlan had told her in the past was not wrong at all.

Regardless of how stubborn she was and no matter if she refused to admit defeat, in the end, even her son and daughter did not want to be on her side.

Zhai Hua came out with a towel wrapped on her head. She was full of anger as she said, "Mom, you're clearly the one in the wrong in this matter."



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