"Of course, after my dad found out about this, he handed the information to my grandpa and the latter gave them to my auntie without any hesitance. Given my auntie's temper, she can't possibly take it lying down. She went into a big fight with my uncle-in-Law." Shi Qing could easily imagine the situation at the Qiu family right now.

"Don't be too quick to rejoice in other people's misfortune. I think your grandpa is tireless in destroying people. Did your grandpa mention where the information was from when he gave them to Qi Minlan?" Qiao Nan hit Shi Qing's head. Shi Qing was too quick to rejoice and had overlooked the details.

Shi Qing was shocked. "He seemed to say that…"

"That it's from your dad?" Qiao Nan looked upward. "I have to say that your dad is right to leave the army. This is a wise decision. Has your grandpa given up on your dad completely?"

Just because Qi Minlan and Chief Zhai used to be with each other when they were young, Old Master Shi felt that Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi were his safest bet for a good future. He did not care that Shi Peng was his son who would stay with him whereas Qi Minlan was married into another family.

"It's fine if he gives up on my dad!" Shi Qing's expression turned cold. "My dad did not depend on my grandpa for the position that he is in today. When my grandpa was young, he met a good comrade and he saved my grandpa's life on the battlefield. If not for his comrade, he would not have achieved any meritorious deeds or been commended. After my dad joined the army, he proved his worth through hard work. He is in his position today solely due to his own efforts. Otherwise, my dad would not be in poor health. If he had a capable father like Chief Zhai, he would not need to slough his guts out!"

Speaking of Old Master Shi, he was indeed lucky.

Old Master Shi grew up during the turmoil of war. He joined the army at a young age and became a soldier.

It was a pity that he did not have the correct mindset. He joined the army as he felt that the meals would be provided for in the army, so he did not have to worry that he might starve to death during the tumultuous times.

On the battlefield, Old Master Shi never dared to go to the front line, fearing that he would be hit by the enemy's bullets or that the bombs would blow him to pieces. It was not long before the organization had a mission and selected a group of people for the mission.

The reason why Old Master Shi signed up for the mission was simple. If he joined the group to carry out the secret mission, at the very least, he would not need to charge the enemy lines and brave the storm of shots and shells.

It was during this mission that Old Master Shi's group was discovered by the enemy.

After a fierce battle, the squad was almost completely annihilated. In the end, though his former comrade was injured, he carried an unconscious Old Master Shi on his back and went back to the army with an important piece of information.

With the important piece of information, the party organization achieved a major victory and managed to lower the number of casualties.

The soldiers in the squad who died were posthumously conferred the title of martyrs, and the two people who survived naturally became the greatest heroes.

It was also from that time that Old Master Shi's status in the Red Army began to rise. He was no longer an average soldier.

The piece of information was brought back by his comrade and his life was saved by him. Old Master Shi did not do anything but ended up with second-class merit.

After the liberation, the three generations before Old Master Shi were poor. During that period of time, this was considered a good social status. As such, the Shi family was able to survive the particular period unscathed.

Given Old Master Shi's temper, he was lucky enough to be able to secure his position in the army.

He was also blessed to have Shi Peng as his son.

Shi Peng was the complete opposite of Old Master Shi. He strove for excellence and was willing to take risks and do the things that Old Master Shi dared not do in the turbulent times. Shi Peng had multiple scars from the battles that he fought, including gunshot wounds. All these were proof that he gave his all while serving in the army, never shying from the dangerous missions that he carried out.

Shi Peng was not in good health as he had worked too hard when he was young.

Because of Shi Peng's achievements in the army, Old Master Shi would always brag about his son to his former comrades.

That was how the Shi family managed to build a reputation for themselves in this field.

For this reason, what Shi Qing said previously was very true. Most of the things that Old Master Shi had today were given to him by others. He did not put in any effort at all.

If Shi Peng wanted to advance in his career, he would have to rely on himself. Zhai Yaohui might be capable, but Old Master Zhai was not to be undermined as well.

With Old Master Zhai around, Zhai Yaohui had a much easier time in the army than Shi Peng.

Even though Zhai Yaohui had his father help him, when it was time to fight for the position of the chief of the army, Shi Peng had higher chances of securing the position. It showed that Shi Peng had put in extra efforts and had outstanding achievements.

As such, it did not really matter if Old Master Shi was supportive of Shi Peng or not.

"I am not worried about anything, but that Qi Minlan will make trouble for your dad. Your dad is not in good health. Will he be able to take it if Qi Minlan creates trouble for him?" Qiao Nan reminded Shi Qing that Officer Shi was in poor health and that he needed to rest. It was absolutely unsuitable for him to stay in a noisy environment. It would not be good for his illness.

Shi Qing could not take it lying down. "My dad has not let her down. Why must she create trouble for him? She should direct her anger at the man who betrayed her. What has it got to with my dad?"

"Because it was your dad who discovered the affair." Qiao Nan was not able to give her a clear explanation.

Once a woman became confused, she would not vent her anger on the man who betrayed her. Instead, she would push the blame to someone else.

It would either be the woman who seduced her husband or the busybody who discovered the affair and told her about it.

"There's another thing to note. Shi Qing, you yourself have forgotten about it as well. You have said that your grandpa has no artifice. Since he is of little help to your dad, he is of not much help to Qi Minlan as well. Your dad has already submitted his resignation letter. It will not be long before your dad is removed from his officer's title. By that time, who else can Qi Minlan rely on in the Shi family? Qi Minlan is used to living in luxury. Without the Shi family's power, if Qi Minlan is no longer the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family, what is she left with?"

Once Qi Minlan divorced Qiu Qin, not only would she no longer be the wife of the government official, but the alimony that she could get would not be significant as well.

"Do you mean that even though my uncle-in-law has a mistress, my auntie will not divorce him?" Shi Qing was flabbergasted. "Impossible! Her temper is so nasty. She could not tolerate sharing her husband with anyone else. Now that this has happened, how could she possibly tolerate it? If she bears with it, she will suffocate to death."

Since a young age, her auntie would not allow herself to suffer any injustices.



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