Next, she made her son lose the opportunity to choose his love so that he could help her make it up for everything.

What Hua Hua said was not wrong. As a mother, she did not give anything, yet she always wanted to control her children and make them do something for her.

Perhaps, Qi Minlan was right when she called her a jinx in the past.

Because of her existence, everyone she was related to did not have a good life and had to be burdened by her.

Zhai Yaohui lost Qi Minlan. Today, she forced her son, who already had someone he liked, to attend a blind date. Certainly, none of those who were slightly close to her could lead a happy life.

When Miao Jing said such words that gave up on herself, both Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua looked at Zhai Yaohui angrily.

After all, Qi Minlan, this trouble, was drawn in by Zhai Yaohui. After saying so much, the world rotated 360 degrees and returned to its starting point. The problem was still with this good father of theirs.

This time, Zhai Yaohui did not look at his two children with blame. In actual fact, today was also the first time he found out that Miao Jing had encountered such matters when she just married into the Zhai family.

When Miao Jing first came to the Zhai family, she was aware that her status was not compatible with the Zhai family. She thus felt very ill at ease even when she was at the house of the Zhai family. Although Old Master Zhai told her to treat it as her own home, Miao Jing restrained her behavior and was so careful, even when she was holding a cup of tea. She was fearful that she would break the cup or crack any corner or porcelain of the cup.

If anyone had spoken harshly to Miao Jing, to Miao Jing, who did not have any confidence then, that would certainly have been a great blow.

Zhai Yaohui felt uneasy at heart. So, without him knowing, Miao Miao had already been bullied before. Moreover, Qi Minlan was the one who bullied her.

When Zhai Yaohui thought of some of the things that he did in the past, he asked, "Did it happen when I asked you to follow Qi Minlan around so that she could guide you more many years ago?"

"…" After some time, Miao Jing then answered bitterly, "Yes…"

She was not compatible with Zhai Yaohui. There was nothing about her that was compatible with him. Then, Zhai Yaohui still had to throw her to her rival-in-love and asked her rival-in-love to bring her around in a social circle that was completely different from that of hers. He made her become the laughingstock in many people's eyes.

"Dad, you're a moron!" Zhai Hua could not help spurting out these words of scolding. "I've not seen Qi Minlan when she was young but I've seen much of Qiu Chenxi. Qiu Chenxi is Qi Minlan's daughter. Their tempers are definitely alike. Mom had just snatched you over from Qi Minlan and you handed her over to the latter and asked her to guide Mom. Dad, had your intelligence been eaten by a dog in the past?"

"Dad, it seems like you don't really understand this little childhood friend of yours," Zhai Sheng said in disdain, his eyes full of blame.

Her mother was to be married to his father but his father did not protect her well. He even let her suffer such humiliation. Firstly, his father's judgment of character was poor and he trusted the wrong person. Secondly, he did not fulfill his duty as a husband!

Nan Nan had been saying that there was a knot in her mother's heart. It was indeed true. Moreover, it had something to do with his father and Qi Minlan.

"Hahaha, it's really so amusing now. Our whole family is going to be a laughingstock." Zhai Hua was angered beyond words. Her father was the chief. Amongst their peers in the army, she and Zhai Sheng were considered the victors.

After so long, their family of four had actually been toyed by the Qiu family, which had a lower status than that of the Zhai family.

Miao Jing sniffed. She was not like when she was twenty-over years old where she would cry after being bullied. She could nearly be a grandmother soon. She would not cry. "Anyway, Zhai Sheng, I'm a living example. There's an illness in my heart that I can't cure. I feel bad and made you all feel bad too. Zhai Sheng, if you really like that young lady, you have to think carefully about Mom's situation and then consider how you will treat the young lady."

"Actually, I disagreed previously not because of the young lady's status. It's because I've suffered too much. There's no need for our family to take advantage of the young lady of another family. If she's bullied, you may still live happily if you don't know anything. But when you know about it, the matter will become complicated. In short, it's difficult either way."

Qiu Chenxi was definitely not a kind one. She seemed to be more merciless than the Qi Minlan in the past. "Zhai Sheng, regarding the matter between your dad and me in the past, Qi Minlan has never dared to address me as a vixen before others at the very least. She only knows how to harm me behind other people's back. However, look at Qiu Chenxi. Nan Nan is not related to you in any way, yet she had already knocked on her door and scolded her. Reputation is so important to a young lady. You can't afford to provoke Qi Minlan's daughter."

"Since we can't afford to provoke her, yet you still…" Zhai Hua was sullen. Wouldn't there be less trouble if they had drawn the line with the Qiu family earlier?

"Hahaha." Miao Jing sneered. She did not explain because she could not do so.

As a lady from the countryside, of course, Miao Jing felt uneasy and unhappy when she saw the graceful and elegant Qi Minlan. She was not willing to interact with such a person.

Furthermore, Miao Jing felt that she was the one who took away something that belonged to Qi Minlan. She felt guilty and was unwilling to face Qi Minlan. The best course of action would be the Zhai family completely ceasing all interactions with Qi Minlan and her family.

The problem was that Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan felt that they could still be siblings although they could not be spouses. He had been telling Miao Jing that Qi Minlan's character was not bad and that she was quite good. She was cheerful and knowledgeable and would be a good sister. If there was anything that Miao Jing did not understand, she could look for Qi Minlan if she needed help.

Zhai Yaohui initially thought that since Miao Jing was a woman, whereas he was a man, there must be many things that while he did not know, Qi Minlan did.

He was hoping that Miao Jing could quickly find a friend that she could get along with so that she could become familiar with Ping Cheng and get used to life there. However, he had neglected the hidden competition between women. In particular, he had underestimated Qi Minlan's persistence.

Zhai Yaohui insisted that Qi Minlan was a good younger sister and asked Miao Jing to learn more from her. Miao Jing did not have any choice or alternative.

The good thing was that Qi Minlan also got married later and gave birth to Qiu Chenxi thereafter. Miao Jing then let her guard down a little.

"Miao Miao, do you really think that Qi Minlan really likes me so much?" Zhai Yaohui was a man, but he also knew about the persistence that a woman had toward love.

"Otherwise? She is unable to forget you. Although she couldn't marry you, she hopes that her daughter will marry your son. Aren't your feelings toward her the same?" Miao Jing could tell that Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan had reciprocal feelings. At most, she simply wanted to help them and sacrifice her son to make up for her selfishness when she was young.

The ones who took the lead in tying the knot between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi were ultimately Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan.

Zhai Yaohui did not know whether to laugh or cry. Toward this situation, he really could not explain it clearly.



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