Looking at her uncaring daughter and the beautiful clothes that Qiao Nan gave her, Miao Jing felt that, in comparison, Qiao Nan was much better and closer to her than her daughter.

Zhai Hua felt guilty at the mention of Qiao Nan's name. "Mom, as you have said, Qiao Nan is still a student. Her priority should be on her studies. She doesn't have the time to entertain you every day. Her studies are more important. Alright, I will go back to the army camp."

If she delayed any further, Zhai Sheng would be back.

If her mother saw Qiao Nan, what she had done today would be discovered.

"The army has not called to say that you need to hurry back to the camp, so what's the hurry? Hua Hua, you're indeed…" Miao Jing did not know whether she should laugh or cry. Had she given birth to a son and a daughter or two sons?

The national policies had stated that a household could only have a maximum of two children. Moreover, they were party members. They most probably could only have one child.

She was able to have a son and a daughter. She supposed that her son and daughter would not be able to have more than one child.

Zhai Hua was smart. She had left the Zhai family's residence for ten minutes before Zhai Sheng came back home.

Upon reaching home and not seeing Hua Hua around, Zhai Sheng felt strange. "Where is Hua Hua? Is she still sleeping?" She was a soldier, but she was like a lazy bum when she was back at home. She did not behave like a soldier at all.

"Sleep? She has rushed back to the camp." Miao Jing still felt gloomy that Zhai Hua had left in a hurry. "We have not received any phone call from the army, yet she insisted on canceling her leave and went back. She seemed strange when she left."

"The camp didn't call to look for Hua Hua, yet she canceled her leave and went back?" Zhai Sheng suspected that something was going on. "What has she done today?"

Since they grew up together, Zhai Sheng knew that Zhai Hua would only flee in such a hurry when she had done something wrong.

Ever since they grew up, Zhai Hua rarely behaved in that way, so Zhai Sheng suspected that Zhai Hua must have done something wrong to behave like how she was in the past.

"No, she should be happy that she has received a gift." Miao Jing was perplexed as she could tell that Zhai Sheng was asking whether Zhai Hua had done anything wrong.

"Received a gift? Where is the gift?" Zhai Sheng changed out of his pair of shoes and sat down. "You should know the custom in our family. Zhai Hua could not have made such a mistake."

"It is different." Miao Jing relaxed and smiled. "She didn't do anything wrong. The gift was from Nan Nan, and she personally made it herself. She gave new clothes to all of us. Hua Hua's clothes and mine have been washed. Your dad and you were not around then. The clothes are over there. Do you want to take a look? Nan Nan's tailoring skills are indeed good. The style is much better than the clothes I bought outside. I have never seen such styles before."

"Nan Nan gave us clothes?" Zhai Sheng picked the clothes that had a less mature color and took a closer look. "It's made from the fabric that I gave her last time." Back then, he had felt strange because the fabric Nan Nan chose were in a neutral fashion, and some of them were in a masculine fashion.

He had thought that Qiao Nan wanted to make clothes for Qiao Dongliang. Even though he felt jealous, he did not wish for Qiao Nan to tire herself out from making too many clothes.

He did not expect that she would make clothes for him as well.

"Mom, you said that Zhai Hua received the clothes from Nan Nan?"

"Yes, she went to get them personally." Miao Jing did not know what had happened and told Zhai Sheng everything she knew.

"Mom, let me make a phone call to thank Nan Nan."

"You're right. I am too happy that I have forgotten about it. You must thank Nan Nan on my behalf. Hua Hua and I love the clothes that she gave us. I am not sure whether your dad and you will like them though."

"Alright, I understand." Zhai Sheng brought his clothes back to his room. He waited until Miao Jing had left before making a phone call to the Qiao family's residence.

Shi Qing, instead of Qiao Nan, picked up Zhai Sheng's phone call.

Shi Qing saw that the phone call was from the Zhai family. She picked up the phone and hung up without another word.

Zhai Sheng had yet to say 'Hello' before he heard the dial tone on the other side of the phone.

Zhai Sheng knitted his brows and made another call.

"Sister Zhai Hua, don't be too much. Qiao Nan is still in a bad mood. You should know your limits." Shi Qing was annoyed that the phone kept ringing. She lashed out unhappily.

"Nan Nan is in a bad mood? What was the reason?" Zhai Sheng said coldly, his expression darkened.

"B-brother Zhai?" Shi Qing was so shocked upon hearing Zhai Sheng's voice that she almost fell out of her chair. "I, I'm sorry. I thought it's Sister Zhai Hua. Brother Zhai, is anything the matter? I will get Qiao Nan on the phone."

"No need. Tell me why Nan Nan is in a bad mood. What does it have to do with Zhai Hua?" It turned out that Zhai Hua had gotten into trouble, and she had angered Nan Nan.

"Well…" Shi Qing seemed to be in a difficult position. "Brother Zhai, I'd better get Qiao Nan on the phone."

She was just an outsider. It was inconvenient for her to tell Brother Zhai what happened just now.

"Qiao Nan, Brother Zhai is on the phone. Both of you can have a talk. I, I will do my homework. Also, it's almost time. We need to go to school at four o'clock." Shi Qing reminded Qiao Nan before going back to her room.

Qiao Nan took a deep breath and prepared herself. "Hello, Brother Zhai?"

"Did Zhai Hua anger you?"

"It's not a big deal. You don't have to worry," Qiao Nan said softly, advising him not to be rash.

Since Qiao Nan was not willing to tell him, Zhai Sheng could not bear to force her either. "I have the clothes that you gave us. The style is good. When I'm not wearing the military uniform, I will wear them. I like it. Thank you. I am thanking you on behalf of my mom as well. My mom said that she and Zhai Hua love the clothes that you gave them. As for my dad, he is not back yet."

Qiao Nan gave a faint reply. "It's good that they like it."

Initially, Qiao Nan should be happy that the presents she prepared were well-received and appreciated. However, she did not feel happy at all.

Zhai Sheng could tell that Qiao Nan sounded weird. "Nan Nan, I have to go back to the army camp tomorrow. I have wrapped up the previous mission, so I can no longer stay in Ping Cheng."

"Oh, then you must pay more attention to your health back at the army. If… if you have any missions, don't be afraid that I will be worried. Just let me know." It was better for her to know in advance than learn of it only when Brother Zhai was injured.

There was gentleness in Zhai Sheng's eyes, warmth and tenderness steeping in his voice. "Sure. There will be happenings at the Qiu family in the near future. You must be careful when you are at school. Don't get yourself involved."

"Alright, I understand. Shi Qing will accompany me when we go to school. It should not be a big problem."



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