"If I had not won Shi Peng and became the chief, most likely, Qi Minlan would have given up on me long ago and happily become the sister of the chief. She tried all ways and means to marry her daughter to Zhai Sheng not because of her feelings toward me when she was young, but because she knows that Zhai Sheng is outstanding enough and will eventually take over my position through his own efforts. What she has always wanted is the glory associated with the position of the chief."

He was, in fact, not that important to Qi Minlan.

"Oh, since you know it so well, why have you been making such mistakes?" Zhai Hua could not understand. Her father sounded smart but his actions differed from his words.

Zhai Sheng interrupted Zhai Hua's question. "Alright, now that everyone has spoken out, we know what's going on in our minds. Mom, it's best that you have sorted out your thoughts. That girlfriend of mine, I treat her as my wife. If not for her age and her fear of you being unhappy, I would have submitted the marriage report long ago. Therefore, whether you're willing or not is not within our consideration. It won't affect the outcome of us being together. It's just that she wants to try as she's not willing to make you feel sad. As for Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi, they should not appear in any of our family topics in the future."

Zhai Hua was a woman. Although she was a soldier, she was more feelings-oriented than Zhai Sheng and thus not as rational when it came to analyzing problems.

Zhai Sheng could understand why the two families maintained contact although Zhai Yaohui saw through Qi Minlan so well. There was only one reason. Qiu Chenxi had the status and family background. She thus had wide connections in that social circle. At the very least, as the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family, Qiu Chenxi would be able to manage everything well.

For the sake of the word 'convenience', Zhai Yaohui silently agreed to Qi Minlan's plan and allowed Zhai Sheng to interact with Qiu Chenxi since they were children.

In the eyes of the soldier, there was love for comrades, relatives, organization, and the country, but not a romance between a man and a woman. There were only liked-minded soul-mates. As such, Zhai Yaohui did not believe in love between a man and a woman at all.

Hence, there was no need to go deeper into this topic.

Zhai Hua was stunned for a moment. Soon after, she agreed with Zhai Sheng's suggestion. "Zhai Sheng is right. This matter will end here. I won't bring this up again in the future." If they continued talking about that mother-daughter pair, their moods would worsen.

"After letting it out, I feel much better now. You all continue to chat. I'll go back to my room and take a rest." Having said all these, Miao Jing felt so relieved. Last night, Miao Jing did not sleep at all. Now, she was sleepy.

Miao Jing returned to her bedroom and fell asleep in seconds as soon as she hit the bed.

She felt much better, but the remaining three who bore the surname of Zhai could not see eye to eye with one another. The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

"What are we going to do now?" Zhai Hua picked an apple from the table and started chewing it loudly. "Obviously, Mom did not believe at all that Nan Nan is the one that is with Zhai Sheng. Now that Mom has bared it all, the knot in her heart has loosened. She can finally accept a lady with such a family background. Why can't she let Zhai Sheng marry Nan Nan despite liking Nan Nan so much?"

This was simply the mystery of the Zhai family. She could not find the answer at all.

"Marry, what marry! Qiao Nan is only eighteen years old this year and has not reached the legal age of marriage. She still has three to four years to go!" Zhai Yaohui said strictly. "Zhai Sheng, don't tell me you wish to go against the law?"

"I wish to!" At the sight of Zhai Yaohui flaring up, Zhai Sheng calmly added, "But Nan Nan refuses to."

Her mother did not believe that Nan Nan was the one that he was with?

Fine. He would submit the marriage report and collect the marriage certificate. He would hold it in front of his mother and see if she believed him then.

"Good-for-nothing!" Zhai Yaohui was having a headache. So, Zhai Sheng had such thoughts but Qiao Nan did not agree.

"Alright." Zhai Hua threw Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng an apple each. Both the old and the young men reached out and caught their respective apple. "Whether Mom accepts Nan Nan or not, the situation ahead doesn't seem too bad at least. Zhai Sheng, Nan Nan and you have to continue to persist. The hard work will soon pay off. Fine, take it that I did not say anything."

Zhai Sheng had already wanted to kidnap other people into their house. Did he still need her advice?

"I'll give Nan Nan a call." Zhai Sheng's head was aching badly. He should have called Nan Nan yesterday but had not done so.

Zhai Sheng wanted to do so early this morning. He arrived home too late last night and was afraid of disturbing the Qiao family and troubling Qiao Dongliang if he made the call then.

But this morning, Miao Jing immediately went to the house of the Qiao family. It was thus not convenient for Zhai Sheng to make the call.

"Dad, now that both Mom and Zhai Sheng are not around, I have something to tell you." Zhai Hua threw the core of the apple into the dustbin. "In the past, Qi Minlan bullied Mom and made Mom so pitiful. Are we going to let this matter go?" Her father was willing but she was not!

Zhai Hua was Miao Jing's biological daughter. She was not a fake or adopted one.

Zhai Hua used to be annoyed with Miao Jing's irrationality as she did not know the reason for the latter's behavior.

But Miao Jing had changed for the better and spoken out what was troubling her. Now, Zhai Hua completely stood on Miao Jing's side.

"Let it go like that?" Zhai Yaohui sneered for a moment. "Do as you wish. I won't obstruct you."

"With your words, that will do. All these years, the Qiu family did not benefit little from the Zhai family when they climbed up the corporate ladders. First, not to mention other matters, I can't let whoever was close to Qi Minlan in the Qiu family and depended on Qi Minlan off. I want to investigate clearly who were the ones who helped Qi Minlan bully my mom many years ago!"

The prestigious wife of a chief had been bullied so badly and did not even utter a word. This was not the style of Zhai Hua.

"You'll see to it. Know your limits and don't overdo it. That will do." As long as Zhai Hua knew her limits, no matter what would happen in the future, Zhai Yaohui would help Zhai Hua clean up the mess.

"With your words, that will do. Otherwise, Zhai Sheng and I would definitely look down on you," Zhai Hua said satisfactorily. With her father's backing in the family, there was really nothing that she did not dare to do.

"Oh, I see." After Zhai Sheng 'reported' what happened to her, Qiao Nan, who felt very bad initially, was much at ease now. "It had not been easy for Auntie Miao. Sister Zhai Hua and you have to be more understanding toward her. The good thing is that she let it out. If not, there'd certainly be a problem among your family members."

Qi Minlan was so shrewd. When Auntie Miao just stepped into the social circle and even before she became the wife of a chief, she had already given Auntie Miao such a direct blow.

Most probably, any typical woman who suffered such humiliation would have long chosen to run away from all the problems.

"Brother Zhai, actually, Auntie Miao loves Chief Zhai. No, it should be that she loves him very much. Otherwise, there wouldn't be Sister Zhai Hua and you today." What would she do without Brother Zhai?



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