From Shi Qing's analysis, Qiao Nan could roughly guess who had been stalking her recently.

"Do you know who the person is?"

Qiao Nan knocked her forehead in exasperation. "That person must be Chen Jun. Besides him, nobody whom I knew by their names is capable of doing this."

"Including Zhu Baoguo?"

"Including Zhu Baoguo."

Shi Qing was surprised. Zhu Chengqi should have taught Zhu Baoguo about anti-tracking. "Who is that?" She was surprised that Qiao Nan knew someone else apart from Zhu Baoguo and Brother Zhai who was in a similar field.

"Haven't I said that it was Chen Jun?" Chen Jun's father was the deputy commissioner in the police station. Other people might not have these skills, but it was not surprising that Chen Jun was skilled in them.

"Who is Chen Jun, and where is he from?" Since she came to Ping Cheng, and after she was acquainted with Qiao Nan, she had never heard of this name before.

Qiao Nan poured herself a glass of water to hydrate herself. "I didn't expect that Chen Jun has not given up yet. It's normal that you don't know who Chen Jun is. In fact, it was due to Zhu Baoguo that Chen Jun is after me. It is very right of Zhu Baoguo to send me back today."

If not for Zhu Baoguo, she would never have met Chen Jun again.

Shi Qing could tell that there seemed to be some story about Chen Jun. She was intrigued. "Come, sit next to me. Tell me what the situation is."

Qiao Nan sat down and told Shi Qing about the situation between Zhu Baoguo and Wang Yang briefly. "I told you this so that you know what is happening. But this is the Zhu family's private affairs. In fact, I should not have told you at all. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I understand. You are too much. Do I need you to remind me? I am not a blabbermouth." Shi Qing patted her chest and assured Qiao Nan that she would not tell anyone else. "By the way, I can't tell that Zhu Baoguo has been through such things. Compared to the Wang Yang that you mentioned, I feel that Qiu Chenxi is really kind."

Shi Qing curled her lips. She felt that what she said was strange.

"If you compare it as such, it does seem so." Qiu Chenxi was only after Brother Zhai. What Wang Yang wanted was way too much than her. He almost took Zhu Baoguo's life.

"Well, let's not talk about Qiu Chenxi. What does the Zhu family matters have to do with you?"

Qiao Nan had no choice but to tell Shi Qing about the relationship between Wang Yang and Chen Jun.

Shi Qing's face turned black. "Honey trap? To think that they came up with such schemes… Now, I seem to understand."

"Wang Yang's plan has been exposed by me. Hence, Chen Jun's family is affected, causing Chen Jun to blame everything on me. He knew that Brother Zhai is in a relationship with me, so he threatened me to break up with Brother Zhai and make use of Brother Zhai's affection for me to help the Chen family. Back then, he gave me more than a month's time to agree to his conditions. It was about the time when you transferred to our school. The deadline he gave me was before the summer break. I just got to know you and exams were just over. I was so busy that it slipped my mind."

After the exams, she was taken by her master to the camp to teach English to the soldiers.

By the time she left the camp, Shi Qing had moved in with her.

Even if Chen Jun went according to what he said and wanted to settle accounts with her during the summer break, he had no opportunity to do that.

His main intention was not to drag her down with him. His first priority was to make use of her relationship with Brother Zhai to help the Chen family do well and for his father to be promoted to the commissioner position in the police station.

Not to mention the deadline given by Chen Jun, Qiao Nan had totally forgotten about the whole matter. If Shi Qing had not discovered that someone was following her recently, Qiao Nan would not have remembered what happened with Chen Jun.

"This person is really shameless." Shi Qing wrapped her arms around her chest and paced about the house. "If I run into this person, I will definitely give him a harsh beating such that his parents no longer recognize him."

"No." Qiao Nan shook her head. "China is a legal society and you are Officer Shi's daughter. You can't break the law knowingly. Besides, the biggest problem is that you don't have any valid reasons to beat him. If things go wrong, we may be implicated. I heard that Chen Jun's father has been detained and interrogated. Chen Jun is down and in deep trouble that he fears no fall."

Shi Qing frowned. "Do we just let it go? But you have to endure being followed by him every day. Can you live this kind of life?" If it were her, she would definitely not be able to endure it.

"I have to think about it." It was indeed a tricky situation.

"Why don't you take your time to think about it? When you have a solution, I will help you with it." Just like what Qiao Nan said, it was indeed unsuitable for her to do anything now. She did not have any valid reasons and she could not do so in a fit of anger, lest her father was affected by her actions. Her father was about to leave the army. He could not afford to be embroiled in such a scandal. "Qiao Nan, what's so strange about you that these troublesome people will always mess with you?"

"Hehehe…" She wanted to know as well. "Forget it. I may have known quite a few troublesome people, but I have met some good people as well."

"That's true. For instance, me." Shi Qing praised herself blatantly. "Today is a special situation. With me around in the future, Chen Jun will not have a chance to corner you. The most important thing is that Chen Jun should be a college student. Even though his father is being detained and interrogated, it can't be that bad that he has to quit school, right? The school has started. Unless he doesn't care about his own future, it doesn't make sense that he can stay in Ping Cheng."

"This is quite strange." Qiao Nan counted with her fingers and hit her forehead with her hands, coming back to her senses. "He should be in his third or fourth year this year. I remember that the third-year and fourth-year university students have to go through an internship."

"Well, it seems that there is…" It was no wonder Chen Jun would appear in Ping Cheng at this time. He must be doing his internship.

"Alright, as you said, when we go to school, we will take the same route. We spend most of our time in school regardless. Let's put this matter aside first." Anyway, it was Chen Jun who was after her, not the other way round. Chen Jun was the one who wanted to go to all these efforts to follow her. No matter what, he would not be able to achieve his plan. She should not bother with it.

"Qiao Nan, the Qiu family is in a mess right now." After putting aside the topic of Chen Jun, Shi Qing remembered the phone call that she had just now. "My uncle-in-law indeed has an affair. He has another woman outside, and he is very much in love with her. I heard from my dad that the mistress is not as beautiful as my auntie. Her looks are ordinary, but she is younger than my auntie." Shi Qing was very surprised that Qiu Qin would forsake Qi Minlan, who was pretty-looking, for an ordinary-looking mistress. What exactly was on his mind?

"The woman is not beautiful?" Qiao Nan arched an eyebrow. "Actually, it is not news whether the third party is prettier than the wife or not. Now that the Qiu family is in a mess, does it mean that your auntie knows about the woman?"



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