Zhai Hua was silent. She could not deny that she had that shortcoming.

Despite admitting to her shortcoming, Zhai Hua still felt unhappy. Zhai Hua looked askance at Zhai Sheng. "I have had this temper since a young age. In the past, you always gave in to me and wouldn't take issue with me. But this time, isn't it too much of you to engage in a fight with me? I am your sister, your biological sister. I am bitterly disappointed that you treat me as such for someone who may not be your wife."

"Bitterly disappointed?" Zhai Sheng shot a cold look at Zhai Hua. "Who is the one who did not stay at home ever since getting to know a man from outside? As a woman, you didn't even make a proper meal for your younger brother and yet I have to provide food for you? When you want me to take care of you, you will say that you are my elder sister. But when you leave me alone at home for the sake of a man who may not be your husband, will you remember that you are my elder sister?"

Zhai Hua looked embarrassed. "You knew about it?" She thought she had hidden it very well.

"But you didn't take issue with me in the past." Zhai Hua sounded jealous.

"Hehehe…" Zhai Sheng sneered. "Why don't you think about it? Before you were in a relationship, you would always take good care of me. But after having a boyfriend, you neglect me and don't care about me. Nevertheless, did I take issue with you? Don't you think that you are childish?"

"In short, when we are talking about your rights, you insist that there should be gender equality. When you are being willful, you insist that men should give in to women. Zhai Hua, you are indeed capable. You have learned to adopt a double standard."

Zhai Hua knew that she was in the wrong.

After realizing this, Zhai Hua sat upright and looked straight at Zhai Sheng. "I will confess. I ask that the organization goes easy on me."

"Go ahead."

"Didn't Qiao Nan give us four sets of clothes? But how would the Qiao family have the money? Qiao Nan has no money either. I know that she still owes us. I mean, she still owes you a thousand yuan. You can't blame me for being suspicious when she was generous enough to give us four sets of clothes. I will be displeased if she spends the Zhai family's money to please us, so you have to understand."


Zhai Sheng thought it was absurd!

Zhai Sheng had a dark expression. Zhai Hua sat rigidly upright at the sight of the look on his face. "I didn't say it in front of Qiao Nan, but Shi Qing pointed it out bluntly in front of us. Shi Qing went into a big quarrel with me and Qiao Nan seemed to have heard them. I don't harbor any ill-intentions toward her, and I am supportive of you both. Zhai Sheng, you have to forgive me for my small blunder."

"You don't harbor any ill-intentions toward Nan Nan, but you speculated her actions based on your biased impressions and hurt Nan Nan because of that?" Zhai Sheng did not feel better after Zhai Hua's explanation. In fact, his expression darkened.

Zhai Hua crossed her leg and looked serious. "I have already reflected on my mistakes. I realized my mistakes, so I will make a sincere apology to Comrade Qiao Nan and write a self-criticism letter. I ask that the organization continues to observe me and puts me through challenges. I assure you that there will not be a next time."

Qiao Nan was indeed a good lady. She was happy for Zhai Sheng. After all, it was Zhai Sheng and the Zhai family's good fortune to know Qiao Nan.

She paid particular attention to Qiao Nan as she knew that she was someone that Zhai Sheng intended to marry. She wanted to be sure that Zhai Sheng would not fall head over heels in love with Qiao Nan and overlook any shortcomings that she had, and allowed her to join the Zhai family.

However, after her observation and assessment, Qiao Nan was indeed a good girl. She could put her heart at ease and would no longer be suspicious of her.

Zhai Hua knew her limits as well. She knew that everyone had their temper.

If she overstepped the boundaries and annoyed Qiao Nan, she might break up with Zhai Sheng. Even though Qiao Nan would be on the losing end, the Zhai family had no need to do harmful things to others, which were not beneficial to themselves.

Zhai Sheng had been single for twenty-five years. It was hard for him to finally find someone that he liked. As his sister, she would want for her brother's relationship to come to fruition.

"Is it of any use to say this to me? If you really realize your mistakes, you should know what to do. I just want to see the results. Also, don't try to use your status on Nan Nan and force her to accept your apology unwillingly. If this is the case, I don't need you to apologize. I only have a tiny request. In the future, when you see Nan Nan, leave her alone and stay as far away from her as possible. Both of us know the reason why you help Nan Nan and me. You are not helping me, but yourself. Therefore, you should be clear of my attitude."

Zhai Hua had kept many things from Zhai Sheng and the Zhai family. Zhai Sheng did not mind to follow suit.

Zhai Sheng did not mind that she had some tricks up her sleeves as long as it was not harmful. However, if it was too much, he would not tolerate it.

"Reporting to Regiment Commander Zhai, I understand." Zhai Hua gave Zhai Sheng a salute.

Zhai Sheng stood up and patted the dust off his shirt. He glanced at Zhai Hua before striding off, leaving her to mull over what they had talked about.

As a family and as her younger brother, Zhai Sheng hoped that Zhai Hua could sort out her thoughts and see things clearly.

After Zhai Sheng left, Zhai Hua lay down on the floor listlessly.

Zhai Hua was still drenched in sweat. However, it was not the same as what she felt when she was in a fight with Zhai Sheng. Right now, she was breaking out in cold sweat from their conversation just now.

Zhai Hua covered her face in agony. She was not used to doing such things.

This would not do. Next time, she would have to discuss with Wei De that she would not do such things again. Zhai Sheng was already in a fury this time.

Zhai Sheng was not a kid. He would be able to make a judgment on one's character. In fact, he was better than her at that.

Zhai Sheng would decide for himself if Qiao Nan was good or not. There was no need for her to get involved and for everyone to end up being angry at her. She had done everything for nothing, and either way, she was blamed and unappreciated.

Yes, she must make it clear to Wei De. It was already considered good that she could settle their issues. She did not have the right to meddle in Zhai Sheng's affairs.

Besides, though he never said so openly, her father had agreed to the relationship between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan. There would not be anything wrong with Qiao Nan.

With that, Zhai Hua stood up, went back to the dormitory to have a bath before she changed into clean clothes, and went to look for Wei De.

"I heard you canceled your leave and came back to the camp. Why are you so anxious?" Wei De's square face revealed a smile when he saw Zhai Hua. "I have told you that the chief and Madam Zhai are no longer young, and the chief and you spend a lot of time in the army camp. Your family rarely has the chance to come together. It is rare that there is a chance to spend time together, so you should accompany your loved ones and enjoy the time with them. We are still young and have a lifetime to go."



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