Otherwise, why was it that Qiao Nan seemed to know everything?

In the past, apart from Zhai Sheng, Shi Qing had never admired anyone, especially people of the same gender. But after she met Qiao Nan, she was dumbstruck by her hidden skills and intelligence. She was full of admiration for Qiao Nan.

She was perplexed. Qiao Nan only had twenty-four hours a day and her day was packed with study plans. She almost did not have any free time. Why was Qiao Nan so well-versed and skilled in many other areas, whereas she was far behind her?

It was no wonder that Qiao Nan would occasionally tease her for being slightly better than Zhu Baoguo, that she might be athletic but was too simple-minded.

If she was benchmarked against Qiao Nan, she was indeed clueless in many areas.

After cutting the sample, Qiao Nan started to sew the clothing using the sewing machine, stepping on the foot pedal. "If you are interested, I can teach you. In fact, this is not very difficult. As long as you have time, and you want to make your own clothes, it is quite simple."

"I had better not. Back then, I exhausted myself while trying to catch up to Brother Zhai. If I want to be an all-rounder like you, I will die trying. I will leave the tailoring to you. I am fine with being athletic and clumsy in tailoring." Actually, Shi Qing had a phobia of pointed things. She would have goosebumps all over her body at the thought of using needles. To her, it was far easier to take injections.

"Alright, I will continue with the sewing. You can feel free to do anything you like."

"I, I will do the examination papers. The science class has far more examination papers than the humanities class." Shi Qing took her hat off to Qiao Nan. Since she had nothing to do, and she was, after all, a student, she would do her homework so that her teacher would be pleased with her.

Qiao Nan spent the whole morning using the sewing machine. She finally stopped sewing at around eleven o'clock in the morning.

Initially, Shi Qing had thought that she would be disturbed by the pedaling sounds of the sewing machine, but to her surprise, she was not the least bit distracted. In fact, when she was engrossed in her work, she could not even hear any sound.

"Shi Qing, come over and try it out."

Qiao Nan's voice could be heard from outside the room. Shi Qing put down her pen. "You're done?"

"Well, I have done two sets of clothing. They are for you. You can try them on in the room. If they are fitting, you can wash them yourself and I will iron them. If not, I will alter them for you."

"Are all of them for me?" Looking at the two sets of new clothes in her hands, Shi Qing was excited and amazed. Since a young age, her parents were the only ones who would buy new clothes for her. Her grandparents would not bother themselves with that. Qiao Nan was the third person in her life to give her new clothes. "Are, are they suitable for me?"

Shi Qing took a hesitant look at the clothes in her hands. They looked different from the clothes sold in the market.

The pattern and designs were very simple.

Among the two pieces of clothing, one was a suit, comprising of a top and bottom, while the other was a dress.

"Try them on and you will know whether they are suitable or not." Qiao Nan had confidence in the clothes that she made.

"Alright!" Qiao Nan had worked hard to make two pieces of clothing for her. Even if they were not as pretty, she had to wear them.

When Shi Qing came out wearing the suit and checked herself in the mirror, she was surprised at herself. "Good… It looks good on me!!!"

The style of the blouse was simple, but it gave off a brisk and neat feel. It looked cool but there was a soft touch to it. The blouse was styled in a neutral fashion, but the feminine touch was not lost. The design at the waistline accentuated Shi Qing's slender curves.

The waistline was not tight, but it revealed her slender waist. It looked very good on her.

The pants were of the same style as the blouse. It had a straight-cut design. Shi Qing seemed to have long and slender legs with this particular design, and more importantly, her legs looked very straight and of the perfect proportion!

Shi Qing did not expect that the suit would match her so well and look fabulous on her. It looked so much better than the expensive clothes that she bought at big shopping malls. She was certain that she could not find a second pair of the same style in Ping Cheng, Mo Du, or even the capital.

Otherwise, her maternal grandparents would have bought them and sent them over to her. "Qiao Nan, you are an expert in making clothes. This is so pretty. I love it!"

With that, Shi Qing dashed into her room. Qiao Nan had yet to take another look at the suit to check if she needed to redo or make alterations. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to try on the dress!" Unlike her slight hesitation just now, Shi Qing could not wait to put on the dress and see how she looked in it.

Shi Qing wore the dress and stood in front of the mirror. She was surprised at herself that she turned speechless.

The dress was simple and without any prints. The skirt was beige in color. Its color was no different from the mourning attire. There was no padding at the shoulders area, and it fell nicely on her shoulders, making Shi Qing's shoulders seem round and looking petite overall.

The dress was narrower in the waist area, accentuating Shi Qing's small waist.

The chest area was able to highlight Shi Qing's figure. Even though the dress was not custom-made, it was better than custom-made ones!

Over at the left shoulder area, Qiao Nan used lace that was of the same color tone to make a flower. It looked fresh and beautiful as the gardenia that blossomed under the sun.

Shi Qing lowered her head and sniffed. "There's a fragrance?"

The flower was made from lace. How could it smell so nice?

Qiao Nan gestured with her hand and winked at Shi Qing. "Don't you find the fragrance familiar?"

"Liushen… Florida Water?


"Brilliant!" Shi Qing gave Qiao Nan a thumbs-up. "I'm not going to change out of the dress. It's so beautiful! I have to go out. It's a waste to stay at home in this dress. I will go to the camp and show it to my dad!!" Shi Qing looked like she wanted to show off her treasures to everyone. Now that she had beautiful clothes, she could not wait for everyone to see her in those clothes.

"Don't fool around. Change out of it. You need to wash and iron it. It will definitely look better than how it is now." She just finished the dress and did not have time to iron it. Ironed clothes gave off a smarter vibe. One would definitely look better in ironed clothes.

"No, there's no need to wash it. It already looks very pretty and clean." Shi Qing was unwilling to change out of the dress.

"The weavers might have stepped on the clothes that you are wearing. It's not clean at all. I only asked you to try it on. You have to change out of them. Aren't you afraid of contracting skin disease? Are you foolish?" Qiao Nan shot a disdainful look at Shi Qing. When she was being willful, she was like a child who had to be coaxed.

"Are you lying to me?" Shi Qing looked at her dress. The fabric was white in color. If it had been stepped on by others, it would not have remained white. Liushen Florida Water is one of the most popular brands of floral water in China.



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