"Madam…" The auntie in the house quickly grabbed the phone. "Madam, this is already the third phone of the house this year."

"So what if this is the third phone? Doesn't our Qiu family have money? Can't I afford to smash this?! I am smashing the things in my house. You're just an auntie. Why are you interfering in this?" Qi Minlan's face turned black. She wanted to snatch back the phone and smash it to the floor.

The matter between Chenxi and Zhai Sheng was not going smoothly. Zhai Sheng was recuperating for such a long time but had never allowed Chenxi to visit him in the camp.

Furthermore, when Zhai Sheng left the army camp to carry out a mission, he did not even inform them. This caused Chenxi to wait in vain at the entrance of the army camp for another three days.

Seeing her daughter's skin turn increasingly dark day by day, Qi Minlan was full of heartache. Facing this, she could only endure and hope that Zhai Sheng could tell the deep feelings her daughter had for him, and that he would be moved. In that case, all the suffering her daughter went through would be worth it.

Who would have known that all these turned into a joke in the end!

Qi Minlan's temper worsened by the day. Furthermore, Qiu Qin had been away from home often. Sometimes, he would return home very late at night. Occasionally, he would not even come home to sleep!

Nothing was going smoothly in the family. Her own man was of no use at all. He was away from home all the time. Qi Minlan, who felt that everything was not going well for her, had even wanted to pray at the temple.

The situation was already as such, yet her niece had to call her and create trouble.

Feng Wei, Feng Wei!

How would Qi Minlan forget this person!

Until today, Qi Minlan still felt that, if Feng Wei had not appeared at that time, if the ignorant her then had not been taken in by his beautiful lies, she would have married Zhai Yaohui and become the wife of a chief. Miao Jing would not have been able to take her place then.

Regarding the matters in the past, it was not that Qi Minlan did not feel anything about it. It was just that her perspective toward them was different from others.

When she knew that her own brother's chances of success were higher than Zhai Yaohui's, Qi Minlan looked down a little on Zhai Yaohui in her heart.

Zhai Sheng's temper was very similar to that of Zhai Yaohui. He was very aloof and did not like to interact with others. A man like that was, in fact, not very popular with women. Even Qiu Chenxi's persistence toward Zhai Sheng was because of the role of the chief that was currently held by Zhai Yaohui.

Initially, the statuses of the Zhai family and the Shi family were on par. Both families were compatible and Zhai Yaohui was quite outstanding too. As such, Qi Minlan was together with Zhai Yaohui as a matter of course, and the two became a couple that everyone silently acknowledged.

Thereafter, when such a situation occurred, Qi Minlan was unhappy.

Zhai Yaohui would very soon be defeated by her brother. In the future, the statuses of the Zhai family and the Shi family would not be on par. Hence, they would not be compatible with each other anymore.

If Zhai Yaohui really married her, she would be marrying into a family of a lower status. Yet, Zhai Yaohui still did not treat her that well or coax her.

Zhai Yaohui did not know how to sweet talk but Feng Wei knew. Furthermore, Feng Wei also had a reputable family background. Very soon, Qi Minlan was happily coaxed by that honey-tongue of Feng Wei.

Naturally, the more time Qi Minlan spent with Feng Wei, the less time she spent with Zhai Yaohui. It was during that time that Old Master Zhai appeared and brought Miao Jing.

When Qi Minlan knew about Miao Jing's existence, it was already nearing the end of the marriage talks between the two, under the arrangement of Old Master Zhai.

Initially, it was not that Qi Minlan could not bear to leave Zhai Yaohui. She just felt that Zhai Yaohui was cold and aloof although he clearly liked her. She had not said that they would break up, so why was Zhai Yaohui fit to marry another woman? It was as if she had been dumped.

Hence, when Qi Minlan made things difficult for Miao Jing, it was purely because she was angry that she had lost face.

It was only when Zhai Yaohui won against Shi Peng and became the chief that Qi Minlan truly regretted being fickle-minded in the past. She should not have been cajoled and muddled by Feng Wei. She then lost the good fate that she had with Zhai Yaohui.

Qi Minlan did not want Zhai Yaohui to find out about this past of hers because they could not even be friends with each other if Zhai Yaohui knew.

Moreover, although Zhai Yaohui had married Miao Jing, Qi Minlan had not given up on Zhai Yaohui.

It was illegal to break up an army marriage. However, if Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing did not like each other and he requested for divorce on his own accord, it would have nothing to do with her.

Unfortunately, once the matter had 'derailed', it was not so easy for Qi Minlan to let it return to its original state anymore.

Qi Minlan hated the appearance and lies of Feng Wei. After so many years, Qi Minlan finally had her own family and daughter. When she heard the name of this man who ruined her lifetime happiness, how could Qi Minlan not feel angry and not flare up?

If Shi Qing said these words in front of Qi Minlan, the latter would definitely flare up uncontrollably and give Shi Qing a slap.

"Mom, what's happening again?" Qiu Chenxi, who had turned so much darker due to the sun, was so furious that she refused to leave the house.

When she found out that Zhai Sheng was not in the army camp and had left to carry out a mission, that she had wasted three days acting pitiful with self-torture, Qiu Chenxi returned to Ping Cheng in a rage.

In order to move Zhai Sheng, Qiu Chenxi suffered so much and she had not been having fun for a long time. As such, Qiu Chenxi requested the chauffeur to change directions on the way home and headed to the shopping mall that she usually frequented to do some shopping.

Who would have known that Qiu Chenxi met a friend when she was at the shopping mall?

When the friend saw Qiu Chenxi's face, she laughed and said, "Qiu Chenxi, did you go traveling to South Africa recently? This dark…"

Because of these words, Qiu Chenxi was so angry that she refused to leave the house until she regained her fair skin.

"Shi…" Qi Minlan had wanted to talk bad about Shi Qing but held back quickly. "No, nothing. There's nothing. I just feel a little troubled. You don't need to bother about me. I'll be fine after I vent out my anger."

As a mother, Qi Minlan would not tell Qiu Chenxi everything.

"Really?" Qiu Chenxi did not believe her.

"Really. Didn't you want to find some face-brightening masks? I've got some for you. You can go and try them." Qi Minlan changed the topic. Feng Wei, this name—she hoped that no one would ever mention it again.

If the matter between Feng Wei and her were known to others and got into the ears of the Zhai family, then those little feelings between Zhai Yaohui and her would be gone. They might even turn from friends to foes.

"Alright." Qiu Chenxi did not believe Qi Minlan's words at all. "Auntie, come to my room and help me take something."

After the auntie placed the phone back, she looked at Qi Minlan to seek the latter's permission.

Qi Minlan gave her a stare. "What are you looking at? Chenxi asked you for help. Are you deaf?"

"Yes." The auntie ran to Qiu Chenxi's side and went into Qiu Chenxi's bedroom. "Miss, what do you want me to help you with?"



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