"…" Miao Jing was stunned. "Don't use Nan Nan to make such a joke. This is not a joke. This is you being mean."



Both Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng were silent for a moment. Zhai Hua raised her eyebrows and snorted. "Anyway, if Zhai Sheng finds you a young lady like Qiao Nan, tell me, will you agree? Is Qiao Nan pretty enough? There's no issue with her character either. Regarding the handling of matters, you've sorted out your thoughts because of Qiao Nan's advice. At the very least, Qiao Nan's thoughts are more mature than you. Her character and interpersonal skills are definitely not poor. Furthermore, everyone knows how well Qiao Nan performed in the army this time. Mom, is there anything you're dissatisfied with?"

Miao Jing was both angry and amused. "If Zhai Sheng can really find a young lady like Nan Nan, I should be able to accept. However, I have to say this again. We're just having a chat at home. You can't spread these words outside. Nan Nan is just a young lady and you all are so mean to her. She's really down on her luck. Nan Nan has no dealings with Qiu Chenxi and the latter already went to her place to look for trouble. If you keep using her as a comparison, do you want Qiu Chenxi to go after Nan Nan tirelessly and target Nan Nan for the rest of her life?"

Miao Jing was not shunning young ladies with such a family background. She was just sparing a thought for Nan Nan. Hence, such an attitude made the other three in the family at a loss for words.

"Did you hear that!" Miao Jing slammed the table once. "I'm saying this not just for Nan Nan's sake. I'm also reminding you, Zhai Sheng. Your father and I watched Qiu Chenxi grew up. This lady is strong-tempered and arrogant. She feels that all the good things in the world belong to her. Zhai Sheng refuses to be with her. If the status of the lady that Zhai Sheng marries in the future is higher than hers, she may not even feel justified. On the other hand, if you marry one whose family background is worse than hers, if Qiu Chenxi catches anything that's lacking in that lady, she will definitely not let this lady off. Like mother, like daughter. This certainly can't be wrong."

In short, whoever Qiu Chenxi targeted would be very unlucky.

"Is it so excessive?" Zhai Hua asked, seemingly doubting it.

"You don't believe me?" Miao Jing gave Zhai Yaohui a glance. "I've already said that if the young lady you all mentioned is really similar to Nan Nan, I won't agree. But, at the very least, I won't object. Furthermore, I won't arrange anymore blind date like the one yesterday for Zhai Sheng. I can promise that I won't do anything to this young lady, but once you expose the identity of this young lady, what Qiu Chenxi will do to her… Don't say that I didn't remind you today. Zhai Sheng, having a romantic relationship is your own business. Don't torture others. You can't drag Nan Nan into this. Understand? If the same thing happens again, Qiu Chenxi looking for her and scolding her vixen, will Nan Nan still have a good reputation? Will she be able to find a boyfriend and get married in the future? You will be building your happiness on someone else's pain and suffering. Zhai Sheng, is this what you should do as a soldier?"

Although all that Miao Jing had just said were not issues, Zhai Sheng could not help thinking deeply about the worries in Miao Jing's words.

"Zhai Sheng, I objected previously, but I've never told you my concerns before. Nan Nan is right. We are one family and there's nothing we can't tell one another. The young girlfriend that you're with now definitely doesn't belong to our social circle. She doesn't have any connections. If you bring her to attend other people's events, how many people will she know?"

"This is not an issue. She's very intelligent. If you give her some time, she can completely handle the situation well," Zhai Hua said it first.

Miao Jing laughed in a mocking manner. "Even if this young lady is really very smart, she needs to spend some time to understand and get a handle on things. However, you have to understand that trouble will always come knocking at her door. If no one targets her, she may have enough time to learn. But will Qiu Chenxi allow that? Qiu Chenxi has a lot of friends in this circle. She's different from Zhai Sheng and you. Both of you stay in the army every day and carry out your missions. You are the down-to-earth type that rolls up your sleeves. But what Qiu Chenxi likes most is to attend various events and functions. Previously, this was also the reason why I wanted Zhai Sheng to marry Qiu Chenxi."

"I understand now." Zhai Hua made a fist with one hand and punched her other hand. "Mom, what you mean is that, as soon as Zhai Sheng's girlfriend appears, Qiu Chenxi will never give her any time to learn and grow. Once there is a chance to attend a public event, Qiu Chenxi will bring along her group of foxy and bitchy friends to make things difficult for my sister-in-law?"

In that kind of social circle and setting, if one had been surrounded and made a fool of, then the blow was really not going to be little. If it was not handled properly, she might not dare to face others again.

"I'm sure that will happen."

"Mom, you said it as if you're very experienced. Was it because Qi Minlan dealt with you in the same manner when you first married Dad?!" Zhai Hua discovered that she had found the crux of the problem.

The only explanation that her mother understood the situation so well was that she had already experienced it.

If that was really the case, she could then understand why her mother was insistent on finding a daughter-in-law with better family status and background.

At the very least, ladies who came from good family backgrounds could handle such major occasions and would not be bullied too harshly by Qiu Chenxi. Her mother was concerned that Nan Nan would be bullied and humiliated?

Clearly, her mother had good intentions but she never made herself clear.

If this was not brought up today, she really could not understand why her mother had always been rejecting ladies with a family background such as that of Nan Nan.

At the sight of her father's expression, she was certain that even her father did not know that there was such a matter as well.

Knowing that her biological mother had suffered so greatly under Qi Minlan, Zhai Hua raged with righteousness and indignation. "Mom, you only know how to be fierce in front of us and make us listen to you. Why do you act like a weakling before Qi Minlan? She made you suffer so much when you're young that you made such a fool of yourself and yet you're still willing to let her daughter marry your son? I'm going to be driven to my grave. Everyone says that the daughter-in-law suffers and finally becomes the mother-in-law. Judging from past grievances, if you really wanted Qiu Chenxi to be married into our family, you should have used the identity of the mother-in-law to subdue Qiu Chenxi. However, you would rather suffer and make yourself unhappy. You allowed Qiu Chenxi to come to our house and have so many meals over the years. You watched the mother-daughter pair sitting in our house, happily laughing and chit-chatting with each other. Mom, what were you thinking then?"

If it was her, she would have long taken revenge.

"Nan Nan is right. I feel very sorry about what happened in the past. I felt guilty and I wanted to make up for it. Hence, I could only suffer alone." She snatched Zhai Yaohui away from Qi Minlan and destroyed the happiness between Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan. In the end, she had to sacrifice her only son to make up for the regrets of Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan.

Nan Nan was right. She was selfish. She selfishly wanted to be with Zhai Yaohui for the sake of her own happiness.



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