"Who would have known that Zhai Yaohui not only did not retort, but he also married Miao Jing as soon as he could and then gave birth to two children? Your auntie could not take that lying down and wanted to find ways to vent her fury." Shi Peng's tone was full of mockery. He had never understood why Qi Minlan had so much confidence in the past to take all these things for granted.

"Despite that character of my auntie, Grandpa still dotes on her and Qiu Chenxi so much. They're too formidable!" Shi Qing could not stop herself from clapping her hands and lamenting 'formidable'. Most likely, very few people in the world could do such an extreme thing. Her auntie was truly a 'talent'!

Shi Ping could criticize Qi Minlan because they were of a similar seniority and was her elder brother. However, at the mention of Old Master Shi, Shi Peng could not do the same. "Qing Qing, perhaps there were some moments when your grandpa was muddleheaded and did not do right, but he's, after all, our elder. We should respect him. Whatever he says, you can choose not to listen and not do. Nevertheless, you shouldn't make things look ugly on the surface at the very least, right?"

"Dad, I know what you mean. When I see grandpa next time, and if grandpa scolds me because of Qiu Chenxi, I won't retort. I also won't take it to heart." It was just that she would then not be close to her grandfather henceforth.

"It's good that you understand." Shi Peng nodded as he felt more assured. "You've already known about Qiao Nan. Learn well from her. Understand?"

"I know." Qiao Nan had such a 'top-grade' mother. After knowing Qiao Nan for so long, Qiao Nan had never confided in her regarding how she had suffered before. No matter how much Qiao Nan disliked them, she would not mention the matters related to her mother and Qiao Zijin. She would never talk bad about them behind their back.

If she had not requested her father to investigate, she would have never found out.

In the future, she would also not argue with her own grandfather or discuss with others about him.

She would rather distance herself away from him. Her grandfather was old and muddleheaded. There was no need for her to take his words to heart. Talking sense into old folks would be akin to making things difficult for herself.

"It's good that you understand. I'm hanging up. Study well and don't trouble the Qiao family too much." The Shi family was, of course, heartened that his daughter was sensible.

Since Qing Qing came to Ping Cheng, she had been growing up very quickly.

Perhaps Qing Qing came to the right place and met the right people. Hence, she could grow up so quickly.

"Nan Nan…" When Qiao Dongliang arrived home after work, he saw Shi Qing looking listless and slumping on the sofa. She looked so pitiful. Her look frightened Qiao Dongliang. "Nan Nan, Nan Nan?"

"Dad, what happened?" When she heard Qiao Dongliang's voice, Qiao Nan walked out hurriedly. She was also shocked by the sight of Shi Qing slumping on the sofa. "Shi Qing, what are you doing? Have you been robbed of money or…" Beauty?

"That… Should we call the police?" Qiao Dongliang was taken in and he was scared out of his wits. This was someone else's daughter. If that happened, wouldn't the parents' hearts ache so much?

"Dad, what's there to call the police for? If she really meets with robbery, the one who should call the police to save their own life is that unlucky fool." Encountering a formidable and violent woman like Shi Qing, even if he did not die, he would be half dead. Qiao Nan sat down. "Dad, I've put away the meat and vegetables in the fridge. Will you prepare them?"

"That…" Qiao Dongliang looked at Shi Qing. What should they do about this situation?

Qiao Nan patted her chest and expressed that she would resolve it. "She just gave her father a phone call. There's no major issue."

"I'll go and cook then." After confirming that Shi Qing did not leave the house or encounter any danger, Qiao Dongliang was then willing to leave. He had to be more careful as this was not his own daughter.

"Alright. Hurry up and get up. You're scaring my dad."

"But my dad frightened me. I've never known that my family is so complicated, especially that auntie of mine. She did something so ridiculous and yet she still has the shame to appear before the Zhai family. What kind of person is that?" If it were her, she would not have the shame to face anyone from the Zhai family.

"Human is a very strange being. In the future, you just have to remember one sentence: There are all kinds of fishes in the sea." Qiao Nan did not react too greatly although she was a little surprised too when she heard that Qi Minlan and Zhai Yaohui had such past when they were young.

"Qiao Nan, do you think…" Shi Qing took a glance in Qiao Dongliang's direction and then lowered her volume much. "Qiao Nan, tell me. My auntie is already in a relationship with another man. Why is she so shameless and keeps appearing before Chief Zhai? Doesn't she feel embarrassed or ashamed?"

If it was her, she could not wait to simply dig a hole and bury herself in it.

Qiao Nan took a sip of water and wiped her sweat. "There's nothing strange about this. Perhaps Qi Minlan thinks that she had covered this matter up very well and no one knew that she had done something that let Chief Zhai down. Since no one knew, and Chief Zhai did not know as well, then she doesn't need to feel guilty. She can act as the victim and continue to keep in touch with the Zhai family."

In other words, from Qi Minlan's perspective, she did not need to feel guilty. It was the Zhai family, especially Chief Zhai, who needed to.

"I'm speechless." Certainly, she believed that her auntie had the habit of acting smart. "Qiao Nan, can I borrow the phone in your house?"

"You're going to call Qi Minlan?" Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows. "Have you thought about what to say and how to seek revenge on the mother and daughter?"

Shi Qing did not reply. She only continued to dial the phone number of the Qiu family. "Hello? It's me. I'm Shi Qing. Right… Auntie, it's me. I have something to tell you. Don't misunderstand. I'm not here to see Qiu Chenxi making a fool of herself. My situation is not any better than that of Qiu Chenxi. I can't laugh at her… I'm here today just to tell you the name of a person. That person is called Feng Wei. Hahaha… Don't be angry. Fine, I'm hanging up."

After Shi Qing said the name Feng Wei, she swiftly hung up the phone. She was not willing to say another word at all.

This was because she knew that when she said this name, it was enough to frighten Qi Minlan.

"Qiao Nan, since I'm aware of what's happening in this world, this is the first time I feel that life can be so happy and smooth!" Having been stood up by her auntie-daughter pair for so many years, she had finally taken her revenge. "This won't do. I'm so hungry. I want to eat three bowls of rice today!"

"Do you wish to stuff yourself to death? One and a half bowl!" Qiao Nan chided. "It's not a good habit to gouge."

"Alright, one and a half bowl then. I'm in a good mood and I am not picky."

"Hello? Hello, Shi Qing? Where did you hear that from… Hello? Hello!" In contrast with Shi Qing's happiness, Qi Minlan's expression changed greatly. She held on to the phone and refused to put it down, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter. However, at that moment, Shi Qing had already hung up and only left a beeping tone for Qi Minlan.



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