"Help?" Qiu Chenxi snorted. "You're so clumsy. Do you think I dare to hand my face to you? Let me ask you. Who was on the phone with my mom earlier? Who provoked her and made her flare up so badly? She nearly smashed another phone."

Qiu Chenxi heard that conversation of Qi Minlan.

Yes, the Qiu family was wealthy. Those few bucks for the phone would not make a difference to them. However, the family's wealth was not so great such that Qi Minlan could smash the phones like they were cups.

During the year alone, Qi Minlan had smashed two phones. As such, the elderly couple of the Qiu family had taken some issue with Qi Minlan, this wastrel daughter-in-law.

Qiu Chenxi and Zhai Sheng's marriage had become unsuccessful. Besides, the Shi family could not help Qiu Qin much in his career. All of a sudden, the status of Qi Minlan and the Qiu family was on par. When the elderly couple was dealing with Qi Minlan, they were naturally less cautious than before.

Qiu Chenxi's surname was Qiu. The cost of the phone that Qi Minlan smashed would be borne by the Qiu family. From this point alone, Qiu Chenxi's held the same view as that of the elderly couple of the Qiu family.

"Miss Shi Qing was the one who called," the auntie dared not hide the truth and said honestly.

"Shi Qing dared to bully my mom?" Heaven had overturned!

'I don't know. I did not hear anything of the conversation between Madam and Miss Shi Qing." The auntie dared not say anything. Besides expressing that the phone call was from Shi Qing before Qi Minlan flared up, she stated that she did not know anything else.

"Alright, you may leave."

"Oh, I'll go and work then."

Once the auntie left, Qiu Chenxi's face turned black.

At the sight of her tanned skin in the mirror, Qiu Chenxi felt so angry that she simply smashed the mirror.

If Shi Qing had not given her such a bad idea, how would she become so tanned now such that others even laughed at her?

On hindsight, Shi Qing had most likely suggested her that day to intentionally harm her. Acting pity with self-torture did not work. It even caused her to become tanned and ugly.

At the sight of her now, would Brother Zhai still like her?

This was her territory and Shi Qing still dared to try such tricks with her. If she did not think of a way to deal with Shi Qing and let Shi Qing know her power, then her name would not be Qiu Chenxi!

"Brother Zhai, where are you bringing me to?" Qiao Nan was sitting in Zhai Sheng's car, feeling a little uneasy.

"Don't move. Fasten your seat belt." Zhai Sheng held on to the steering wheel and reminded Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan's face turned red. She recalled that one year ago, she and Brother Zhai also had a similar conversation. "Where exactly are you bringing me to?"

"To shop for clothes."

"I don't want to!" Why would Brother Zhai bring her shopping without an apparent reason? It was not as if she did not have any clothes to wear. "My dad will feel unhappy and angry about it." Her father still could not accept the Zhai family now, especially the expensive gifts from Brother Zhai. "I think my dad hopes that the two of us can be equal. Brother Zhai, I really don't need them."

Zhai Sheng did not bother this time. "If you really don't want to, it's also fine. You can call my mom after we go back and return the clothes to her. That will do."

"Auntie Miao asked you to buy them for me?" What was the reason?

"Of course it's my mom." His mother was muddleheaded and unaware of everything. His father and Zhai Hua were aware but they did not stop him either. It was only right that he brought Nan Nan out to shop for clothes.

"If it's Auntie Miao, then Sister Zhai Hua should be the one here looking for me, no?" She was a lady. Was it appropriate to let Brother Zhai bring her out to shop?

"Zhai Hua is not available. As soon as my mother requested, Zhai Hua immediately declined."

"I understand now." Qiao Nan fastened her seatbelt. This topic was certainly initiated by Auntie Miao. Since Sister Zhai Hua pretended that she was not available, Brother Zhai became the one who brought her out shopping in the end. "Brother Zhai, I have to be home by four o'clock in the afternoon. Then, I'll go to school with Shi Qing. I can't be late."

"Don't worry. I won't let you be late." Zhai Sheng drove to the entrance of one of the shopping malls and stopped there. "I heard that this mall is not bad. They have quite a lot of apparel. You can take your time to pick."

Qiao Nan took a glance at the modern and tall building and frowned.

"Let's go in." Zhai Sheng led Qiao Nan in then moved toward the counter that had more dresses.

At the sight of the rows of apparel with different designs, true enough, Qiao Nan was having a headache.

"What's wrong? Do you see something you like? If you do, bring them in and try." Zhai Sheng did not really know how to pick clothes. He also did not have any experience accompanying ladies for shopping. Most of the clothes that Miao Jing wore were tailor-made. Moreover, most were cheongsams. [1 .Cheongsam: a close-fitting women's dress with high neck and slit skirt, normally worn by Chinese ladies]

Given Qiao Nan's age and identity, cheongsams were not suitable for her.

As for Zhai Hua, she was too boyish and hardly wore dresses. She had a lot of pants at home. All the dresses were at the bottom of her pile of clothing. Let alone bringing her out to shop, Zhai Hua simply provided the auntie in the house the design and size, and the auntie helped her buy the clothing back in bulk. It would be convenient to wash and wear then.

"Good day to both of you. Do you wish to buy clothes? Do you have any design or style in mind? We have quite a lot of nice clothes on the counter. You can take your time picking them." The salesperson walked over very quickly and attended to Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng affectionately. "Miss, is your boyfriend accompanying you here to buy clothes? You're so blessed. Look at this dress. This is a new arrival at our shop. It's very beautiful and it's very popular among ladies. Your figure is very good. Why don't you go in and have a try?"

The attitude of the salesperson was very good. Qiao Nan was feeling quite embarrassed. "That… I like the kind that's simple and elegant with uncomplicated designs. The best is the type with a clean-cutting. Do you have any recommendations?"

"This type of clothes…" The salesperson was a little stunned. Young ladies like Qiao Nan all loved pretty clothes that could doll themselves up like a butterfly. Qiao Nan's taste was not common from a commercial perspective. "Then, please wait for a while. I'll help you find them."

"Sure." Qiao Nan nodded.

The salesperson walked around and finally took out three pieces of clothing that barely fitted Qiao Nan's description. "Miss, what do you think about these three?"

Qiao Nan looked more awkward at the sight of these three pieces of clothing. The truth was that Qiao Nan did not like any of the designs. Nevertheless, the salesperson was very enthusiastic. Qiao Nan could only say, "Can I try them?"

"Of course you can. You can take all these three pieces in to try." The salesperson passed all three pieces of clothing to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan shook her head and declined. She only picked one of them. Zhai Sheng forced the other two pieces into Qiao Nan's hands. "Let's try all three."

"Alright." Qiao Nan did not feel good about rejecting Zhai Sheng. She could only try on the three pieces of clothing one by one.

In the end, after Qiao Nan tried on the three pieces of clothing, the salesperson and Zhai Sheng was surprised that the one Qiao Nan picked earlier looked the best on her among the three.



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