Was she going to, like her previous lifetime, be lonely and alone till the end of her life?

At this juncture, Qiao Nan was extremely glad that Miao Jing had persisted in the past. Her happiness today would then exist.

Naturally, regarding the strange and cold rejection that Miao Jing had toward her in the past, Qiao Nan could accept all of that now.

"Yes, that's my dad's good fortune. Nevertheless, I'm more blessed than my dad." Zhai Sheng did not mince his words. His words were as shameless as him.

Qiao Nan was amused by Zhai Sheng's words. "If your dad hears you, most likely, he will be driven mad to the grave. Nevertheless, this matter has been exposed. What are your thoughts?"

"Thoughts?" Zhai Sheng flipped the book in his hand. There was a flash in his eyes. "I don't need to think about it. Zhai Hua will do it." Zhai Hua was someone who could not control her temper. It was also more appropriate for her to do this. "You don't need to worry. If Zhai Hua gets out of hand, my dad will watch over her."

"What you mean is that Chief Zhai will allow Sister Zhai Hua to do something?"

"My dad feels quite deeply for my mom." He was also a man. Hence, at certain times, the son certainly could understand the father better than the daughter could. "From what I see, it seems like my dad does care about my mom. He's also not as good to Qi Minlan as we thought."

At the very least, if it was him, he would not marry her mother if he really loved Qi Minlan. Moreover, the status of the Qiu family would not be so low today.

"Brother Zhai, regarding the matter between Chief Zhai and Qi Minlan, I've heard some of it recently. When Qi Minlan was with Chief Zhai, Chief Zhai had not assumed the position of the chief yet. He was competing with Officer Shi for the role, right?"


"That means Chief Zhai assumed the role only after he married Auntie Miao and had Sister Zhai Hua and you?"


"…" Qiao Nan fell silent. According to the sequence of the matters, coupled with the understanding that she had about the situation of the Shi family and Qi Minlan's character, Qiao Nan formed a scary thought, 'Chief Zhai is really quite an 'evil' and petty man.'

"…" Zhai Sheng had already guessed that Qiao Nan would think of it but he did not expect Qiao Nan to react so quickly. "Recently, when Shi Qing stays in your house, she told you quite a lot."

"Shi Qing has a high IQ, but as for EQ… Hahaha. Before I knew her, she's arrogant and cold. After knowing her, she's silly and sweet." There was no need for her to inquire about many things in the Shi family as Shi Qing would just spill the beans and tell her everything. Shi Qing was completely unaware that dirty linen should not be aired in public.

Perhaps she had endured it for too long at home, and it had not been easy for her to find someone that she could confide in. As such, the chatty potential in Shi Qing had been completely unleashed.

"Forget it. Let's not talk about it. I feel that I'm talking bad behind her back." Qiao Nan stopped herself and was unwilling to overthink. All these matters happened to Zhai Yaohui's generation. It would not benefit her much if she knew too much. She just needed to understand a little.

"Don't worry. I'll cover up for you. You father-in-law won't know that you said all this." Zhai Sheng did not mind. His father had done these things after all. Would he be afraid of others' talking about it?

It was just that Qi Minlan was too silly for over the past twenty years, or she was overconfident and did not see through his father's true colors.

"Alright, since I already know the situation, I'll ask you another matter, Brother Zhai." Seeing that Shi Qing's ears were nearly touching hers, Qiao Nan pushed her face away with one palm so that Shi Qing would stay further away from her.

"Commendation letter?"

"Yes, what's the matter with that letter? The army couldn't possibly write a commendation letter for me formally just because I taught a few days of English at the army camp? Principal Meng said that he had confirmed with the Department of Education that there'll even be additional marks for the college entrance examination because of this letter!" This matter was no different from having something good fall into your lap. She nearly fainted because of this.

If one could derive such great benefit from participating in the events in the army, all senior high school students in our great and proud Chinese nation would definitely use all ways and means to fight for the chance to enter the army and work hard to get these additional marks from then onward.

"This has got something to do with the secret mission of the army. We can't announce it to the public at this moment. Of course, it won't be that easy to receive that commendation letter, but you deserve it. Hence, you don't need to worry. Nan Nan, people say that a man with a virtuous wife has fewer troubles. For me, with a virtuous wife in the family, I'm blessed so much more. Nan Nan, this time, you've helped me a great deal."

If Song Yin had not coincidentally heard the conversation between the two foreigners and picked it up well enough to repeat it to them, it would not have been so easy to carry out the mission this time. Most importantly, the few cities near the borders would have also suffered disorderly from gun-shooting by terrorist organizations.

Due to the great danger and possible negative impact of this matter, they had to strive for victory despite the danger. Subsequently, Qiao Nan received a letter of commendation. Song Yin, a junior soldier then, had also been credited third-class merit.

"If you can't say it, then don't. As long as there's no mistake in this, it's fine." If there had been a blunder, many people in the school would most probably be waiting to watch her become a laughingstock. Furthermore, it would also affect the reputation of the army. "Alright, there is no other issue. Why don't we hang up?"

With Shi Qing staring at the phone, Qiao Nan really could not continue with the conversation anymore. She would feel uneasy no matter what she said.

In particular, when Zhai Sheng talked about a man with a virtuous wife having less trouble, Qiao Nan covered the phone receiver tightly, in case it was heard by the sharp-eared Shi Qing.

Listening to Qiao Nan's sullen voice, which was obviously muffled due to her covering the phone receiver, of course, Zhai Sheng could guess the situation at the house of the Qiao family. "Okay, let's chat again when we meet next time."

"Bye, Brother Zhai." Qiao Nan hung up the phone at her fastest speed. "Alright, there's nothing to listen to now. Shouldn't you go and do your homework?"

"Crap." Shi Qing snorted in dissatisfaction. "You're too petty."

"I never said I'm generous. If that's your impression of me, I can only say that's just your delusion, my child."

"Alright." Shi Qing leaned her head against Qiao Nan's shoulders like a cat. "Do you want to chat with me? The topic you spoke about regarding my auntie, what did that mean?"

"You heard it?" Qiao Nan felt sullen. Clearly, she had covered it so tightly.

"I didn't hear any of those words that I shouldn't hear, but I did not miss any of the words that I should either." Shi Qing's eyes lit up. "Did you mean Chief Zhai did not have such deep feelings for my auntie and it's my auntie's one-sided thinking? Come, come, come. Chat with me."

"You're so eager to chat?"

"Of course I am! She and Qiu Chenxi caused my dad to submit the resignation letter earlier and made him leave the army so soon. Although you have advised me before that it may be better for my dad to leave earlier and rest because of his health, I'm still reluctant and unhappy!"



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